• Beajay

    Some of this is great but the problem as I see it is NOT the AMOUNT of Gems you spend but the amount of Activity you achieve.
    I agree that there exists some abuses by teams who kick Active players out just before Race Ends and that is just not right.
    Unless you are stealing easy top tasks without calling or being profane there is no call for that.
    More even and fair would be Qualified points system instead of Gem spend.
    Absolutely agree Leads need to be able to track who does what in a race.
    Leads would then have opportunity to remove inactive players Quarterly based on how many points are needed to achieve 50 laps or let the Lead decide how many laps they will aim for after the first 10 laps if the team feels 50 is unattainable.
    Players would be safe after qualifying at 1/4, again at 1/2 and again at 3/4.
    I think this would also reduce the amount of players who hog easy points for the entire race.
    Pay out the top 3 Qualifying individuals 4 times with 1/4 the rewards to prevent shutting out the players who can’t afford to spend more than 1 skip.
    Good monsters go on sale for 249-299
    at 0 star so 150 Gems should not get you one of these monsters I’m sorry.
    If you can’t see that a 3,4, or 5 star monster is worth more than that your math skill is worse than mine. (And that’s saying something)
    In a race, logging in and doing 1 epic/legendary skip at 250 then being inactive for the rest of the race isn’t enough.
    Members need to be logging in every 30 minutes or when called on via another chat for do your part of 15 member collect/feed food, breed/Hatch monsters most of which are Free.
    Those are what moves the team around the track.
    You also need members with more gems to hurry up Rune crafting, Breed and hatch Thunder and Water UC, Breed Epics, refill PvP, clear your hatchery, rent pods to Rank Epics and Legendary monsters a few players should NOT have to carry a whole team.
    Between Races you need to prepare for the next one.
    As a co-lead I get sick of calling the same names over and over to come do your part.
    Really chaps my @$$ when they tell me they can’t feed because they didn’t grow food for fear of leveling up or were too busy with breeding events to stock up on Pandaken or Freetle Cells and can’t Rank Rares.
    Races are Fun but expensive.
    They cost more in TIME than they do in Gems and they cost A LOT of Gems.

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  • Beajay

    I bought Cells during Cell week with the specific intention of donating. Almost always enough to get 25-50 Dr Victor’s challenge gems.
    If I can only donate 5 per day they may as well discontinue that sale and it’s challenge.It’s not like they have a ton of great monsters in there....

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