• Christopher Anderson

    1. The "big" habitats which are big magic, big soul, big beauty, big chaos, big dream, and big happy are only upgradable to hold 4 dragons. I would like it if these habitats were upgradable to level 7 like all the other ones.

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  • Christopher Anderson

    Thank you Socialpoint for creating a quest with a rainbow habitat as the end prize. Throughout the game you have had many rainbow token rewards, which is now useful to upgrade the rainbow habitat. This rainbow habitat has been the best in game reward for me.

    The gold cap and the amount of dragons along with allowing any dragon to live in this habitat is incredible.

    Thank you for allowing free to play gamers to get this incredible reward!

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  • Christopher Anderson

    Currently the in game store allows a player to purchase gold using gems at the cost of 15 gems for 495,000 gold and at the most it is 150 gems for 9.5 million gold.

    If this was reversed I could see it as costing 900,000 gold for 15 gems and 19 million gold for 150 gems as a minimum baseline. However, gems are the one in game currency that Social Point gets players to purchase using real cash, which gives them their income and salary. So I doubt that this will ever happen.

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  • Christopher Anderson

    Gems are by far more difficult to obtain in the game than gold or food and of course this is done on purpose.

    Dragon TV allows a player to watch a series of in game adds to obtain gems.

    Mini games has gem chests included as rewards.

    Besides these two there are many other ways to get gems.

    My mom is a F2P account and she has collected 100 gems after fully upgrading the hatchery to 5. This is a drop in the bucket to the amount of gems needed in the game to unlock caged dragons and unlock new islands. I am not a fan of spending money on in game items myself either. My only concern is unbalancing the game.

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  • Christopher Anderson

    Rescue keys are difficult to obtain in the game. The way I have been collecting them is through the mini games inside of Dragon City. Usually it is a chest containing 2 keys with the occasional chest which contains 10.

    I would not mind seeing key chests in the Dragon TV section nor would I mind seeing a key chest in as an alliance reward.

    Great suggestion.

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  • Christopher Anderson

    1. Food produced by dragons need to count toward goals of the mini games that say "collect food".

    2. Tree of life needs to be upgradable so we can recall, summon, and empower more than one dragon at a time or we can put dragons in a que so that once one is complete the next one begins automatically.

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  • Christopher Anderson

    Dragon City to me is more about collecting dragons and the in game mini games allow me to obtain more dragons for free. As I mentioned in my own suggestion I would like to see an option for Alliance members to be able to battle with each other without having to link a Facebook account to Dragon City. I do not want to see this game become more focused on pvp and battles and loose focus of collecting.

    I would like to see food produced by dragons count toward the mini games.

    I would like to have a way to upgrade our Tree of Life so that we can add dragons to a que for summoning, recalling, and empowering. Or allow us to recall, empower, and summon more than one Dragon at a time.

    I do not want to see large changes to Dragon City which changes the way that it is now. I enjoy the game as it is.

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  • Christopher Anderson

    The only purpose I see in the Ancient World is having an expensive and time consuming way to breed an additional 2 dragons with the chance of getting some dragons with the rarer type such as Dream, Magic, etc. Then after breeding these extra dragons the egg drops into our hatchery and takes up one of those 5 spots.

    For those who do try to breed these dragons we are at an additional disadvantage because we now have 4 breeding pairs going at the same time with only the one hatchery with 5 spots.

    Creating a secondary hatchery that only allows eggs from the AW to be hatched there would free up one of my spots in the hatchery and it keeps the AW completely separate.

    Additionally, I think that after breeding the egg we should be able to see what the egg is and we should be given the option to either sell it or place it in the hatchery.

    Currently, not only do we have to wait the entire breeding time we also have to wait for the egg to hatch.

    This can take multiple days to end up with a dragon we were not trying for.

    Of course if it is sold before placing it in the hatchery we would not get the credit for breeding purposes for the mini games that require breeding specific types of dragons.

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  • Christopher Anderson

    1. Each island could have certain elements attached to it based on the decorative nature of each island and when a habitat of that specific type is placed on that island it gives boosts to the amount of gold that habitat can yield. So if lava island has a fire habitat placed on it then the fire habitat level 5 with a max gold cap of 90,000 could get a boost and instead allow a new cap of for example 100,000.

    2. Alliance members need to be able to spar with each other without having to link their accounts to Facebook. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook! This is the suggestion that I would really want implemented in the game above any other. I did link my account with Google but I refuse to create a Facebook account.

    3. Additional crystals need to be added for the habitats that are currently without crystals.

    4. We need additional farms or more food time options on the 14 farms we do have maxed out at level 3. I would have no problems doing additional levels to upgrade my farms.

    5. The Divine Pass which is for the full month needs to have at least another 1,000 points added to it to be a minimum of 2,540 instead of 1,540. This would give additional rewards above the current amount.

    6. An ancient hatchery needs to be added to the ancient world which would hatch only the eggs from the ancient dragons. The normal hatchery would no longer be able to hatch eggs from the ancient world. However, this would be a way for players to be allowed to hatch more than 5 eggs at once.

    7. Upgrading the Training Center to allow for multiple dragons to be trained at one time would be a nice addition to the game.

    8. In the ancient world there is the blue portal decoration. Using this decoration to return to Dragon City instead of the back button which currently shows up on the bottom left.

    9. The Combat Building should link us to the "Choose your battle" screen instead of just quests.

    10. Eggs in storage needs to have a way for us to see the rarity and type. For example a Terra dragon would show the symbols for Common and Terra.

    11. Besides only buying Decor for experience these items need to have additional purposes otherwise I will not have any reason to purchase these since all they do is take up space that needs to be used for habitats.

    12. Allowing us to upgrade the Breeding Cave to allow for additional dragons to breed in the cave at the same time would also be a nice touch. This would allow a player to breed more than the current amount, which is 4 sets of mating pairs, which includes the ancient dragons.

    Right now these are my only suggestions since I am a new player with only 214 types of dragons, so I have not maxed out on habitats or dragons yet but reading other people's posts I see that some people are having to sell or recall dragons in order to make room for the newer dragons. With Dragon City having 1,562 different types of dragons and continually adding new dragons to the game, I would hope we have the ability to have at least that many dragons. My assumption is that continually making changes to the game which allows players to continually add to our dragon collection should keep the players interested longer in the game. So continuing to allow expansions in land such as additional islands or even add a bottom layer to the islands we already have since the decor has stairs already. Along with additional habitats. Because the battle in this game is not influenced by the number of dragons a player has it would be in Social Points interest to keep adding additional ways for us to spend gold and gems.

    Thank you all for your time,

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