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    SP Please add more islands and increase the habitat capacity. This game isnt much fun anymore bc I get monsters from events and cant even hatch/craft them bc I dont have anywhere to put them without selling other monsters. I am a collector, so selling monsters is something I really hate to do. And I know you guys added the vault, but those prices are unreasonable even during discount. Getting enough slots to place your monsters you get each event is huge numbers and continues to increase. So plz make the vault prices a lot more reasonable or increase habitat capacity (Ive reached max and still have enough room to fit at least 10 more habitats)/ more islands. Thanks for reading!

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    In all same element wars, they can still use their legendary attacks. And for those that have mostly or all elemental skills, like Thetys Pet, the Warriors would counter them. Plus affects would go through depending on trait and effect, and damage could be done that way. Idk just an idea.

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  • Christian Burton

    The Elemental Warriors
    - Immune to burn, Ignite, and sunburn
    - Attuned 20% to water and fire attacks
    - Takes no damage from fire attacks
    - Immune to poison
    - Doubles healing affected on self
    - Takes no damage from nature attacks
    - Immune to stun, mega stun, and quicksand
    - Takes no damage from earth attacks
    - Immune to daze, mega stun, mega freeze, and total blind
    - Takes no damage from thunder attacks
    - Immune to freeze and mega freeze
    - 50% energized
    - Takes no damage from water attacks
    - Immune to all forms of possession and nightmares
    - Takes no damage from dark attacks
    - Immune to blind, total blind, and sunburn
    - Takes no damage from light attacks
    - Immune to luck (daze, blind, sunburn) (hardened, orc, demon, tough, and bulwark do not affect accuracy of effects landing) (all skills and effects have a 100% or 0% chance of hitting/landing) (0% would be total blind and artifact/spirit)
    - Takes no damage from magic attacks
    - Artifact
    - Takes no damage from metal attacks

    Plz give Feedback, Thoughts, and Ideas and I will continue to work on the other parts.

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  • Christian Burton

    That would be a great feature to add to the game. Not everybodygoes on Taringa and some would just like to hear it in game. So being able to buy released music and switch it whenever would be awesome.

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  • Christian Burton


    There are a few I love to watch and they are all unique in there own way

    • ArmorGaming - He provides info from Taringa, analyzes new monsters to help people get an understanding of them, gives his own thoughts, and just makes good quality videos in general. Plus he has a really active and helpful community
    • GameHopping - He does gameplay videos every other day. He shows off war and PvP - picks PvP teams from Comments. He loves to go with the flow and be surprised. He also does gameplay of a LOT of other games.

    • Rain Gamez - He shows off info from Taringa and discusses it, giving his thoughts. He also provides p2w gameplay and has his own activities. PS he uses Facecam, which is great.

    • WrathofGod - He provides gameplay and charts to help with current events in his videos. He gives guides and advice as well. However he has stopped making ML videos for a while and Im not sure if he'll be back. But I still have high hopes.

    • MG - He does all kinds of stuff. He does challenges, shows Taringa info, gameplay, and more. Its something different a lot of the time. He likes to go with the flow and has a lot of fun in his videos as well.

    • DibtheAwesome - He gives his own thoughts on events and monsters. He provides gameplay and also does livestreams. Still kinda new to his Channel, but Im looking forward to his YT future and growth.

    • Think Tank - They give daily videos of war and PvP as a P2W player. The videos show the thought process of runes and relics even without a facecam or mic.

    • PGX - He does a lot of war videos mostly. He shows off battles as an average player and does pretty well. He also does Fortnite videos, which is another fun thing to watch. Im still new to his channel, but I cant wait to watch him grow and make more types of videos.

    Huge shoutout to all these YouTubers. They spend a lot of time providing these videos for our entertainment and to inform us. So thank you all and keep up the great work!!!

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  • Christian Burton

    Yeah I know they have (... hater), but that involves putting on the effect and then doing dmg with a specific elemental skill or with a specific effect on the enemy. I want to see them add 'skills' that give an advantage to specific foes, like you said, or anything. That way it doesnt involve a set-up and its still unique.
    Also I like the rust idea, however I think it should do something other than just dmg over time. Perhaps -5% hp, -5% power, but each turn it doubles. Lasts for 3 turns. (Basically T1 -5% hp and power, T2 -10% hp and power, T3 -20% hp and power. As soon as it is removed, whether its from turns being over or remove negative status effects, the percentage goes back to -5% for next tiime.) Also you could combo it with binary making the 4th turn -40% hp and power, which would be an awesome combo that takes time.

