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    Danny Darton

    @Kaiju Thanks for your opinion. About that, I have been thinking of a solution about sorting the bosses' difficulty and the rewards by the level of the players like timed challenges. So players will get their rewards worth with their work.

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    Danny Darton

    I want to share this idea with the forum because I've always wanted a new type of mode in Monster Legends that based on teamwork beside Team Wars and Team Races to make the game more challenging. But in this mode, it's not just between members in a team, it's between players all over the world contributing for the same goal.

    The World Boss is a mode which you can get access to it once you have reached level 25.

    How to play:

    • During a specific time per day, players can join in and fight against the world boss to get individual and collective rewards. If you have completed a World Boss event, you can't participate in another World Boss event in the same day. There can be many World Boss events every day in different times so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

    • The World Boss has 2 stages: The Mini Boss and The Final Boss. Defeat the Mini Boss first and then you can unlock the path to fight The Final Boss.

    • The Mini Boss: Each player has to complete a fight node in which there are 3 epic monsters. Each monster has 15000 health, immunes to any status effects that deal damage on each turn(such as poison, burning, nightmares, ...) but the other stats of the monsters are set to match the power of the player's current monsters. Once you have defeated all monsters in the node, you will be able to participate in fighting The Final Boss.

    • The Final Boss: The boss is a legendary monster which has 50000000 health, 250000 power and immunes to all status effects but its speed is 50% as much speed as the monster with the highest level of yours, so you can deal a good amount of damage before it can get its turn. Each time you deal damage to the boss, it will counted to the boss health which is shown to all players. By that, if you can't defeat the boss in one fight, you and other players will continue to fight the boss until its health reaches 0.

    • If your monsters are knocked out, you will have a minute of cooldown until you are able to fight the boss again. Every time you are lost, the cooldown will increase by 15 seconds so be careful with your moves!

    • The damage dealt to The Final Boss is used to set your individual reward.
      In the end, if the boss has:
      50% health or more : 200 damage = 5 gold and 1 food
      49% health or less: 100 damage = 5 gold and 1 food
      Maximum: 1M gold and 500K food

    • Top 50 players that deal the most damage will also get 1 gem and 1 elementium per 200K damage.

    • Top 10 players will also get a cell of the world boss per 2M damage.

    • The player who has knocked the boss' health to 0 last will get 15 cells of the world boss + 2,5M gold + 1M food.

    P/S: Sorry for my bad English if there are any mistakes. Any numbers or things listed here can be changed so as not to break the game.

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