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    chi ao long

    like bounty hunt there is a map in which you will find tons of nebula lutum ect excluding elemetium corrupted monster Cells
    the map will have rewards like 130 gems 6 million food 1 billion gold habitats and buildings only found there a group of ten people need to find the building called draconion portal put it on you island enter it it will have three portals upgrade it using elementium. click on a portal it will give you either dratis wishamah or nahane on lvl0 on lvl10 cost 500 elementium
    chi ao long dratis nahne wishamah slugazoid wildbrood ect
    24 :00 hour waiting after first time each
    a map is in the building near accesd by m amber amazing rewards
    there are battles needed to fight to continue

    cells mythic
    special pay to win stuff
    tier 7 multiplayer chest
    heroic orbs
    and a lot more is coming.......

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    chi ao long

    amazing stats runes please not the best skills

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    chi ao long

    i think in leaked events today there is a new era super hero and villains era maybe in villians era you can add these monsters not best skills for sammeal add sammeal army skill applies triple damage to all alies and deals insane dark damage to all enemies

    hydratilla skill add sneak from books possesses all enemies
    and poseidon is gone insane water damage one enemy
    Others are amazing skills dude, maybe don't and -------- nemesis every time and rarity lets
    do mythic villain generation only if you wanna only if you feel like amazing idea

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    chi ao long

    day. 1 lord 100 cells
    day .2 1 million food
    day .3 corrupted season 2 chest
    day ,4 challenge corrupted era challenge. like B day challenge 100 chests all
    day 5 offers get 1 million food nemesis in chests 1 all
    day 6 31 tiles in legend pass flipped for you
    final day pangoliath egg

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