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    LazarBeam pushes Darkzgul to his back, and then stances over him.

    "Reply to me!" — LazarBeam yells!
    "I. I can't." — Darkzgul replies.

    LazarBeam goes to kill Darkzgul but Wyrmlad appears making LazarBeam stop with his powers. LazarBeam flies to the ground with full force. Wyrmlad grins. Darkzgul stands up.

    "You, can't do that! Well, not yet anyway." — Wyrmlad says.
    "You stay away." — Darkzgul yells.

    Wyrmlad laughs and then grins, lifts his right hand and shuts it. Darkzgul falls to his knees, and begins to choke... LazarBeam throws his sword towards Wyrmlad, but Wyrmlad puts his left hand out and stops that Sword pushing it away. The sword lands onto the ground.

    "You can't stop me that easy! Okay, to be honest, even if that got me, I wouldn't of died." — Wyrmlad replies.

    Wyrmlad picks up LazarBeams' sword, walks over to Darkzgul who is still on his back, in lots of pain — very sore.

    "What? Can't win." — Wyrmlad says to Darkzgul.

    Then he snaps his fingers, and makes Darkzgul heal and recover fully. Darkzgul is fine again... Big mistake by Wyrmlad.

    "Why? Why did you do that?" — Darkzgul asks.

    "I need you for my future plans. But for now, I can torture you as long as I need." — Wyrmlad replies.

    He vanishes, Wyrmlad leaves. Teleports away. The sword drops to the ground. LazarBeam helps Darkzgul.

    "I'm sorry. I should've been more respectful." — LazarBeam says.
    "It's fine." — Darkzgul replies.
    "I have a plan, but it requires heaps of time and effort." — Thundeer says. Coming out of hiding.
    "That is?" — Darkzgul asks.
    "You put enough Mythic Amber or stronger: Stardust into that Sword LazarBeam has. That should be able to kill God." — Thundeer suggests.
    "He's right... My sword has the power to hold any type of Recource: Like Stardust and Mythic Amber." — LazarBeam replies, quite confused.
    "But, I'd rather use Stardust to be certain it would do the job, correctly." — Darkzgul replies.

    Now in Wyrmlad's Base, he sits there, acting like a god. — He smiles, as he thinks as things happen in his head, the future.

    "You need to end this so called: Thundeer, bring in the second one. I have a suggestion: It's Wickah." — Korruptus says.
    "Thanks. I will do that. That needs to happen, another complication in the story. Now, do your job and find out what they are doing." — Wyrmlad replies.

    Wyrmlad teleports away, leaving Korruptus standing there, sighs.

    Now at the Dark Forest Of East, Wyrmlad stands there. Wyrmlad sighs.

    "Come out, Wickah, you need to come out! I have an offer for you!" — Wyrmlad yells.

    Wickah out of nowhere, appears.

    "What do you want? I was sleeping." — Wickah says.
    "I need your help." — Wyrmlad asks.
    "With what?" — Wickah asks.
    "A plan I have, I need you to attack this group of peasents and pawns." — Wyrmlad says.

    Wyrmlad snaps his fingers — Wyrmlad leaves, teleports away. Wickah is improved, much more powerful.

    Back at the Basement, LazarBeam walks over to the computer and searches up heaps of usable things. Darkzgul walks in with another member: Rekka. Rekka who has the same motives of LazarBeam and Darkzgul. Without hesitation LazarBeam hacks into the systems to stop Wyrmlad.

    "I found something!" — LazarBeam yells.
    "What's that?" — Darkzgul asks.
    "It's the Key to stop God himself." — LazarBeam Says.

    The Chapter ends.

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  • Alex Brow

    Billions of years ago, the universes were created, with it was multiple earths, or, as called: Realities. God was born at this moment.

    Darkzgul appeared, he has the power to Teleport and open Portals.

    "What? Where am I?" — Asked Darkzgul, but no-one replies.

    But out of nowhere, a bright light shines, but it quickly goes away, and here appears God.

    "You're at the dawn of time! Find these plants for me. So we can begin." — God replies, demanding Darkzgul's help.

    Without a breath, Darkzgul teleports away, back to his time... That is: 2020.

    Now in present time, Arch Knight floats past un-touched terrain, as he travels through the terrain, he sees a portal, a black and purple portal, a unknown monster comes through, Arch Knight cerious goes towards the monster...

    "Who are you? Are you lost?" — Asks Arch Knight.
    "No, I am back, back to the present." — Darkzgul replies, in relief.
    "Where were you?" — Asks Arch Knight.
    "The dawn of time. I was taken there by a being I may not talk about. Or, he will make us both vanish or worse. Now, I need you to help me on this mission." — Darkzgul suggests.
    "And that is? And you also need to tell me who this is you are talking about or I won't help you!" — Arch Knight questions.
    "God. He is here, or at the Dawn of the time. We need to get enough Power to end him, or - Slow him Down." — Darkzgul replies.

    Without doubt, Arch Knight and Darkzgul leaves for Arch Knight's secret Bunker, but as they travel they encounter God himself... He is angry.

    "You... You betrayed me. I thought we had a deal." — God yells in anger at Darkzgul.
    "Well... I don't respect false Gods, you aren't anyone." — Darkzgul replies.