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  • Christian Burton

    @Kaiju Thanks for the feedback! I wasnt considering this monster to be in the game, it was just a fun idea. So the gaining gems skill, I added for uniqueness to the monster considering it being a theif. And if someone used the concept or something I made the gem likelihood low so people couldnt abuse it.
    Also I can remove megastun bc I get it should be an "earth monster exclusive," but what would you and @keki14 suggest to replace the megastun!?
    Finally I appreciate you liking my specific advantage against Dr. Viktor, Metal/Magnetized concept. That kind of thing I would love to see in the game.
    Thx ^-^

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  • Christian Burton

    Name: Quick Silver

    Elements: Metal, Legendary

    Description: Dr. Viktor was working in the lab when he spilled some dangerous chemicals. He had cleaned up most of the mess, but little did he know some of the solute had slid across the floor without leaving a residence behind. After Dr. Viktor left, his assistant had stopped by the lab to portray some astounding news. Not watching his step, he slipped on the solute and fell to the ground. The chemicals were feeding on his skin and weakening his bones with an excruciating burn. They enclosed his brain, but the assistant was still alive. Dr. Viktor entered the lab and noticed him on the ground and so he called the Monsterbulance. After a few days the doctor's had fixed him up, but some things about him became peculiar when he woke up. Other then him being silver, they soon realized whenever he thinks about the incident, his body turns into a liquid substance. After a year of getting teased by everybody including Viktor, the assistant quit working for him and turned to a life of crime using his thoughts to his advantage. He gave himself the name Quick Silver and became the most want criminal on Monster Island working with Alex Bone.

    Power- 3398
    Life- 28, 762
    Speed: 3,677
    Stamina: 140

    Relics: Armor and Banner

    Books: Super Hero, Undead, Evil Legions

    Trait: Persistence (gains 15% more stamina and all status effects have a 30% less accuracy accuracy against it)

    GPM: 155

    "Iron Blood" Deals massive (75) metal damage and applies bleed to all targets. If target has metal element or is magnetized, there is a 25% chance target will die instantly.
    Default Skills

    "Think Fast" Deals low (10) physical damage. CD (0) Stamina (13)

    "Iron Fists" Deals moderate (25) metal damage. CD (0) Stamina (19)
    Skills Group 1

    "This Is A Gem Robbery" Deals moderate (30) special damage. There's a 5% chance you will receive between 1 and 3 gems. CD (1) Stamina (22)

    "Slip N' Slide" Deals moderate (30) metal damage. There's a 50% chance target will become magnetized. CD (0) Stamina (32)

    "Bang" Deals low (20) metal damage. Applies bleed to target. CD (1) Stamina (31)
    Skills Group 2

    "Creating My Own Adhesive" Deals moderate (30) special damage to all enemies. May apply magnetism to all enemies. CD (3) Stamina (24)

    "Payback" Deals high (45) special damage. Applies Rust to target. CD (3) Stamina (24)

    "Stay Longer" Deals moderate (35) special damage. Applies binary to target. CD (2) Stamina (31)
    Skills Group 3

    "This Means War" Deals high (45) metal damage to all enemies. Applies binary to all enemies and allies. CD (4) Stamina (35)

    "Revenge On Viktor" Deals Massive (65) metal damage. Applies bleed to target. If target is Dr. Viktor, Quick Silver becomes enraged, dealing insane (80) metal damage instead. Applies bleed to target. CD (3) Stamina (36)

    "Take Cover" Deals moderate (35) metal damage. Gives all allies a 75% sheild. CD (2) Stamina (37)

             Binary- makes all current negative affects last for 1 extra turn for enemies and 1 less turn for allies.
             Ex.  Target has Ignite (2), Possession (1), and Poison (1 turn left). 
                     With Binary applied to enemy, target now has Ignite (3), Possession (2), and Poison (2)
                     With Binary applied to ally, target now has Ignite (1)
             Rust-  -5% hp, -5% power, but each turn it doubles. Lasts for 3 turns. (Basically T1 -5% hp and power, T2 -10% hp and power, T3 -20% hp and power. As soon as it is removed, whether its from turns being over or remove negative status effects, the percentage goes back to -5% when used again.)

    Please give Feedback ^-^

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