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    Something strange is happening in Dragon City! Pet dragons have started to appear and they need a new home!

    In order to help your new lovable friends, you will first need to gain the dragons’ trust. Helping them, and of course playing with them, is simple!

    Find them in the Pet Island: Enter the Pet Island and help them find the exit.
    Play Dates: Collect the pets for their Play Dates and earn Play Date Hearts!
    Help your Pond Pals: Help Shelly and the other pet dragons rescue their friends from the City Shark Dragon.
    Train your pets: Participate in temporary quests to strengthen your pets.

    Find them in the Pet Island

    The poor pet dragons got so scared that they became lost in a maze, and now we need to coax them out. By finding the appropriate Pet Treat you’ll be able to help them find their way out of the maze and into your heart.

    To advance your pets towards the exit, you’ll need to collect Maze Coins. These will be gathered as usual by completing your various daily tasks around the Islands, such as collecting resources, breeding, participating in battles, etc.

    Play Dates

    You have to take care of your pets once you claim them, and that means taking them out to their favorite spot so they can play with their friends! We’ve already organized the date and place for you, so all you need to do is make sure you bring both your pets! Check out the in-game news to find out which Pets you need to have in your collection by which date.
    Completing play dates will earn you Play Date Hearts, which you can collect for special rewards!

    Help your Pond Pals!

    Shelly, the tortoise pet dragon, has already made a lot of friends in her favorite play area by the pond. But the biggest fish in the pond, the City Shark Dragon, has captured all of her friends! She needs the help of all the pet dragons to rescue them! To participate in this very special Dragon Rescue, you will first need to collect Paw Power Tags to unlock the way and battle through City Shark’s gang of aquatic ruffians.

    Train your pets

    Wait a second, you just adopted your new pets and need them to be fit for battle? Don’t worry, we got you covered! A special series of Temporary Quests will be available to help you train your dragons to work as a team and get extra food, so they can get big and strong. That silly City Shark will never know what hit him.

    Are you ready to give the new pet dragons a forever home? Let’s show them the love they deserve and celebrate the newest additions to the Dragon City family in the new Pet Island!

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  • Chewie

    Hi Dragon Masters!

    We have some great news to share with you today:

    The Metal and Ice Habitats now work like regular habitats.

    After some recent changes to how friend requests work in Dragon City, we decided to change the Ice and Metal habitats from social buildings to just regular habitats. They will no longer require friend requests to open.

    On other news, you also probably noticed we started taking our new Anti-Hacking actions today. After carefully investigating a lot of illicit 3rd party users, we’ve been able to install several hack-proof measures and take action against those players breaking our Fair Play Guidelines.

    For now, those still using 3rd party programs or obtaining unfair advantages illicitly have received temporary bans, and resources gained illegally have been removed from their accounts.

    This is only the first step of our continued efforts and we will continue to work on this as we move forward.

    We hope our efforts are noticeable and that you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the islands even more!

    And remember, if you play fair, everyone wins!

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    The Dragon City team is implementing some new anti-hacking and anti-cheating measures in game. Alongside this we will be taking a strong anti-hack and anti-cheat stance to ensure our players have the best possible experience in-game.

    For this reason we highly recommend you take some time to read and understand our new Fair Play guidelines, which can help you keep your account safe and legitimate.

    We would also like to take the time to thank all of our Dragon Masters who have supported us in these efforts with their reports and suggestions, as we would have not have been able to fully assess the situation without your assistance.

    This will be an ongoing battle, with more changes to come, and we will continue to improve and implement new systems to continue fighting the good fight. We thank you for your support and your understanding and hope that these changes will allow you to enjoy your time spent on the islands even more.

    Please click here to read our new Fair Play Guidelines

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  • Chewie

    This week, we will be launching our v9.3 update and it comes packed with quality of life changes!

    Here are just a few of the new changes you will be able to enjoy in-game next week:

    Dragon Book improvements:

    • Improved search bar,
    • New Rank display on Dragon cards,
    • Ability to filter by Grade and Rank,
    • Ability to select multiple options for each filter,
    • New sorting options by Rarity, Power and Level.

    Breeding improvements:

    • New search bar,
    • Breeding Timer now appears in the breeding window once your selection is made,
    • Ability to select multiple options for each filter.

    Building Upgrade Notifier: You will see a green arrow next to your habitat indicating that an upgrade is available.

    Gold Collection Tooltip: If your habitats are still producing gold, the icon will appear semi-transparent. The full icon will be displayed once your gold production is full.

    Dragon Rescue Intro skip: You will only see the full path animation the first time you enter the mode.

    Facebook Friends Loading Fix: Your list of Facebook friends should now load correctly.

    The latest update also includes several performance improvements and key updates to further our anti-hacking efforts, so please make sure to update your game as soon as possible.


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  • Chewie

    Hi all,

    As a lot of you noticed, there was an influx of high ranked Onigiri Dragons in-game.

    We’d like to announce that we’ve taken steps to rectify the situation and it should no longer pose a problem to our Dragon Masters.

    We would also like to take the time to thank all of our dedicated players, who took the time to send us reports, notify us via comments on the forums and social, which helped us understand the situation better.

    We will continue our efforts to ensure this does not repeat itself in the future and we hope we can count on your continued help and support as we fight the good fight.

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