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    Casino-themed new dragons (FOG)

    • Roulette Dragon
    • Blackjack Dragon
    • Solitaire Dragon
    • Pachinko Dragon
    • Slot Dragon
    • Gambling Dragon
    • 4 more dragons...


    Wild West-themed new dragons (FOG)

    • Cowgirl Dragon
    • Bandit Dragon
    • Gunslinger Dragon
    • Navajo Dragon
    • Rancher Dragon
    • Cattle Rustler Dragon
    • Lasso Dragon
    • Buckle Dragon
    • Teepee Dragon
    • Tumbleweed Dragon
    • 3 more dragons...

    2_1613722632844_Wild West.jpg

    Pirates-themed new dragons (FOG)

    • Blackbeard Dragon
    • Long John Dragon
    • Sea Dog Dragon
    • Ahoy Dragon
    • Buccaneer Dragon
    • 3 more dragons...


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    @zZZ 20 elements are not enough I think, add Time, Sound, Universe, Toxic, Void, Insect, Virtual, Mutant, Zen, Explosive, Blood & other elements

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    @zZZ New elements are Time, Sound, Universe, Toxic, Void, Insect, Virtual, Mutant, Zen, Explosive, Blood & other elements, please draw them!!!

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    @kazwtto design Sound element, Time element, Universe element, Toxic element, Void element, Insect element, Virtual element, Mutant element, Zen element, Blood element, Explosive element and more elements

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    New Element ideas

    • Time
    • Sound
    • Universe
    • Toxic
    • Void
    • Insect
    • Virtual
    • Mutant
    • Zen
    • Explosive
    • Blood

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    In 2020, we had multiple islands events in dc, therefore, in 2021, we will have single island events in dc like 11 days fog, 7 days maze, 11 days heroic race and etc...

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    so many new dragon ideas, without heroic, titan, mythical, heroic titan & vampire rarities. i guess number is 1200. We need to add landmarks of the world dragons similar to 7 wonders dragons.

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    Fast food, new dragon name ideas

    Taco Dragon
    Burrito Dragon
    Fries Dragon
    Meatball Dragon
    Caviar Dragon
    Pizza Dragon
    Hotdog Dragon
    Fried Chicken Dragon

    Art, new dragon name ideas

    Polygon Dragon
    Paintbrush Dragon
    Easel Dragon
    Drawing Dragon

    School items, new dragon name ideas

    Chalkboard Dragon
    Ruler Dragon
    Crayon Dragon
    Calculator Dragon
    Protractor Dragon

    Music styles, new dragon name ideas

    R&B Dragon
    Reggae Dragon
    Pop Dragon
    Blues Dragon
    Jazz Dragon
    Country Dragon
    Latin Dragon
    Rock Dragon
    Punk Dragon
    Rock N Roll Dragon
    Hip Hop Dragon

    Italian foods, new dragon name ideas

    Pasta Dragon
    Macaroni Dragon
    Spaghetti Dragon
    Cannoli Dragon
    Tiramisu Dragon
    Zabaione Dragon
    Tartufo Dragon

    Australia, new dragon name ideas

    Outback Dragon
    Kangaroo Dragon
    Koala Dragon
    Wombat Dragon
    Bandicoot Dragon
    Eucalyptus Dragon
    Sugar Glider Dragon
    Dingo Dragon
    Didgeridoo Dragon
    Aboriginal Dragon
    Crikey Dragon

    Savanna, new dragon name ideas

    Lion Dragon
    Zebra Dragon
    Zulu Dragon
    Wildebeest Dragon
    Hippo Dragon
    Cheetah Dragon
    Hyena Dragon
    Giraffe Dragon
    Baobab Dragon
    Acacia Dragon
    Gazelle Dragon
    Leopard Dragon

    Buildings, new dragon name ideas

    Hospital Dragon
    School Dragon
    Stadium Dragon
    Firehouse Dragon
    Skyscraper Dragon
    Theater Dragon
    Mall Dragon
    Cinema Dragon
    Gym Dragon
    Road Dragon
    City Hall Dragon

    Air vehicles, new dragon name ideas

    Airplane Dragon
    Red Baron Dragon
    Helicopter Dragon
    Jet Dragon
    Blimp Dragon
    Hang Glider Dragon
    Stealth Bomber Dragon

    Water vehicles, new dragon name ideas

    Motorboat Dragon
    Speedboat Dragon
    Ship Dragon
    Steamboat Dragon
    Yacht Dragon
    Ferry Dragon
    Submarine Dragon
    Titanic Dragon
    Warship Dragon
    Battleship Dragon

    Clothes, new dragon name ideas

    Cardigan Dragon
    Hoodie Dragon
    Sneakers Dragon
    Boots Dragon
    Gloves Dragon

    Landmarks, new dragon name ideas

    Stonehenge Dragon
    Moai Dragon
    Acropolis Dragon
    Eiffel Tower Dragon

    Technology, new dragon name ideas

    Inventor Dragon
    Keyboard Dragon
    Nerd Dragon
    Early Bird Dragon
    Typewriter Dragon
    Printer Dragon
    CD Dragon
    Radio Dragon
    Deluxe Dragon

    Sports, new dragon name ideas

    Golf Dragon
    Tennis Dragon
    Badminton Dragon
    Basketball Dragon
    Baseball Dragon
    Volleyball Dragon
    Water Polo Dragon
    8 Ball Dragon
    Athletics Dragon
    Biathlon Dragon
    Hurdles Dragon
    Relay Run Dragon
    Racing Dragon
    Javelin Dragon
    Olympian Dragon

    School Subjects, new dragon name ideas

    Geometry Dragon
    Biology Dragon
    Art Dragon
    Librarian Dragon
    Mathematics Dragon
    Language Arts Dragon

    Hip Hop, new dragon name ideas

    Fool Dragon
    DJ Dragon
    Funky Dragon
    Viral Dragon

    New dragon name ideas based on something will be similar to dragon name ideas template, "????, new dragon name ideas"

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