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    Hello Monster Masters!

    Our latest version is here! This 11.3.1 will contain the following content:

    Improvements for Bounty Hunt:

    • Don’t miss the beginning of the event: there’s a new pop-up right when the hunt starts.
    • We have added a confirmation notification when we’re about to spend more than 20 Gems in Bounty Hunt stamina.
    • The map will be showing the right avatars.
    • Visual fixes for rewards when a player defeats the fugitive.
    • Bounty Hunt Coins are being updated automatically after defeating a fugitive without having to restart the game.

    Other fixes:

    • We have fixed the visuals for the video ad icon over the farms.
    • The Japanese texts are being shown correctly now.
    • We fixed the Collect Gold visual bug on gold amounts for habitats with Corrupted monsters.
    • No more crashes on notifications for the Era Shop.
    • Live duel desynchronization fix.

    Thank you for all your feedback, it was essential! You are the best

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    Climbert used to have little climbing competitions against his cousin Thunderkong, but the latter was so lazy that Climbert quickly got tired and went up the mountains looking for new fun. One day, at the top of a mountain, he found what looked like a frozen artifact. It was big and bulky, and it took him some time to get it working, but when he turned it on, the artifact came alive and introduced itself as Xavipit.

    Xavipit told Climbert that he had been repairing a machine for a tribe of miner dwarves and on his way down the mountains, he’d got lost. Climbert invited Xavipit to stay with him until he had recovered from the cold and a great friendship was born! They don’t see each other that much these days, but Climbert still helps Xavipit with deliveries and repairs from time to time.
    Climbert is a Thunder Attacker with Control Immunity who can lose negative effects and gain Damage Boost in one go, break enemies' Shields, or apply Shock. With one of his skills, he can deal damage and apply Daze to an enemy at 0 Stamina cost and without a cooldown! Climbert has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Control, at rank 1 he becomes Super Attuned, and at rank 3 he becomes a Status Caster, gaining Regeneration at the start of every battle.
    0_1618307801147_Climbert sheet.png

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    If you obtained every monster except Flameara in Chapter 1 of the Corrupted Era Season 2 Book, this is for you!

    Due to the unexpected difficulty of our first edition of the Bounty Hunt, if you had obtained every monster except Flameara in Chapter 1 of the Corrupted Era Season 2 Book (in this case Spekthra, Rudechaw, Gartox, Kat-herine, Marley and Neurofunk), you can claim the book rewards of this Chapter in-game!

    You'll receive:

    • x10 Vault Keys
    • x4 4 to 6 Rune Chest
    • x10 Bronze Relic Chest

    Check your news in-game to obtain them.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. We’ll continue to improve the Bounty Hunt to make it fun and fair for all.

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    Amber and Stardust Dungeons are closing their doors on April 9th.

    However, remember that you can still use Lutum to rank up your Original and Cosmic Mythic monsters!

    There are also some changes in Titan Dungeon, now with more rounds than ever!

    Are you up for the challenge?

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    Jaakuna Hi has lived for many centuries in the Eastern Region and met many of its leaders. For many years, the Regions had been ruled by a Council of elders, but Jaakuna despised that democratic system. He missed the old times, when there was an Emperor who ruled with an iron fist.

    For this reason, when he met Wangzhou and learned that he aspired to become a dark Emperor like the ones that ruled in ancient times, Jaakuna Hi immediately offered his support and knowledge to him. Then, Wangzhou convinced Fayemalice to Corrupt him and, after that, Jaakuna Hi's loyalty to who was now called Yaoguai Wangzhou was unswerving.
    Jaakuna Hi is a Fire Support monster with Area-Dodge as a Trait. He can apply Curse or Shock, which he does as he removes positive effects. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he has Area Dodge, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Possession and, at rank 3, he gains Immunity to Torture at the start of every battle.

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    El Colosal is back with Mythic monsters taking the spotlight! In this massive breeding event, you’ll be able to get Season-2 Original Mythic monsters and Season-2 Cosmic Mythic monsters.

