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    Just to note that the Quartz version has a very rare 100% accuracy AoE (35pt Magic 1 CD).

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    @Suzznee said in Relics upcoming changes: Discussion thread:

    I am still seeing Zyla not ever get a turn again when hit with relics.

    "Here are the biggest changes on the feature that you can expect in the next two weeks"

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    Yes, a very good start.

    The acid test is whether the speed manipulation/ turn order issue can actually be resolved, but overall some very sensible changes. Your tweaks to Taiga Trap and Osur's Amulet look about right, I think. And although my Comeback Essense just became far less valuable, I wholly approve the changes to this and Uriel Essence.

    But particular thanks for a full set of patch notes. That is very clear.

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    @Clackers said in Most fearsome combo of monsters to fight (excluding classics)?:

    I would need someone immune to freeze and possession...which is nobody so far.

    Warthak. Any artifact.

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    Our first concrete and official information.

    There will be 9 different types of Relic, presumably fitting a theme, in four levels of rarity.

    That is a potentially huge range.

    The key bit: each monster has 2 Relic slots of predetermined type.

    This is an opportunity for SP to tweak balance. I wonder if they will take it?

    Some monsters could have Relic slots that are not expected for the monster category. So, for example, a dominant denier like Hackster could be given no Fast Denier type relic slots and therefore not get relics designed to augment fast deniers - a re-balancing of sorts. An average denier monster could get 2 Fast Denier slots, increasing its value as a denier. Etc

    I can see scope for many possibilities if implemented well.

    So at this stage I have two main questions:

    1. What will prevent a fast uptake at the high end of town and leave the top teams even further ahead in power disparity when the opposite should occur?

    Well, chests perhaps. If Diamond Resurrect Any Ally at end of turn is sold separately then game over for any shift towards a smoother war team power distribution. If only available by RNG then that should make it ridiculously expensive to get and upgrade the best Relics. Hopefully prohibitively, for most.

    1. To what extent, and how, will Relics be scoutable? This will shake up wars considerably, and I hope it isn't going in blind or battle planning will be hopelessly compromised.

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    Attack and defence are distinct forms. Defence requires assessment of how to channel AI behaviour effectively, through appreciation of the dominant likely attack teams, and selection of monsters, rune placements, turn order and skillsets. That is a strategy game in itself.


    Current monster development undermines that aspect of the game. For example, there is no defence possible to a Metalisha and Zyla attack. All the attempts to make defence more viable through changes to the mechanics are a waste of time when SP continues to facilitate broken combos.

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    Please please please fix Evasion for Nishants Bodyguard!

    When monsters first hit the war shop they are very expensive. That makes sense: players who choose to buy at that higher premium pay for the privilege of playing with the monster while it is still rare and exclusive. I spent a lot of war coins for that privilege to rank her, and happy to do so... but it doesn't work! And that is her signature ability.

    At this rate the price will have come down and the monster will no longer be exclusive before she is fixed, if she is fixed. So the premium in war coins I spent on her will be wasted.

    Please. Please fix her.

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    By 'unresisted', he means it is a neutral ie non-elemental attack. That is, there is no elemental resistance to it.

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