• Artemon Bruno

    Apparently the evil legion managed to intercept the return of Ingenica, she and her team would have to fight a lot harder to return monster legends land, and restore peace.

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  • Artemon Bruno

    If I'm reading your msg correctly, those "old generals" occasionally resurface on events (guess i missed it & not going to see often, much rarer than getting voltaik 276 flash sales, but should be much common than voltaik 249 sale or the voltaik 159 sale?)
    Another thing is i didn't notice the announcement of "offer additions" in the team shop until i saw the reddit post, guess i have to check every single shops every now and then.

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  • Artemon Bruno

    Newb's question (If relevant to the topic): So, how often it is for team shop to offer more monsters than the "ordinary rotations"?
    I was at relaxed state saving war coins (pitifully) since there's still time... Until i found out from reddit today about "old generals back in team shop" which got me puzzled and check it up for clarity.
    Yeah, my heart crushed when i found out... more monsters "hidding" behind the scrollings... (my war coins still not enough 😣 )
    I know i missed this one big time, but is there another time? (Like usually when?)

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  • Artemon Bruno

    @Fox , thank you too, i got my eggs few hours later (just forgot to reply here 😆 )

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  • Artemon Bruno

    A quick question: Am i missing something or can do something if i have 50 prototyperion scrolls but 3 prototyperion eggs? (Its stopped giving me egg claim)

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  • Artemon Bruno

    **Status: Taken
    Acquiring "professional" viewpoint of my profile:

    Reason for acquiring profile assessment: Looking for active war & good-enough race team, as good as possible but worry for too active (or demanding) team that don't match my game profile, making it a constant "rush & pressured" experience just to "stay survive" the team

    Monsters: 132/506
    MP: 3,620
    Lv: 44
    Runes Lv: 3
    Legendaries: Lv41
    Lower rarity: below Lv40
    Playstyle: Average-Joe logins, F2P
    Best monsters: Azuriel, ML1-Yamato, Guava Juice, Laomu, Uru, Rockantium, Hasai, Goldfield, Tephra, Klectus, Greedy Dragon, Galante, Voltaik, Terroriser, Ukuduma, Oghma, Darmith's pet, Vanoss, Keithor, Baba yaga, Ragnael (from my L list, you roughly can guess I played how long, mostly event L)
    Reason looking for new team: Existing team is open & nice (good lead) but as its an new open team, mostly newbies joined (including me) with some not so actively doing wars (don't even mention capability in fulfilling race missions), some members number retained only to qualify team war requirement
    Expected moving out time: After team race ended (felt guilty leaving the team during race, afterall, its my first team good enough to grant me my 1st team war L)

    ** I think that should be enough details, not so good into strategies devising and detailing... (Oh, the profile i gave is my current ML account's, not this username account that used for forum)

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  • Artemon Bruno

    One moral buffalo-dung epiphany from me (draft before i forgot my points)

    Introduce a "oath/agreement/anything you call it" that each player can only CLICK ONE TIME per event (or per month) that would stop player from taking race once he's out of the team.

    What this might solve:
    -Mutual agreement (& responsibility) among teammates before joining team race
    -Inactive teammates won't be clicking and hence (excuse) have to kick him out temporarily or permanently in order for whole team to join team race
    -If you not sure what team you want to stay during race, don't click your one-time agreement/oath at all and only join later on
    -Existing team that started race after all taken "all-for-one-and-one-for-all" oath can choose to kick members later on, but bear the cost of cannot have member refill (if started race with 30/30 earlier on), so you want to kick member, bear your own consequences
    -so far, no ideas yet... (main point here, an mutual understanding & conscience "confirm" button to join race)
    -to be continues or amended... (or not...)

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  • Artemon Bruno

    21.11.2017 epic breeding event:
    "Erpham + Darknubis" event combo:
    Official- Kal'Drekk
    Side- Wisteria (... and a whole bunch of genies, but thats breedable so not counted here)

    Just posting for sharing for anyone interested and joining the current breeding event

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  • Artemon Bruno

    Would it be nice, if there is a kind of "last standing gladiator" sport (slaughter) colosseum competition?
    Something like the participants would need to endure a number of survival-dungeon-like qualifying fights (slaughter), then only to get into quarters, semi-final, etc (prizes based on phases of qualified, quarter, semis, etc)
    And the whole fights are done in survival-dungeon-like with slow hp & mp regens each rounds (no refresh from last fights and start as in last hp & mp)
    Then, the fights (amusing slaughter) can be view from SP's youtube channel.
    It might be so (deliciously) interesting to watch the top pay-to-win players torturing each other, muahahahaha... (greatest evil plan ever)
    (OK, released some of my evil self, regained humanity now)

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