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    @griffin300 Gambling is always exciting, if only because there is always a risk involved. Mavs has a lot of great games, but I like the gambling ones best. Because it's probably not that many people play regular games these days. Because everyone is trying to make money from games. And I understand them because it's an incredible opportunity and probably a dream job. I haven't tried to make money from gambling because I play it to relieve stress. But if I always played casino games on the W88 Thailand platform, I would probably win more often than I do at Mavs.

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  • baratras

    What's your favorite pack?
    I'm not a fan of buying something in games because I think it's a waste of money. I'd rather save up and buy something for my niece and send it to her in Germany, which she can track through https://www.postsendungsverfolgung.com/de/hermes-sendungsverfolgung.html. BUT my friend convinced me to buy something insignificant to understand if I like to play the game with a purchased pack, lol.
    And now I am looking for good options because of which I will not regret that I spent the money.

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