    💕 Put two Legendary monsters of the same element together in the Breeding Mountain and see what happens! If the result is a Mythic monster, congratulations, you discovered the right combination! If you get Mudflow instead, try that combination again, you’re really close! If it’s neither a Mythic monster nor Mudflow, then start again with a different combination.

    Every time you breed a Mythic monster, you’ll receive a Mythic Token which will help you advance through a Timed Challenge. There you’ll receive special rewards every time you reach a milestone. 😉

    Remember El Colosal lasts only 24h starting now! The more you share with other Monster Masters, the more Mythic combinations you’ll be able to discover together!

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    This deadly Forest parasite attacks his victims from inside and kills them little by little. After his coincidental Corruption, Wormhole acquired a new ability: Now he can't just kill his victims and then move on to the next monster. If he wants, he can keep and control the bodies of his victims after he's killed them. The last monster he devoured from within had a very unique power: He could gain the appearance of any other monster, so Wormhole decided to keep his body as his most recurrent clothing. While he's in this skin, he can disguise himself and go almost everywhere. He'll fool anyone... as long as he doesn't have to speak. Language is one of the few weaknesses Wormhole has.

    Wormhole is a Nature Support monster who can Disable Traits, Break Shields, and Blind enemies. He can also apply Tortures like Nanovirus, Poison, or Sunburn to them. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Immune to Stun, at rank 1, he gains Immunity to Freeze and, at rank 3, he applies Nanovirus to all enemies at the start of every battle.


    Wormhole’s Tales

    Wormhole's Tales Challenge will be open to everyone, with or without Corrupted Leaves! Join the challenge to collect Monster Cells, a Diamond Relic that works great on Wormhole and a Gold Key.

    But why collect Corrupted Leaves if they're not required? Here's the reason: By claiming that Gold Key, you'll be able to exchange the Corrupted Leaves you collect for chests containing Wormhole Cells!

    You find these Corrupted Leaves here:

    • Token Dungeons: 9-4-2021 to 19-4-2021
    • Time-limited challenges: 9-4-2021 to 19-4-2021
    • Monsterwood Happy Hours: 9-4-2021 to 15-4-2021

    Wormhole's Tales Challenge will start on the 16th of April and will be available until the 19th of April.

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    King Daeron and Warmaster Remntar are two outstanding monsters but, historically, they've had their little disputes. Nothing major, but Warmaster Remntar is always very busy and travels a lot, and King Daeron is very demanding and constantly needs his service. He tends to think that, because he had the courtesy of giving Remntar a workshop and a home inside his kingdom, the Warmaster should always put royal priorities first.

    Eventually, they came up with a solution: Remntar's nephew and apprentice, Hammergrom, would become Daeron's personal armorer and act as a link between him and Remntar. Hammergrom turned out to be a perfect fit for King Daeron. He's become a protector and advisor who always has a seat at Daeron's table. Now the King doesn't go anywhere without him!


    Hammergrom is a Metal Tank with MegaTaunt and Skill Mirror skills. He can also gain Damage Boost or apply Sunburn. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's a Bulwark, at rank 1 he gains Immunity to Stun and at rank 3, he gains MegaTaunt at the start of every battle.


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    King Daeron's kingdom has always been very stable, probably because of the variety of counselors he surrounds himself with. They come from all backgrounds — from war strategists to historians or wizards. One of Daeron's monsters of trust is Royal Magus.

    What makes Royal Magus unique, and an excellent monster to have at hand, is her eyes. She has three magical eyes with different powers: With one of them, she can see what's happening far away from the kingdom. With the second eye, she can see the near future and, with the third, she sees the truth inside others. She’s almost impossible to fool.


    Royal Magus is a Magic Support monster with Damage Boosts and Stamina refill skills. She has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0 she's Immune to Possession, at rank 1 she becomes Super Attuned and at rank 3, she'll apply a random Elemental Weakness to all enemies.

    0_1617031334345_royal mag.png

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