• Dave Root

    Thanks for any replies or comments.
    Somehow, feeding problem is not happening again.
    But I didn't do anything special.

    Enjoy the game and thanks.

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  • Dave Root

    Hi there.
    I have two of demise. A few hours ago, light temple upgrade that I was looking forward to has been completed.
    Two girls were lvl 40, and I started feeding the girls.
    First one was OK and she became lvl 50, but reload happened when I started feeding second one. After reloading, second one was still lvl 40.
    I reloaded so many times over 50, really. But reload is happening over and over during feeding her, second one. Eventually I tried to give her a food by single feeding giving a enough interval time between each feeding. It seems like reload is happening when second one got level-up. Her feeding status is 3 fourth of lvl 40, and I can't raise her any more.
    Please solve this problem. I bought lots of gems to concentrate on demise only.


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