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    Hi all!

    Bookmarks should be working now as expected.

    Main navbar link should be working fine with every user and bookmark counter now it's working as expected (counting more than 1)

    0_1491820969976_Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.41.27.png

    The main reason of having post bookmark and not topic one is because it allows users to have a specific post as a bookmark meanwhile the topic in which it's posted remains also as a bookmark.
    If someone wants to bookmark a topic, they can bookmark the first post for instance.


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    Right now creating new groups it's only enabled for Administrators, as creating a group only allows people to use a badge (by the moment) and a few more things.
    Our plans are to create somehow group chats or other kind of "social usage" for them.

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  • carlosescura

    @Haka-Taka said in Forum test results:

    Testing as guest

    Well as a guest user there a little i can do ,, as i need register to read any thread but the forum is ok ,,, personally i prefer that guest can see all threads ,,,,maybe you should think about another way to encourage members to register

    Testing as a member

    1_ After logging and changing state the effect is not shown instantly , so if i click to change from online to invisible it will still show that i am on line ---but in fact i already went invisible ----unless i do a pagTesting as a member
    e refresh
    At first i thought that i can't change my state or i am not clicking enough lol

    0_1491394136793_State change 1.jpg

    In the above photo i already changed my state , but it will not appear till i reload

    0_1491394161405_State change 2.jpg

    2-Bookmarks is semi- working

    So far i found 2 ways to bring my favorite topics as shown here 1-from anywhere or 2-from my profile page

    0_1491394203439_Bookmarks 1.JPG

    Clicking on the bookmark icon no 1 gives me an error

    0_1491394238802_Bookmarks 2.jpg

    While clicking on it from the profile page gave me actual results

    0_1491394260880_bookmarks 3.jpg

    3-Cannot delete my posts , in old forum members can delete theirs---soft delete ,the admin still saw it -- if they found it is childish , repeated ,or if needed i think it is a good option to have

    4-User icon when i click on it it show 3 categories now ,, Online ,top poster and most reputation when the number of members increase it will be hard to see who of my friends is online so what about a new categories called people i follow to see if any of my friends is online --- and i preferred the old freinds system instead of following and followers but anyway i want to see and know if one or 2 of my friends -- people i follow is online

    Another thing regarding users also is what about a new category for forum moderators and admins i mean when new member want to ask for help how can he reach us ???? in old forum we have โ€œ forum leaders โ€œ page where you can see all people in charge and their online state and shortcut to message them as well
    So if something can be done in a similar way

    5-Regarding forum groups , we have 3 mini filiters , when i choose to filter with members count i got bugged results

    0_1491394326060_groups is bugged.jpg

    ~~6 - I can post in world chef section ๐Ÿ˜„

    The section is hidden for normal members , but when i click on new posts , i have โ€œnew topicโ€ option there

    It will ask me later to choose a category and here i can choose world chef, i even have 2 posts there~~

    7-double notification ,,,i got a notification that i got a message , i opened it and replied already then after 2 mini got same notification again !! and when clicking it it took me again to same message

    8-Generals notes , like the chat is limited and we cannot send photo in it ,,, it is good as a chat but if it is going to replace the private message i think it need more option ,,,, photo upload , emoji etc ,,,Also the font used in thread titles is not comfortable to my eyes -- this maybe be personal -- but i like normal fost easy to read or at least if you can apply forum themes and font choices in the setting

    It looks amazing and promising

    9-me too confirm firfox probbelm when there is an icon before title like sticky or closed

    == WILL FIX ==
    Errors n1 and n5 will be fixed in next deployment (expected to be released on 15:00 UTC today)

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • carlosescura

    @Haka-Taka said in Forum test results:

    @Nynaevelan said in Forum test results:

    Testing as a registered user:

    I am not seeing all the topic titles in Firefox. I also tested with Internet Explorer and I only see two of the three. And finally I tested with Chrome, where I see all three topic titles.

    Yes tested with firefox and same result ,,, if there is an icon before title like sticky or closed i ssee no title as well

    Will move this to 1st post

    === WILL FIX ===
    This issue has been solved and will be fixed in the next deployment.

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