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    So, the Wonder Island is in my version of the game. It costs $10 to unlock.

    Has may Orbs, including a few Heroic Orbs, some Legendary Orbs, some Epic Orbs, and some Very Rare Orbs.

    It also has Gems.

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    Our Alliance usually gets Lv. 3 and 4 chests for Arenas and Leagues.

    We usually get Lv. 5 chests for Breeds and Hatches.

    However, if there's one thing I would change about Chests, it's more guaranteed Orbs per level.

    Something like...

    Lv. 1: 5 Destiny + 5 Ride + 5 Big Fins
    Lv. 2: Lv. 1 Rewards + 5 Hard-Headed + 5 Transcendence
    Lv. 3: (Lv. 2 Rewards x2) + 5 Fuming + 5 Prewings + 5 Huntsdraco
    Lv. 4: Lv. 3 Rewards + 5 Solar-Powered + 5 Masked + 5 Heavy Armored
    Lv. 5: (Lv. 4 Rewards x2) + 5 Vulcan + 5 Mammatus

    Then there'd be random amounts of Orbs for those 13 Dragons for every Level of chest.

    Lv. 1: Up to 2 Orbs of Random Dragons
    Lv. 2: Up to 4 Orbs of Random Dragons
    Lv. 3: Up to 6 Orbs of Random Dragons
    Lv. 4: Up to 8 Orbs of Random Dragons
    Lv. 5: Up to 10 Orbs of Random Dragons

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  • Arranos

    Just got Third Birthday & getting Drainbow. That makes 9.

    Now working on Super Nature, still working on Bohemian, Brainy, Avalon, and Valentine from Pure X Pure, and waiting for Drainbow to finish.

    After Drainbow finishes, I'll be breeding Ice & Jade to attempt to get either Vampiress & Clover.

    EDIT: Got Super Nature. 8 more to go.

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  • Arranos

    I've just been breeding Pure x Pure. Limits it down from everything possible to only 20 (Pure & the 19 Legends).

    I've come to notice that both Light & War, when bred with Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, and each other, still has a major chance for Archangel & War, instead of a guaranteed breed for dragons like Photon, Tesla, etc. It's been like that since they were added as breedable Dragons a few years back.

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  • Arranos

    @BathtubDoritos said in Anyone else remember DC in 2013:

    Anyone else remember when everyone went nuts over Light and War, the 4-elements dragons were the lords of battle and not these pieces of trash called “heroics”, when water habitats only held one dragon, the dumpster fire called general chat didn’t exist, and breedable dragons were worth using?
    Those were foggy, but good times. I wish that they’d come back.

    1. Ah, the Light & War Update: when everyone was asking where were the Rainbow and Panzer Dragons & people were mad because the Wind Dragon could not be bred for. Good times.

    2. I specifically used Legendary dragons, as they did massive damage, more than the Sanctuary Dragons.

    3. Heroics are as much trash as they are treasure. Difficult to fight against, Easy Mode when using them.

    4. Sea & Ice Habitats were horrible. I'm glad they changed it.

    5. Simple: Ignore general chat.

    6. Simple: Empower the breedable dragons. May take a while, but hey, it's a game of patience and constant updates.

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  • Arranos

    @BathtubDoritos said in Do heroics need a nerf?:

    Me, amongst many people, HATE heroics. It’s so hard to get one, and when you do... the game just breaks. Nobody tries to fight you in the arenas. They have this HUGE power creep (compare them to tier 5, which includes the 4-elementals, which have only half the strength, but is the second-strongest tier!) Sure, they can’t be empowered too easily (some not at all) but empowering is sort of a dumb mechanic. I only empower because of heroics showing up at level 20 in the Dark arenas and managing to beat a team of level 25 4-elementals because of their unfair advantage! I know that the people with heroics went to great lengths to get them. But they destroyed battling. Would a nerf to heroics, a buff for all other dragons, or “special” moves that did extra damage to heroics help balance that out? Because most people hate heroics for their brokenness, design and limited (and way too competetive) method of obtainment, and their are over 700 other dragons that should be equally worth using (well, not all of them, seeing as how a Katy perry dragon exists for some reason)

    1. Ironically, there is no Katy Perry Dragon. There are Dragons based off of Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, but no Katy Perry.

    2. Over 890 dragons, and people only use 24 of them...if they even have them. I only have 17 of them, and I don't think I'll be getting the ones I'm missing anytime soon.

    3. I'm just waiting for the day where I meet a Lv. 70 Heroic in Arenas and Leagues. It's gonna happen someday.

    4. I think they should lower the "guaranteed-a-Heroic" lap to 10, rather than 15. That, or start putting old ones as 2nd & 3rd Place prizes. Not gonna happen, but fun to think about.

    5. Finally...no. As much as I don't like Heroics and the process of Recall & Empower, they are a necessary evil to use. I think they should be used like Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go: use them when attacking in arenas/leagues, but have to use other dragons as your defending team.

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  • Arranos


    Well, there are 8 Dragons that are only bred with specific combinations.

    In addition, Poisonux and Tin Woodman are breedable, but for some reason are not shown to be in the Dragon Book. They were shown to be at one point, but not now. They're still breedable, though.

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  • Arranos

    Alright. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. :)

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  • Arranos

    Really? That seems kind of odd for a wait time, since all of the others (Speedy & Greedy being the exception) are at least full days (1, 2, 4, and 6 days).

    Alright. Thanks for the info.

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  • Arranos

    While I'm trying to get the last piece I need to complete Phaun's Tower, I have a question to ask for anyone who does have it.

    What's the wait time to use Phaun's Tower after using it? I know:

    • 4H: Speedy&Greedy
    • 24H: Midarian, Jewelem, & Winstance
    • 48H: Hanzo
    • 96H: Ramsey
    • 144H: Damona & Broodby

    I just don't know Phaun's wait time.

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