• Danilo Petrovic

    All of these monsters are fully fleshed out, back-story, attacks, stats, appearance all of it is there, a bit of tweaking by the devs , wouldn't me minded since i just want them in the game i guess :33_1546972669373_IMG_20190108_192303~1.jpg 2_1546972669372_IMG_20190108_192553~1.jpg 1_1546972669367_IMG_20190108_192239~1.jpg 0_1546972669366_IMG_20190108_192506~1.jpg So basically all of these are finalized(atleast i finished my part) the only thing that left is that it gets remade and possibly tweaked

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  • Danilo Petrovic

    Sounds like a nice idea, could bring a whole new meta to the wars which in my opinion only kinda boil down to speed and monster level, but this could improve the current state, one generation might not have a denier so you would focus on hp and strenght more, while another might have really strong deniers which means that it would be a speed focused war. All in all i think this is a nice idea but it would take some time to imement i suppose. Also as an older player (playing for around 2-3 years) i have a lot if "old gen" monsters, which simply get outshined by the new ones, so i think it would be nice for players like me.

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  • Danilo Petrovic

    Honestly i absolutely despise having a great battle being trashed by a single attack that can easily wipe my team, so i basically agree with all of these and think they would greatly improve the current system. Also i have so many team wars horror stories, like : cryotan gettin 3 special attacks in a row, killing my monsters 1 by 1, leaving me in utter rage and hate to the point i would just turn off the phone to call down. Also completely obliterating an enemy team only for a monster to be on 400 hp and wipe your team like its nothing, just after my charmless missed 4 times in a row. So i think these changes would be nice

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