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    Hello I would like to submit an idea for monster legend is a new monster. Find out that General Darmith had a twin brother from whom he was separated at the caste nessance: (darkness, legend). What would he re-enforce? Say to Darmith but with half-broken armor and black and red streaks on the face. As an attack say: an attack that inflicts moderate damage to several enemies and makes them weak to attack fire and darkness and makes everything his ally imitises the attack of fire and darkness, another which inflicts moderate damage to the whole enemy team and provokes burn and bleeding to all the enemy, another which inflicts major damage to an enemy and causes possession to all other, and 1 non-damaging attack that gives Darmith's brother a + 100% damage bonus and gives him / her a Dodge escape / dodge for a turn and as a special skill, say an attack that deals major damage to the enemy. and give them + 50% Damage and Possession bonus and say that if Darmith and his brother meet him during a fight he gets a 20% boost on their life, speed, strength and stamina

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