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    @nynaevelan I am not talking about the current race but the last one that finished at the end of october 2019/beggining of november 2019 about the High Diabolic dragin.

    I had to reload the game every time I was trying to claim the rewards (heroic dragon and the others)
    I alreay sent several messages to the support team but I have no responses.

    Now that the cybernatic's race has begin I can't try anymore to claim the dragons.

    So I don't really understand about sending a ticket. To who ?

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    Hello, I wrote 18 days ago about an issue I was having witj claiming thre rewards of the last heroic race.
    I contacted the support team and they told me that they will assign a team to resolve the issue.

    But since then i didn't get any response and now the new heroic race has begin and i can't claim anymore the rewards of the last race.

    I realluly don't know what to do. I can't playing in the heroic and get no rewards

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    I have an issue with drafon city. I can't claim the rewards of the heroic race that ended this monday on november.
    When I tried to claim the dragons the game says that something is wrong and I have to reload.

    I sent a message to the support and did what they adviced (clear cache, cookies,...) and it still the same.
    I resent many messages since then and still no answers.

    What do I do now ?

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