• Abdullah Qumper

    @bettina-löffler said in Is there new updated Wiki for this game?:


    cool, thank you and thanks for the fast replay...

    I have couple of Q as well, but later I ask... let me 'collect all of 'em in my mined then I tell you 🙂


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  • Abdullah Qumper

    Hi all,

    so am enjoying this game it's very fun, and time consuming... and I need alot information about good dragons, dragon breading... etc...

    insted asking over and over!
    Is there wiki for Dragon City?

    I know, there is one.... but it's out of date, and very very old...

    anyone knows new wiki?


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  • Abdullah Qumper

    hi all,
    am new in this game... if you can help me at somethings:

    1. what best Habitats to earn golds,
      2)what dragons I should bread to earn golds?
      3)what the level of those dragons?

    4)what crystals (the building that gives 20% golds) I should buy to earn more golds?
    5)how the crystals works? -do I should put 'em near the Habitats or just put 'em at same Island that Habitats are?
    6)can I put more crystals at same Island?

    7)how to get Alliance points? -I want to open Allaince box, but I have 0 points

    -note that I just reach level 16... and am not an 'pay player'
    -also am looking for good Aliiance

    Abdullah Qumper

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