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    @darshan Haha, I'm right there will you! I mostly do 1115, and 1116. I find 7s to be a good enough rune to be competitive. Especially since you can get them in the team shop - it makes swapping easy enough.

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    This is what I've been telling people for years xD

    In the event where you are trying to craft a lv 9 rune - assuming the worst case scenario - all 4 of your lv 8 runes would downgrade to a level 7. I'd say that is more unlikely as getting at least one to upgrade to a lv 9.

    But even in that even where they would all downgrade to lv 7s, you'd simply still have a 25% chance to get one of those 7s, to an 8, and so in.

    In the long run, 111X is absolutely the best method to level runes, regardless of that emotional pain of seeing runes downgrade from time to time.

    I did a test of 113 crafts using 1112 to see if they would upgrade up to a 3, stay at a 2, or downgrade to a 1.
    The game shows 44% chance to upgrade.
    My results:
    56 upgrades - 42.1%
    42 same - 31.6%
    35 downgrades - 26.3%

    So based on that, I think its fair to say the games percentage chance to upgrade is fair.

    I forget if we can post links to outside videos, so if you're interested, the videos title on YT is "1-1-1 Rune Crafting Method | 113 Examples."

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    Maybe I misunderstood, but in case I didn't, you can see the "warm-up" of each skill in the skill selection screen. Specifically, make sure you're looking at the tournament set, not the standard.
    You'll notice a new icon next the the CD icon. That icon will have a number which informs you of the "warm-up" period.

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    I don't necessarily disagree about the value.

    Since the introduction of orbs, specifically the discount orbs, my gems have only gone towards purchasing orbs.
    They used to go towards X runes.

    So at the moment I stand at 8k orbs but 0 gems.

    Considering one of the few ways to get an X rune is to purchase outright with gems, it is somewhat nice to be able to use what is now a pile of orbs to purchase an X rune.

    There are still a few WMs I want, but at the same time X runes are needed.

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    I think it's better to state that 990 Orbs cost 378 gems.

    And if you really wanted to purchase an extra 50 Orbs, to put you over the 1000 Orb mark, that would be an extra 20 gems for a total of 398 gems.

    But let's go with the first ratio, especially since we get 3 orbs per day through daily challenges.

    ~1000 orbs for 378 gems to get an X rune.
    But it's not just an X rune, you also get 4 other runes
    Node 1. lv 4-6
    Node 2. lv-4-6
    Node 3. lv 5-10
    Node 4. lv5-10

    Worst case scenario you are paying ~30 extra gems for 2 lv 4s and 2 lv 5s.
    But there is a chance to walk away with higher level runes, in which case it could very much be better than purchasing a single level X from the shop.

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    I think what bothers me the most about the event, was the inclusion of a reward, which I believe absolutely ruins the purpose of having a beta version. Especially when the rewards included a brand new exclusive monster and brand new, powerful relics. More so, different teams had access to different rewards based on their team score. I have no idea why a beta version, which could potentially be full of issues, would include such exclusive rewards.

    But regardless, any reward automatically shifts the focus of the event itself. Instead of focusing on the event, player's main purpose became "how can I qualify for that reward." I think ideally beta should have been released with the mere premise of "try to get as many points of possible," and that would incentive teams to work on strategy alone. Then SP could have seen exactly how many points teams could accumulate when left to their own devices.
    Or if a reward was to be given in order to incentive participation, perhaps a simple 100 gems to all winning teams and 25 gems to all losing teams would suffice.

    I have no idea how the 113,000 qualification amount came to be.
    IF we assume that all of the slots on defense could be earned that would be 90,000 points, which leaves 23,000 left to be accumulated during offense.
    IF we assume that all the bonus points could be earned from offense that would be 60,000 points.
    However, it's unrealistic that most teams would be able to earn all the points from defense considering the different restrictions, and at the same time have enough monsters to use for offense to earn the additional points, once again because offense requires the same restrictions.

    So with that said, on to the different elements of the event itself.
    It certainly has a lot of potential and introduces a strategical element that no other mode in the game currently has.

