• Danni Smith

    The jump on the amount of gems it costs to skip a task in the puzzle event from 2gems to 5 gems is completely ridiculous, outrageous, and unfair. Is there some way we can dispute this change and get them to change it back? Maybe if we all come together to complain and ask them to change it back, we could get them to listen?

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  • Danni Smith

    There are not a lot of good decorations available for us personalize our islands. I think the things we have to clear off the islands when we first buy them actually would look great if we could purchase them with gold as decorations and use them to make our islands more interesting and personalized. The options we have to purchase to decorate our islands right now suck and I have found myself wanting to keep the items that are already there but I clearly them only because I need space for my habits.

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