• Alysha Taylor

    To whomever this may concern,

    I enjoy the Heroics well...some for elements; others for design but some of the other players really feel you guys are overwhelming them. Personally, I am used to the hecticness you guys call a calendar of events. I mainly save up for Heroic races anyways. But. That's beside the point. I came to ask if you guys ever considered taking a month off from the Heroic Races. And in place of it allow for there to be a Freebie Island like you guys always tend to do or like mass video rewards for the app users like myself? Or maybe even allow Tournaments to earn more dragons like a series of Tournaments like what you did for the Legends of Deus(which I just LOVED btw). And maybe the last dragon can be the strongest one you face; well something like that. It's just an idea after all. Just to try something new and spice it up a little bit. If not, I understand. I accept the idea that pleas from a little guy like myself may go unanswered or may not be considered because hey, that's how life works sometimes. But I at LEAST wished to voice it so that it would be known in case someone does care enough to reply or at least consider my idea.

    -Alysha Taylor

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