    Revival Gem Cost
    I think this should be completely eliminated.
    Having revival - no matter the cost - places an emphasis on offense. Keep your strong monsters for offense, as you can simply pay to use them again.
    Though I will say, having a steep revival cost certainly makes people rethink if they want to pay to revive, so if there absolutely must be a cost, the higher the better.

    2 suggestions to replace revival cost

    1. Monster Usage Limit. Allow all monsters to be used a maximum number of times. Let's say 2. After those uses, they can no longer be used again. No way to revival them either. A player can decide to use them whenever they want. There would be no cool down period. This would allow for players to utilize different team comps against different defense bases.
    2. Cooldown. Have a high cooldown period to allow players to use the monsters again. Something like 12 hours. The reason for the high cost is to not place such a huge emphasis on offense. Also, no way to speed up the cooldown. This is essentially the same as the monster usage limit, except players would have to attack within the first half of attack phase, in order to be able to use the monsters again during the second half of offense phase.

    Bonus - Simply have no revivals. Once a monster is used, it's finished.
    (This is where have an appropriate amount of qualification pts really comes into play)

    Monsters used on defense cant be used for offense
    Monsters, Runes, Relics, are locked during attack phase
    Both of these are essentially similar enough and go hand-in-hand.
    Both are great mechanics that add to the strategic element that battlegrounds aims to have.
    Players have a finite amount of monsters, runes, and relics at their disposal.
    The strategy is to figure out if those different elements are better served for offense for defense, or a mixture of both.

    1. If players are allowed to use the same monsters on defense, as well as offense, the strategy is always to simply put your best monsters on defense. Since there is no offense restriction, why would any sane person not use their absolute best on defense.

    2. If players are allowed to remove runes and relics from defense monsters and move them to offense monsters during the offense phase - like how team wars currently works - then the strategy yet again is to put your best resources on defense and simply pay the gold to move relics and the gems to move runes.

    Not much strategy involved to simply have access to using the best for both defense and offense.

    This I find myself without a finalized opinion.
    Is 60 slots too much? Is it not enough? Is it just right? Should there be less slots? How much is the perfect amount?
    I think first of all , players need to get rid of the obsession to absolutely fill all the defense slots.
    The beauty in the event is the ability to use never-before used monsters that are simply walking around.
    Too few slots and the same monsters will begin to repeat soon enough.
    Too many slots and there are a bunch of "throw-away" monsters used.
    Though what's wrong with using all available monsters at your disposal?
    Do more slots increase or decrease strategy? What about less slots?

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    I definitely miss the mountain trait. I would prefer it over his tough trait.
    Though some would argue that tough is better, as he now has some protection against torture status effects, as well as the other non-control negative aliments.

    I suspect the reason immunity to sudden death effects are not blocking Fatid's skills is because the trait blocks "Death Countdown," while Fatid gives "Cursed Countdown." So this is similar to Glitch's special possession skill "Corrupted" being able to bypass immunity to possession.

    As for his countdown skills, they can be cleansed. What you can't do is have a monster cleanse it's own 1 turn countdown. This is find really odd. Perhaps it's a game mechanic that needs to be update. This is the first monster, I think, to introduce a 1 turn countdown skill.
    I need to test what happens if you have the 2 turn countdown do down to 1 turn, and then you try to cleanse it.

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    I'm inclined to say top teams jumped out of habit and due to a lack of understanding how the new system worked.
    They got lucky this time around IF they jumped early enough, even after the race started.

    At the start of the race there was an issue with the top 100 bracket. Even if you had a top 100 team in your bracket, the rewards were not properly adjusted. Instead it was showing top 5000 rewards. We had the #6 team in our bracket.

    It wasn't until maybe 1 day into the race, or a few hours before 1 day that the issue was fixed.
    This leads me to believe that brackets were cemented after the bug was fixed.

    Had it not been for that bug, I believe that team scores would be fixed at the start of the race, and even if you jumped your entire team within 1 minuted of the race starting, the team score of the race team would be unchanged.

