• 1Amoungst Many

    I’ve played this game for years now and not once have I ever purchased any monster from the store. I honestly think this needs a rework or at least a warning before spending 380 gems on a mistaken click.

    I saved up 400+ gems for this upcoming race and go to the shop to buy some commons. Since there was a deal going on, many outdated monsters clogged the store front and got in the way of what I actually wanted. And to my surprise, I missclicked a monster and accidentally purchased it spending all my hard work and effort. A mechanic with that level of sabotage should not be in the game, especially when it’s so easy to waste all of your hard earned gems.

    Either rework the shop, put the commons (other monsters bought with gold) infront of the deals or put a confirmation pop-up before purchasing. That way people won’t waste their gems or their time on those outdated legendaries.

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