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    why not do a train mode just for train,we can give number to rarities, commun 1...
    and we will ramdomly fight against rarities dependto the level ,levelplayer*?/109
    in a more option buton
    1)?=we can choose 5 to 9(next show the 2 or 3 categories we will fight more often for more understand)
    2)and 34 to 50 for the level of dragons to beat, lvlplayer*?/109 (next to show the lvl we will fight more often)
    3)we could choose the stars
    4)if they have train attack
    5)if we begin or not or ramdomly
    .without the more option button we could just choose min,easy,normal(+),hard,very hard,max for example:
    min:1)5 2)34 3)0 4)no 5)we begin
    easy: 1)5 2)35 3)0 4)no 5)ramdomly begin
    normal: 1)6 2)40 3)0 4)no 5)ramdomly begin
    normal+: 1)6 2)41 3)2 4)1/2 5)ramdomly begin
    hard: 1)7 2)45 3)4 4)1/2 5)ramdomly begin
    very hard: 1)8 2)50 3)7 4)1/2 5)ramdomly begin
    max : 1)9 2)50 3)9 4)yes 5)we not begin
    why not show the stars on mobil and why not increase other categories than 10, of 20%
    it could be enjoyable

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