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    @ Ekto-Gamat
    I don't understand the negative feedback of "quite a lot of team jumping."
    The reward for the #1 position was 80 elementium and 150 nature cells ONLY IF you happen to have a top 100 team in your bracket.

    If teams were jumping, they would most likely find themselves in a under 5000 bracket where the 1st place reward was 20 elementium and 20 nature cells.
    Even if they somehow ended up in a top 5000 race team, the reward would have been 50 elementium and 40 nature cells.

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    @Haka-Taka It's not obvious. I only discovered that because I accidentally clicked on the screen and that message poped up. In my opinion, it should be stated that they are getting 2 packs of 40.

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    Upon first looking at the VIP Cells Chest, it appears to be 80 cells of a single VIP. Which sounds great because you're paying 299 gems and 20 elementium for a VIP.
    BUT, as others have mentioned it's 2 packs of 40 cells...

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    @keki14 As Haka mentioned earlier, it's all skills after the release of Sammy with a 50% chance to land effect are actually landing the effect 100% of the time. This also applies to healing skills. More so, I think it applies to some older monsters too. I can't tell you the amount of times Thetys has landed her 50% AoE Freeze on all my monsters as of late...

    There is actually a pretty OP monster right now because of that bug, but I think players have yet to discover who it is.

    As per the 98% chance that's been showing up on wiki, I think maybe the chance to land skills is being dropped from 100% -> 98 - 99%? For those skills that say "may land..." That's just speculation. It could very well be nothing.

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    I'll start buy saying the only VIP monster I purchased was Scarr the Outcast when he we originally released. Back in the end of February of 2016. This back when they only released a certain amount of units... everyone remember that?
    0_1516647592230_Scarr 402.jpg

    Good thing they took off that limited number of units, otherwise there would be no ranked 130s until the release of elementium.

    But anyhow, back to this topic. I personally think it's a great idea to give all players a chance to get at least 1 nemesis monster without having to purchase it, and to allow everyone to get monsters that are now.. 1 - 2 years old.
    Just about anytime or place in life, when you want to be the very first to acquire something, you'll have to pay a premium. And by being the first you reap the benefits, the advantages. In ML, if you purchased a VIP early on, then you had some of the most powerful monsters both for offense and defense. You certainly got your $20 worth. Fast-forward 1 or 2 years the VIPs are no where near as powerful as what they once were. Look at PvP defense... do you see VIPs or Nemesis. Heck, even some of the "regular" monsters are arguably more powerful - Kihaku, Dungeon Master, Al Canine.
    So with those two things in mind 1) players that originally purchased VIPs already had time to use them and 2) they aren't as VIP as what they were when initially released, I don't see much of a problem of having them breedable.

    I do understand the premise of the whole "it's unfair that I paid X, while you get it for free" argument, but again with times things depreciate in value. I think it's unrealistic to ask new players to pay $20 for a VIP just because you paid $20 TWO years ago. Especially when that same amount could be used on something better now.
    If anyone disagrees, please feel free to contact me, I will gladly sell you my 5 year-old phone for the exact same price I purchased it for (;

    On a more important note, does the fact that some players (non-spenders and casual spenders) will now have a chance to breed VIPs really have a huge impact on you. Not really...
    Again, you purchased VIPs when they were first released. Elementium has been released with several frat events. By now you probably have a ranked up VIP. You probably have really good runes. Or assuming you're still spending, you probably have the new all-to-powerful nemesis monsters.
    Some non-spenders or causal spenders walking around with VIPs doesn't really have a huge impact on you.

    So why not just give everyone a chance to experience the fun and pleasure of getting a VIP monster?

    It's a good attempt to close the major gap that exists in the game.

    The only thing I'm a bit perplexed about is selling all 9 VIPs for $99.99 AND THEN having this breeding event.
    I mean on one hand you get certainty, whereas with the breeding event you gamble gems with the possibility of nothing but epics.