    God at that moment uncovers himself as: Wyrmlad. He's god. No staff though.
    With a snap of his fingers, brings in his staff.

    "You never should've said that... You both will die for knowing my existence." — Wyrmlad yells.

    God snaps his fingers again, making Arch Knight Vanish.

    "Now, do what I say or you're next" — Wyrmlad says. Angered.

    Darkzgul is left, alone, he's lost, he didn't know Arch Knight but he feels like it's his fault he vanished. He should've never involved him.

    With resilience, Darkzgul continues. 30 Minutes later, he encounters: LazarBeam... Who stands there holding a Sword. Also, his gang — Frazerot and Thundeer.

    "Who are you? And what do you want?" — Asks LazarBeam.

    The End of Chapter One.

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  • Alex Brow

    Cloud was always making big mistakes what ended with him losing a life. Cloud had only 2 left, and he was scared so he stole Stardust from his owner, mixed it in with his food. "Yum!...Time to be... reborn!" Cloud said after he ate his food. But, nothing happened, leaving nothing but silence, but then, out of nowhere, he trasnforms into a much stronger Cloud: Cloudsmic, back up to 9 lives.

    0_1603716167402_6. Cloudsmic.PNG

    Cloudsmic is a Fire Support monster with Supportive skills, with Shield and Extra Turn Skills. Cloudsmic can apply Sunburn to his enemies. He can Turn Transfer to himself with increased Precision and Damage, and remove positive status effects and gain an instant Extra Turn. Cloudsmic has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has Burn and Ignite Immunity, at rank 1, he gains Anticipation, and at rank 3, he becomes Immune to Shock.

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  • Alex Brow

    @dragon-city-friend We don't have any Stats shown? Is that on purpose?

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  • Alex Brow

    Aurapod was always at the top of the Beast Chain of Skill. This unique group of creatures are from the Underworld, this a legion of 8 Creatures. Aurapod will kill, eat and steal the remaining of lifeless bodies of other Monsters. But, loves keeping her friends alive.

    Aurapod is a Magic Support Monster with great skills, she can first, revive a ally, and give Regeneration, or, revive an ally with 1% Life and Double Damage and An extra turn. Or, Apply Dark Weakness and Bleed to her enemies. Aurapod has an evolving trait: at rank 0, she's Immune to Curse, at rank 1, she gains Immunity to Stun, and at rank 3, she replaces the Curse Immunity with Torture Immunity.

    Announcement: I've made a FB Group "Monster Legends's Fan Made Ideas Group" - Open to all, and this will be the place I post my Fan Made Monsters a Day early or more often.

    Season 2 begins November 1st 2020!

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  • Alex Brow

    Draghar was killed suddenly by the Cosmic Portal's what appeared over the skies of the Monster Legends Universe, when Zeiguard found Draghar dead, Zeiguard couldn't accept that. So he took some STAR DUST and with the help of Necrolight they revived Draghar and transformed him into: Draghuard.
    0_1603698960466_4, Draghuard.PNG
    Draghuard is a Light Attacker with great skills. He can Disable the enemies Trait, apply Death Countdowns and apply Evasion to one single ally. Draghuard can also apply MegaStun. He can apply Sunburn to his enemies. Draghuard has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has Immunity to Sudden-Death, at rank 1, he gains Bleed Immunity, and at rank 3, he casts Doubled Stamina Pool to his allies at the start of every battle.

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  • Alex Brow

    Ursus was hiking with his brother Voytek, but when the Stardust storm happened, Voytek sadly lost his life, and it changed Ursus's forever. Ursus will always miss his brother, but what he has become will keep him going to honor Voytek. Ursus is now: Ursusmic.
    0_1603633670304_3. Ursusmic.PNG
    Ursusmic is a Water Tank with heaps of Healing, Shield and Supportive Skills. He can apply Damage Protection, Life Regeneration, Shields, and Stamina Leak to an enemy. In one of his skills, Ursusmic will cast Evasion, Double Life and Protect Positive in one move! Ursusmic has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has Taunt, at rank 1, he casts MegaTaunt for 3 turns, and at rank 3, he also casts Self Damage Protection 50%.

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  • Alex Brow

    Sorry the Story turned out to make no sense at all. Basically Zeiguard is Zeighar but as a Cosmic Creature.

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  • Alex Brow

    Zeiguard is a Magic Control Monster with Possession, MegaPossession, Effect Removal, and Shield Skills. Zeiguard can heal his allies by 50% and apply a 50% Life Shield to himself, or, apply MegaPossession to a single-enemy. Zeiguard can also apply Curse and Activate Cooldowns on all enemies at once in one skill. Zeiguard has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has Energized, at rank 1, he gains Nightmares Immunity, and at rank 3, introduce: Dodge Area to the First Ever Mythic to have it as a trait.

    0_1603632305639_2. Zeiguard.PNG

    Zeiguard was best friends with two unique creatures: Zeighar and Draghar, both of them who betrayed him for money and jewls. One Day, Zeiguard was outside getting some fresh air, and that is when the Stardust Rain started, and it effected Zeighar, in a unexpected way. But, when the newly transformed Zeiguard looks for his friend: Draghar, it's when Zeiguard finds him dead. The Stardust over flowed his body and made it into Mythic Amber...

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