• Branimir Fabek

    You people pay to play???

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  • Branimir Fabek

    I am looking for a good team. I'm interested to participate in all team's activities.
    I'm level 61. Have 138 unique monsters. My Monster Power is 3313. I have 17 L monsters.
    My main team are all Legendary monsters, level 100. All of them (attacking and defending) are equipped with (all 3) level 4 and 5 runes. The 3 of my attackers have both of the relics equipped- level 25.
    Expecting good news
    Alex Branimir F

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  • Branimir Fabek

    I am looking for a team active not in just team wars, but in races also. I have been playing more a year, but "discovered" -race 😁 past few days!
    My 3 top monsters are Legendary (Worker Hulk, Firus and Chocolove). All are equipped with 3 level 4 runes and 2 of them with lvl. 25 relics (about to do that to the Chocolove. That one has relics level 25 and 15.)
    Got a few more Legedaries...
    I am level 55. I have collected 117 monsters. Monster power- 2678 (I'm not an assasin , so what 😇?! Playing for fun)...
    My team is good in wars, but "a kind of slow" in this race. 😁
    Am I in a "fast" team, or not good enough?
    Expecting good news...

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  • Branimir Fabek

    I don't know if it is a new, fresh idea or somebody already thought of that. It SHOULD be a RULE in Monster Legends Arena fights and Team Wars- AGAINST attacking monsters more than (let's say) 10 levels weaker than attacker's levels.
    Buffed up monsters against EQUALLY BUFFED monsters! Now, that would bring forth SKILLFULL players.
    Ok, you need money of those kids who buy monsters on "12000th" level and brag they are the best monster masters.

    Edit: I moved this thread from Dragon City to Monster Legend section. I think that is where you wanted to put it.

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