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    I think they can have the potential to be really great defensive monsters depending on the skills just because of artifact.
    Igursus and Ouros for example are prone to possession, mega-stun and of course DoTs. These monsters wont be. So specifically, Tankerion, he may prove to be a really good defensive metal monster. Just hopping he has some skills to pack a punch, as well as a 0CD skill for Timerion.

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    @Kaiju Can we all get together and demand a fountain of youth?! 😄

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    @givrgos-kossi Too easy? Those same videos are the ones that will be giving us ~20gems every 12 hours for the time being. Those same videos gave most players~70 Crissandre cells. And those same videos also will be handing out cells for Burogtor, Enpiast, Hackster, Learnean, etc. in the near future.
    A boy can dream that the magical well would do something... magical? xD

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    To be honest, the only way to "fix" the race is to completely get rid of it.
    There is no foreseeable way that the race can ever be it being truly fair for everyone, or even for the majority of players.

    One of the common issues is this idea that creating race teams is unfair to the other teams you get placed against.
    Well there's a few ways to look at this idea of creating a race team:

    1. The more teams that create "race teams", the more "race teams teams" that will eventually have to go up against each other and it thus it's almost as if they went through all that trouble for nothing.
    2. Even if no "race teams" are created, then the initial pairings would come down to luck and would probably be unfair to begin with. There's usually always 1 or 2 teams that are more active or have more members willing to spend than the other 18/19 teams. So even without race teams, those specific teams have an advantage.
      In the very first race for example, my team managed 9 laps. The top team 17 laps. 10 teams did 6 or less.
      Those 10 teams didn't stand a chance simply due to luck, or lack thereof.
      No race teams were created at that time, yet the race is inherently unfair to most players, and benefits a few.

    So regardless if there is or isn't a restriction to building race teams, the whole premise of the team race is unfair.

    I guess, perhaps, the only way to make it truly fair is if no team was allowed to use gems. Then we wouldn't have anyone speeding their way through, and instead teams would have to collectively work together to advance through the nodes. If this were the case creating race teams wouldn't be necessary at all.
    Since I really don't see this happening, I revert to my original post, that the only way to fix the race is to get rid of it... which funny enough, I also don't see happening.

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    I was so excited something was going to happen when you put all the parts together...
    nothing.. xD

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    This is ONE OF THE BEST events in my opinion. Like with most events, if you're ftp, you just have to be prepared.
    Especially considering SP just gave us 200 free gems just for playing the game (well you had to collect b-day tickets).
    With something people getting more... And all the different ways to get gems (I got 150 from Season 1).

    But anyway, some math.
    Usually you get level X runes when they cost 345 gems a piece when they are on sale (The ONLY time you should buy)
    so buying 3 would cost 1035.

    Here for spending about the same amount of gems buying Legendary cells, you get:
    150k Food
    120 Igursus cells
    3 Level X Speed
    And 20 legendary monster cells for ~38 different legendary monsters (750 random legendary monster cells)

    Thanks to the fact that you can buy R cells and you get pts, you'd honestly spend less than 1K gems for all the above rewards.

    I have 2 ftp accounts that will gladly be taking advantage of this event.
    I don't think it's fair to shout "greed" at everything.

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    @Khue-Do I'll simply say, "pretty good."
    I don't think it's right to hijack this post and start talking about a different subject. O:

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    @Golab I feel that this is a very odd post, so perhaps maybe I misunderstood it?
    Specifically with this statement, "dont forget there are a lot of exactly same players like you, also doing same team wars, also getting same coins, also buying same monsters and also ranking them up in same way."

    In team wars you play different teams with different restrictions. Each war you'll get a different number of coins depending on whether you win or lose. While the same selection of monsters are in the team shop of all players, you only have a finite amount of coins to spend. So different people will be purchasing different monsters to suit their tastes.
    I see only differences where you see similarities.

    By your initial logic you could actually argue that if the game had no team wars, pvp, or ranking, what would even be the point in playing? Everyone would get the same monsters, same buildings and complete the same dungeons.

