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    Ann Onyme

    Now the feedback of the feedback is :

    • No more marathon
    • Stop increase the cost of the game
    • Go slowly with the new monsters (we cannot up one, another one, better, is here)
    • Return to the old monsterwood (without cooldown)
    • Reduce the events
    • Think about the small lvl
      (And for sure I forgot topics)

    You see, I’m sure, members who stop the game because of yours « innovation’s» a lot a players just want to play and enjoy, not to be stressed

    A lot of players take times to give you their feedback on discord but, it’s seems, you don’t mind.
    Seeing 2,21K gems for 475 MC is a shame.
    Seeing 125 gems for 25 Nikasia’s (Clipeum etc...) cells is also a shame.
    Seeing 85 gems for 25 cells (other monsters now) also.

    Really, if you were a player, will you continue to play in this way ?
    What did you expect ? Killing the game ?

    Please for once’s, Christmas arrive, listen the players.

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    Ann Onyme


    Perhaps I missed something but I haven’t see more informations.
    Did you ?


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    Ann Onyme

    « This will be the only opportunity to get Wirldbird otherwise you won’t be able to access future events and offers available for owners of this monster »

    Are you joking ???

    Pumpseed marathon, now Wirldbird and after ???
    What are you looking for ???

    Players p2p will stop as it’s too much, you’re too greedy.

    If you want to kill the game, just continue, that will be the best way !

    And after ? When the p2p will stop, what will you do ???

    Hope you will stop it and return in the good way.

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