• Alex Brow

    50 Nodes = 1 Round
    17 Rounds = 850 Nodes

    2 cells per node,

    If you plan to use gems for the Rounds the cost is for 17 rounds is 29,500 Gems,
    You get 1.7k Cells (2 per node)
    Each Round Increases the gem Cost:
    Round 1: 10
    Round 2: 12
    Round 3: 14
    Round 4: 16
    Round 5: 18
    Round 6: 24
    Round 7: 30
    Round 8: 32
    Round 9: 34
    Round 10: 36
    Round 11: 40
    Round 12: 44
    Round 13: 48
    Round 14: 52
    Round 15: 58
    Round 16: 60
    Round 17: 62

    Hopefully i am right if not please correct me thanks!

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  • Alex Brow

    I was thinking that the first warmaster pet would have this trait

    Tough and Cast: Gains 1 extra turn at the start of the battle!

    BAD PART: This can be denied by Faraday and other monsters with that same trait! It's sometimes decent.

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  • Alex Brow

    Nice drawing's but i can't seem to read the writing sorry.

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  • Alex Brow

    In this timed challenge you must get as high laps as possible without teams,

    So you will be The main rewards are:
    1 Legendary and 400 gems for first
    300 Gems for 2nd
    200 Gems for 3rd
    100 Gems for 4th - 50th
    50 Gems for 51st - 500
    25 Gems for 501st - 5000th
    1 million Gold for 5001st - 20,000th
    200,000 Gold for 20,001st - 100,000th
    25,000 Gold for 100,001 - 200,000th

    Lap Requirement for rewards:
    You will need 10 laps to get rewards.
    The Player with the most laps wins and must be in the requirement range 200,000th or below for awesome easy rewards.

    You must do Very Easy Quests like
    Collect gold breed UC to Rares No Epics or legendary breeding or hatching.
    Collect Runes and more feed and collect food.
    These will last 4 days.

    You may put different rewards in the comments!

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  • Alex Brow

    This Event will not have teams in it, It will be like Team Race/Grand Prix.

    It will require you to earn 4 laps to 50 laps to earn the main prize.
    15 laps - Main prize unranked.
    25 laps - Main Prize Rank 1, 2 Epic Chest
    40 Laps - Main Prize Rank 2, 3 Epic Chest
    50 Laps - Main Prize Rank 3, 5 Epic Chests

    In this event you must earn points by Doing Quests, Points are spent on moving your player flag around the race track, The More Points Spent the more laps you get 🙂

    Point Requirement:
    Lap 1 - FREE
    Lap 2 - 5,000 points
    Lap 3 - 10,000 points
    Lap 4 - 15,000 points - Earn 1.01x more points (A Multiplier)
    Lap 5 - 50,000 Points - Earn 1 epic Cell Crate/Chest
    Lap 10 - 125,000 Points
    Lap 15 - 250,000 Points
    TO LAP 20+
    Lap 20 - 1 Million Points
    Lap 21 - 1.1 Million Points
    Lap 22 - 1.2 Million Points - 5x Multi (MULTIPLIER)
    Lap 23 - 1.5 Million Points

    and so on, This event will have 4 more ways to earn easy points.

    • PvP Wins/Losses Wins: 5k Per Win - 2.5k Per loss
    • Collecting Gold - 50k for 10 million gold
    • Collect Food - 100,000 for 100,000 food. 5 million for 50 Million food
    • Feed Monsters - 500,000 for 600,000 food fed to monsters.

    This is just a idea!

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  • Alex Brow

    Why not add Where you can test any monster in the game in a battle What ends,

    • Choose 3 Monsters with the 4 skills you wanna test. Put test Runes and relics on them to see what's the best combination 🙂
    • This will work for the entire Monstergram.
    • Add a level chooser, (10, 100 or 130 you pick)

    This will be awesome!! Please vote!

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  • Alex Brow

    @bellatrix Hey there, I have a great Idea for the Warmaster pets if they come next what about

    Pet - Double Health, Allie Trait: immune to Master.

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  • Alex Brow

    Version 4

    In this verison i am adding to my idea some new features, Rewards and something new.

    The new thing will be 50 more new tiers 1 - 100 tiers now. More Rewards that means... I can't wait to add this to my idea i hope Social point will like my idea!

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  • Alex Brow


    In this version I find a way to add a bit more features in my Idea, I am adding a cool down in tier ups.

    You may Purchase Tiers with Gems 50 Gems per Tier but you can only buy 2 Tiers within 1 hour the cool down is 5 hours.

    You may tier up by gaining stars but you will need to wait until you can buy tiers again.

    Recent rewards

    • Heroic Orbs, 50 Per tier. up to tier 49.
    • Tier 50 now provides 5 free tiers in the next Pass.
    • 650 Gems down to 500 Gems a Pass.

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