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    @Suzznee If you can download an app that records your screen, you can simply record your gameplay and screenshot whatever you need to.

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    Agreed! Not only are the rewards generous, but the seasons are bi-weekly!
    I was honestly expecting at the minimum 1 month seasons.
    Can't wait to get all those gems and the runes.

    Although I do feel the gem rewards are extremely generous, and I can only wonder if they will be decreased in the future.

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    @Sam Considering the blame as been pointed at me in the past when SP changed something in the game due to my videos, I think it's fair to say that you could be somewhat stretching here.
    Just because some elite players complained about wanting increased general prices, and then we see increased prices, that doesn't make it a direct correlation. You have no way of knowing if they are 100% to blame, yet you assume that they are without a doubt at fault.

    I imagine those same elite players have constantly bugged SP for a hatching guardian, yet we still don't seem to have one. If we were to get one, would you also give them 100% credit for that?
    On that note of a hatching guardian, seriously why don't we have one... so many more players would spend gems than they currently do... seems like a good money maker to me.

    I mentioned this on a separate post, but increases in team shop prices, as well as the removal of runes hurt everyone.
    In my opinion, the argument that it doesn't affect elites is invalid because you have to consider all the new monsters being released. If runes were still in the shop they could simply continue to build a stockpile of gems (seeing as how they already have 130 generals) and thus save so many gems. Right now they have to pay gems to remove high level runes from their monsters in order to place them on other monsters.

    I'm not saying they don't listen more or less to elite players.
    I'm just saying it's not right to crucify them, when we have nothing more than assumptions and speculations.

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    @testcyp All these conspiracy theories about SP favoring top players and helping them out actually make no sense once you sit down and think about it.

    I'd say the team shop affected all players - whether the effect was equal is up to debate.
    On one hand you can say that top players already have lv 130s of each monster and they already have the best runes. So now that they increased the price, they are left with those high level monsters and mid to lower level players have no way to compete.
    But what if the price remained the same?
    Sure mid to lower level players have a chance at getting their generals ranked, but what's the effect on top players?
    Well with lower prices they could either ) Save up their coins for when new monsters get released and ranked those up to 130 within a matter of days, 2) Buy a lot more runes further increasing the disparity between mid and high level player (while mid level players are working on purchasing generals, since they have 130s already, might as well get more powerful runes), 3) Get doubles of generals at 130 which can be especially useful given the book wars.
    I would hate to go against a team having 2 level 130 Ingvar's running some combination of X speed/strength/life/team life etc.

    And of course the obvious counterargument, why would they purposely help the top teams if it means alienating the rest of the players. Sure the top players may spend a lot of money to progress in the game, but I imagine the other 99% of players spend more collectively than the top 1%.

    Personally if you're not content with the prices, It may be worth just saving up your coins and waiting to see if they ever have a team shop discount, special offer, or anything of the sort. I mean when the price is this bad as where it takes 10 consecutive wins of a team averaging 250 coins to purchase a Thetys, it's seriously not worth it. Seriously we have no idea what SP could offer in terms of the team shop, so it's best to be prepared.

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    @Clackers I meant with each other. Otherwise it'd be extremely unfair to those who actually paid for them. Perhaps even we'll see a Nemesis dungeon like we saw a VIP dunegon (for those who bought them to begin with).

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    So just like with the release of VIP monsters in the past, SP eventually made them breedable so those that bought them could rank them up and make them competitive without having to spend lots of $$$.
    Is it fair to assume that these Nemesis monsters will also be breedable in the near future?
    What do you guys think?

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    It would be nice if could get a confirmation that EVERYONE who gets X amount of tickets will be awarded X amount of coins.
    There is a pic of a screenshot floating around with a conversation about "not [being] able to credit any gems for collecting 1 thousandth birthday tickets as the winners will be randomly selected in July."

    It appears to be a conversation with support, but I can't that's the case 100%.

    Nonetheless, the original pop-up message in the game did imply everyone would get gems if they collect tickets and hold on to them. There was no mentioning of a random section like with the past tickets.

