• Aivars Biveinis

    Cheers guys.. 200orbs sounds good..:)

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  • Aivars Biveinis

    I have 3 tasks in line.. all breedings..now I need 10 eggs in total.. of particular elements..to get more moves..
    Which literally means I'm stuck here forever..
    if not throwing out tons of gems for tens&+ of
    breeding speedups..for dragons u don't need..
    so you simply not gonna get anywhere far without full wallet..
    Not to mention nightmare with completing Quest tasks.. for does who still stuck with getting Legacy dragon for ages..including me.. can count only on temporary quests...

    This Fruit Island got to be joke.. I thought it's supposed to be fun...not insanity..
    With tasks like that..even hardest Heroic races seems like nothing to do..
    And the only Puzzle here was the pushing people to spend a lot..
    What a disappointment ones more

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