• Davy Hannaert

    I just got the shredder dragon from the new legendary arena and i have to say i didn’t think they could make any worse special attack, i’ve had him do about 10 judo kicks... this is sad please revise his attack

    Edited title please no abbreviated swearing

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  • Davy Hannaert

    For a while now i haven’t been able to do quests because of the requirement of a legacy dragon.
    This didn’t bother me to much except that now I have to do quest battles to continue in the race!
    Which means i either have to pay the gems to skip during the race each time or buy a 2500 gem dragon?!
    A bit of a rip off don’t you say?

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  • Davy Hannaert


    As I am a new alliance leader I have found it very difficult to keep up with who is active and who isn't.
    I would suggest some sort of log when everyone was last online in the alliance tab.
    also something to make alliances a little more appealing is a form of tax or donation every member gives which can be redistributed by the leader.

    Also a better way to casually find alliance is needed, if you are looking for one you just get the 20 suggested to you or you have to go search one by name.
    Maybe a, alliance in your region or alliance with members around your trophees or master point ranking.

    why are we not able to speed up friend challenge battles?

    then lastly this is a minor gripe I have; in when you are trying to look up a dragon in the dragon book and when to filtering with multiple elements it includes every dragon which has either of the elements selected while I believe it would be better to have only the dragons with both elements.


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  • Davy Hannaert

    we're number 1 right now in the race with only 10, come help!

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  • Davy Hannaert

    me and my buddy started an alliance "active players ;)" and need active players lol, especially now that the race has started, we will actively watch out for inactive palyers and kick.

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