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    I have to say this is a really good idea! For the time being I don't plan on using any of my war coins. And so they're just going to be there piling up until something good comes along. It would be nice to have extra incentive for wars.
    As Sam pointed out, ASSUMING a team was to win 15 consecutive wars... that's only 150 gems and 30 elementium at the end of the month. The cheapest monsters go on sale for is 249 gems. So it would take 25 victories to be able to purchase a monster. For most teams that would probably take 2 - 3 months.

    And as counterargument to making them lose money, think about how many more players would be willing to use gems to recover their monsters for fights. Currently I'll never spend gems to recover a monster. However if I knew I'd get some gems back, I'd be more willing to recover here and there if it meant my whole team winning the war and everyone benefiting. Obviously I wouldn't go crazy on recovering all my monsters with only a 10 gem reward, but I'd certainly consider using them.

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    Read the title and thought it'd be cool.
    This is gross xD

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    Just came back to this post to say that Alex Bone is even more amazing than I originally thought he would be because of his "evasion" effect.

    Looking forward for Himass to get his evasion skill fixed!
    Also looking forward to future monsters who may have skills that give evasion!

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    @Frunobulax Value wise, 2960 coins for an amazing Malair.. really think if it's a good idea to skip out on him.
    As for destroying your chance to get Crissandre, I don't think she's even possible to get with the given time constraint.
    In past events its been: get all monsters except the last one OR get only the last one.

    I recall seeing a post that the pathway for just Crissandre is 10,570 coins.
    That's not including all the other monsters you need to move in order to get the keys for her pathway.
    If you get 225 coins every 4 hours and, for the sake of argument, say you log in 5 times a day, that's 1125 coins/day.
    The event was 18 days long?
    1125*18 = 20,2025 coins.
    Of course that's just from doing collections.
    There's also dungeons, monsterwood, and spins, but there's also events that will interfere with maze and I don't think many people would log in 5 times a day.
    So maybe it is possible, but I highly doubt you can get both Tolekahju and Crissandre.

    As for getting Tolekahju and Malair, I think that's very possible!

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    @Nynaevelan I'd like to add in my own experience. As far as using the usual method of farming only Black Lotus Roots + 2x food production with guardian: I get 181 coins. I'm lv 106 and I only have 6k coins.
    Meanwhile on a baby lv 69 account, I'm on round 2 with 6k coins to spend. My guardian only gives me a 25% food production boost and I got received well over 1k coins planting BLR.

    The reason you may be half way done with round 2 is, I'm assuming, due to all the gold you collect.

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    @MarshallTheBeef If they had a different idea for the monster, they should scratch it and go with yours!
    Each arm having a different skill w/debuff + the ult being a combination of all 4 arms is brilliant!

    Looking forward to this monster's release, though not to the race. '~'

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    But even if you win a ranked monster, you can buy multiple of those packs to rank it up even further.

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    Can you provide a screenshot? I'm curious what you mean 😄

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    @Frunobulax At least they buffed stamina regeneration from 20% to 30%, which makes Thetys less powerful 😄 It's all a matter of going first and setting up that team stamina regeneration.

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    @Carlos Awesome! Thanks for the swift reply! 😄

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    Himass is a monster who also has and "Evasion" skill.
    Though it doesn't appear to be dodging status effects. 0_1497890548348_Evasion Attacks.JPG
    0_1497890556835_Evasion Status.JPG

    Any idea if Himass will be update to also ignore status effects?

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    This is something I have been wanting for a while, although I would like an added "max level 5 rune" option.
    My reasoning for wanting a max of level 5 rune is because that's the level that most players can easily get.
    And even if all monsters are level 100, if you have lv 4-6 runes, while your opponent is running lv 8+ runes, then you're in a similar position as when it's ranked vs un-ranked monsters. Sure not as bad, but it's still a huge disadvantage.

    Though I think I'd be okay if it was just an event, rather than ongoing. However only if that event was a commonly reoccurring event.

