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    Yes, as you will appreciate from my post I acknowledge that the selling practices were more than inappropriate, but in fact actionable.

    Nevertheless, my comments stand. I set out the objective basis for my views which are directed towards the impact of the breeding event on the game - negligible - and I do not presume to tell you how you should feel about it.

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    I believe a few additional matters are relevant, for perspective.

    Some of the VIP marketing was highly open to criticism (indeed, legal sanction under Spanish law which has enacted the relevant EU directives). The first few had a "Units left" counter on the sale page, plainly intended to convey a level of exclusivity which was misleading or deceptive. VIPs were never limited edition. That is not a legal grey area but a certainty of legal exposure that I would never allow a client to assume.

    Regulatory vulnerability aside (SP, happy to put you in touch with our Barcelona office to arrange a legal risk audit), the degree of objection to the current breeding event in the OP is excessive.

    1. VIPs have been out for almost 2 years IIRC. The period of exclusivity has been lengthy in this space.

    2. VIPs have been greatly superceded in relevance and were anyway never as ridiculously OP as some of the new monsters let alone several of the Nemesis. High paying players have new toys and VIPs stay largely on the bench.

    3. SP is NOT giving VIPs away for free in this event. The odds of breeding without spending more than the equivalent cash price in gems are laughably low. The prospect of f2p players wheeling out a level 130 Uther in consequence of this event is negligible.

    4. It is a false conceit to think that the high-paying players are the primary source of revenue in this game. They account for 10% at best. The majority of income is attributable to Monsterwood and occasional micro purchases. That is public record; google it. It serves SP better to keep f2p players happy and playing - a reality which SP fails to cater for adequately as it is.

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    Time to dust off my Ouros then...

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    @keki14 no, this time they are Gold Relic Chests (15 items: at least 3 Relics, at least 1 Gold or better). Last time they were Gold Relic Rewards Chests (1 Gold Relic each).

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    So... 'offer' of gold relic rewards chests at prices that make no sense at all if the chests contain 1 golden relic each; are no better than buying with gems if they are Gold Relic Chests (and don't look the same) but are plainly good value if they contain say 100 Gold Relics each.

    No contents description. What is WITH that??

    Anyone know what is in these things?

    @Fox - what is in these things?


    I understand from a FB group that these chests contain ONE GOLDEN RELIC each.

    On this score, if that is correct, if I were advising SP, I would advise making that immediately crystal clear - since on this occasion I consider the offer actionably misleading and deceptive, and open to EU regulatory sanction, as SP offers a Gold Relic Chest which contains far more content at comparable gem to cash conversion price.

    Perhaps someone has advised them accordingly - offer appears to be withdrawn (on my account at least).

    Edited by Fox

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    A little off topic, but Faraday is an excellent design addressing a particular meta imbalance very well. He, like Hydratila, are what Nemesis ought to be, rather than the OP power-leap represented by Sammy and Xiron.

    See, Faraday is not really a pvp monster, where the choice of monster is unconstrained.

    In Elite wars (the target market for Faraday) where rules permitted Samael / Demise and now Metalisha, it had become close to impossible to place a defence that could not be safely 3 coined. Wars became super high scoring stale affairs with defence irrelevant.

    War rules allowing both Sammy/ Demise AND Volt/ Zyla/ Barbie/ Shallinar.... well.

    Full speed denial on defence and 6 team speed couldn't overcome the problem, since Rune Guardian only working in attack and not defence allows the attacker to run 5 team speed and still get Sammy away to teleport in Volt/ Zyla/ Barbie/ Shallinar (with a red or blue rune as required).

    High life defences couldn't address the problem because that just allowed more scope for attack rune placement and turn orders allowing damage stacking and Precision. Or brute force. Kid you not, I have even run a 3 stamina Zyla supported by 5 team stamina and a team speed to overcome desperate extreme life defences.

    Enter Faraday. Niche but very real Elite war issue resolution. Not a complete counter, but a balancing.

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    @Boro-Wing before the race started but after team groups were established as I recall.

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