    I guess I'll add in some counterarguments:

    • Reduces diversity in a team. (If stronger players with ranked monsters can't use their monsters for war, they'll move to another team)
    • Less incentive to rank up monsters. (If all you need is lv 100 monsters, then you have not much use for the lab)

    Overall though, seeing as how I do like new things and a max level 100 war would really show which monsters the best of the best, I would opt-in!

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    Alpha Piscium: Deals low Water damage and applies Stamina Leak to all enemies. 50% chance of Freezing all targets. Requires cooldown.

    0_1497641468441_Mystery Bug 1.JPG
    0_1497641474101_Mystery Bug 2.JPG

    Instead of stamina leak, it appears to be functioning like the initial stamina loss from getting hit with Nightmares.
    ~10%. No stamina leak is applied.

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  • ArmorGaming

    I think for higher level players, or those that have lots of lv 100 monsters to use, this is going to be a lot of fun!
    But for lower level players this is going to be difficult.

    I'm assuming each base with now have 30 coins. On defense players put their BEST defense team possible. So the weakest 10 members of your team have no choice but to face the bottom 10 enemy's defensive "A" team. An even if the cool down is reduced, that would be mean they have to log in ever 2.5 hours to attack with their own "A" team, which I don't see practical seeing as people have a lot going on throughout the day.

    And a similar thing can be said for the top players of a team. They now have to face the top 10 defensive "A" teams. Assuming top players have a really good "B" team, they'd still have to log in 5 times a day.

    Even though we have a chance to get 2x the amount of coins, I don't see the amount of coins teams actually earn as increasing that much (unless you are fortunate enough to play against an easy team).

    But with all that said, let me just say that I am definitely looking forward to this!!!
    I'm always open to new experiences, challenges and events!!
    Bring on the RAGE WARS! D:<

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  • ArmorGaming

    I'll start off by saying that I too very much dislike all these epic breeding quests! Seems like every lap starting with the 2nd one has had at least 1 quest involving breeding epics. And let's be honest, the only way to pass those is by spending gems.
    Either you pay the quest cost, or you gamble breeding and hatching over and over again (not recommended).

    That being said, I'd like to shine some light on why the race isn't as "bad" as it's constantly portrayed to be...at least for the winning team

    In order to get a rank 3 monster, you need 640 cells + a copy of a monster.
    Thus you would need 7 copies of a monster you want to get to rank 3.

    In terms of food you would need a total of 16,486,340 food to get 1 monster to rank 3.
    (~2.2mil food * 6 monsters you'll feed to lv 100 to extract)
    (3,559,020 food needed to level up a monster all the way to 115)

    Now assuming a monster goes on sale for 249 gems, you would have to spend 1,743 gems to purchase that monster.
    (249* 7 copies of the monster you need)

    And how about all that hatchery time and extracting time (more gems if you want to rent extra pods).

    So, for just 1 player to get a rank 3 monster, the player would need:
    1,743 gems.
    16.5 million food.
    ~ 1 week of hatching/extracting

    If you win the race, your WHOLE team gets a rank 3, plus a legendary monster, plus 60 elementium, plus all those wonderful individual rewards.
    If as a team you collectively spent less than 52,470 gems (1,749*30), then you got a really amazing deal!

    Now of course there are those team that spend a lot 100+ laps, but I imagine those teams are in the minority, whereas the teams that win with 20-30 laps or less are in the majority.

    Furthermore, a team can just not participate in the race. Just get their 4 laps in and enjoy their free legendary monster, 5 elemetium, and 500k food. I think they get individual rewards too, up tp 5 mil food?

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  • ArmorGaming

    Found you in the app store, just a few years ago,
    And though I'm no pro, I still play every day.
    Why, oh why can I not stay away?

    Hey! Today another year has come to pass,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Monster Legends, it's your special day at last!

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  • ArmorGaming

    @Marianne-van-Es said in Incomplete Book Discussion... Let's Help SP Complete the Books!:

    That said I don't know what is the best strategy for ML/SP to implement this way or complete books all at ones. There probably teams who are winning now with the incomplete books who wouldn't with complete ones from much stronger teams so that's not really a bad thing, it spices thing up

    I agree with you. I don't really know what the best option for them is. At the time it seems they want to slowly release monsters into different books. The idea behind that I imagine is that certain players will invest in the monsters that are currently available, regardless if the book is complete or not. And once book are complete those same players will invest yet again.
    At the same time, this is deferring certain players from using any gems at all.
    And once all the books are complete, certain monsters will never get used, whereas the top tier of the books will be the only ones purchased, which will result in overall decreased diversity.
    But then to increase diversity, they can always release more book types.
    (But will that result in more people being upset?)

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  • ArmorGaming

    @Suzznee The description states "this event doubles the number of items you can collect..." which is true as I described it. By cutting the spawn time in half, you have the opportunity to double how many items you can collect because you can collect twice as often as usual.
    This is based on my knowledge of how previous events have worked.
    I have no reason to believe this boost would work any differently, although to be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to this event.

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  • ArmorGaming

    The way Island Boosts work is by cutting the time that it takes for the items to respawn in half.
    It doesn't actually double the items you can collect directly, but more so indirectly.

    For example, from previous progressive islands, the spawn time for you to be able to collect the maximum amount of items is 8 hours.
    Log in every 8 hours and collect the max amount of items.
    During a Island Boost you SHOULD log in every 4 hours to get the max amount of items.
    Thus if you log in twice in that 8 hour time period, you get 2x as many items.

    It's confusing because it makes it sound like you can still log in every 8 hours, and that your pool is double, but that's not the case. Instead spawn time is cut in half.

    Hope that helps!

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  • ArmorGaming

    I agree that the best idea now is to hold on to your gems. Without complete books, it's a bad idea to invest in a monster, who will possibly be outclassed by a future monster who is added to a particular book.

    Still I'll give my thoughts on some of the monsters available.
    Uru is a great purchase as he has an AoE stun and a base speed of 3465. In the Spirits book, only Goldfield is immune to stun. He can also AoE Daze or give his team a dmg boost.
    Purchasing Uru, you also have a great monster for magic wars, as most defensive magic monsters tend to be immune to possession.

    Tempest is great because he has an AoE stun, a base speed of 3465, and an AoE Blind. He also has a single stun for those times when you really want to make sure it lands on a particular monster.
    In terms of spirits wars, I'd say he's the best denier.
    Taking into consideration Thunder, Voltaik is go-to defense and offense monster, so you get more get less value out of Tempest there.

    If you had to buy an Evil Legion monster I'd say go for Yndra or Osteoclast because they are more valuable.
    Yndra can be used in Thunder/Evil/Dragon wars.
    Osteo can be used in Earth/Evil/Undead wars.
    Draza and Fire can only be used in Evil wars and of course, in their respective elements.

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  • ArmorGaming

    I'm sure by now many of you have seen people demand that SP complete the books. Many of the books are obviously missing monsters; for example, Good Legion and Evil Legion only have 3 pages. There are female monsters in the game not in the female book.. and so on.
    So rather than just sending endless complaints and demands for SP to finish the books, how about taking a different approach, and instead, suggest which monsters should be added to the current book selections.

    At the very least, we as a community, will be able to plan ahead at which monsters are worth purchasing if we all agree that a particular monster fits a category. Although we may end up being wrong, and SP has the final word about which monsters actually make it into a book, I think it's a discussion worth having.

    TLDR; What I'd like to do on this post is for everyone to discuss exactly which monsters are missing in which book.

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  • ArmorGaming

    So I agree with both sides here.

    For a non-competitive player, Osur is pretty bad. Is he trash... well no. Any monster where your chance to immobilize is no better than the flip of a coin is inherently good. Add in the fact that he can can self heal/heal teammates/daze, then his value increases. Still, I can see where you're coming from, as there are certainly "better" nature monsters you can use without having to dish out money.

    When moving on to the competitive side where life scales significantly higher than power, and life runes are utilized more, Osur would definitely get more praise.

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