• Dawson Scott

    What are the restrictions... and in regards to races?

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  • Dawson Scott

    @nathaniel-opoku Any clue how to format it? I do want them to read it...

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  • Dawson Scott

    @nathaniel-opoku I hope so too... Is there a dev that there is here that maybe could suggest this?

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  • Dawson Scott

    Hello again Social Point!!
    I have updated the monster I made, and given it some... updated stats so now it is a cosmic... I also got the design commissioned to make it really good...
    If you are curious it is here;

    You are welcome to turn it into a Legit Monster, I have given you the information to how to use it... I hope you all may use it...

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  • Dawson Scott

    Here is the drawing that I made about his design... Sorry it's so crappy... I am not a good drawer... 😞

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  • Dawson Scott

    I hope someone from SocialPoint will see this... I would LOVE for Tint'll to get into the game... Still working on my image, but it is harder then expected...

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  • Dawson Scott

    Trying to draw it's design... but it doesn't seem to be translating well...
    It looks like a Roly-Poly/Pill-bug with a beret, paint brush & palette (with red, blue, yellow, and Purple paint blobs), standing behind an easel. The funniest thing is that it is like Paper Mario in design; it has a white border around it, just like Paper Mario. It's walking animation shows it walking around easel under arms, waiting to stop so it can set it's stuff down... It's Special shows it throwing paint splashes on the screen & all over, then he blows the paint away on your side of the field to show him, getting ready to slap some fools with his paint brush... After which the colours just go away...

    Also, I hid 2 references in this character; try to find them...

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  • Dawson Scott

    @dragon-city-friend I hope so... Also, I know I haven't explained his new gimmick that much; Poison Hater, It inflicts Triple Damage to monsters that have been afflicted with Poison. It's kinda like Burn Hater...

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  • Dawson Scott

    @dragon-city-friend Thanks... Do you think that the makers at Social Point look over this stuff?

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  • Dawson Scott

    Hello SP,
    I have created a Monster that could be implemented into your game, Monster Legends. I tried and asked how to make it as balanced as possible; and this is the final product. I hope the info is sufficient to make it... If there is anything you have questions, let me know... I'd love for this to come in the game, and even if It turns out I can't get it, if it does get implemented, I would still be happy.
    Thanks, DS

    Name: Tint'll
    Element: Water
    Power Rank 0: 7,149
    Life Rank 0: 72,464
    Speed Rank 0: 6,876

    Rank 0: Tough
    Rank 1: True Vision
    Rank 3: Status Caster: Poison Hater to All Allies
    Relics: Essence and Sword

    Description: After a while of being exalted, a young, golden, Freettle started to take up drawing in his free time; with one of his favorite characters being a painter bug named Tint'll. He left it out in the moonlight on the night of the Cosmic Shower and a pinch of Stardust landed onto his drawing. Now Tint'll's up and out of the sketchbook to take on battles with his maker, Gold Ra; just keep him away from Acrylic Paints though, he doesn't like them...

    Books: Cosmic Era, Winged, Spirits

    Role: Attacker

    Possible Moves:
    Default Moves:

    • Brush Stroke (Physical Move)
      Deals 45 Physical Damage to one enemy and gives them Poison. (0s, 0 CD)
    • Watercolor Spill (Water Move)
      Deals 15 AoE Water Damage to the enemy team. Applies PER to the enemy team. Requires Cooldown. (29s, 1 CD)

    Group 1:

    • Sculpting Time!! (Earth Move)
      Gives Positive Effect Protection, and Trait Protection to one ally. Requires Cooldown. (15s, 2 CD)
    • Watercolor Paint Splash (Water Move)
      Deals 25 AoE Water Damage and applies Stamina Leak to the attacked monsters. (21s, 2 CD)

    Group 2:

    • Acrylic Isn't Safe! (Legendary Move)
      Applies Poison Hater, Damage Boost and Extra Turn to itself. Requires Cooldown. (16s, 4 CD)
    • Smock & Brush Cleaning (Water Move)
      Applies Negative Effects Removal, Poison Hater and a Random Positive Effect to all allies. Requires Cooldown. (23s, 1 CD)

    Group 3:

    • Freedom on a Canvas (Legendary Move)
      Deals 35 AoE Legendary Damage to the enemy team, Applies Poison to all Enemies and Negative Effect Removal to all Allies. Requires Cooldown. (37s, 2 CD)
    • Water-y Paints (Water Move)
      Deals 55 AoE Water Damage to the enemy team, and drains 35% of Stamina of each monster hit. Applies Stamina Leak to all allies, and enemies. Requires Cooldown. (29s, 3 CD)

    Special Edit
    Colours, Colours Everywhere!
    Applies PER & Poison to the enemies twice, Then applies Poison Hater to itself, then deals 15 AoE damage thrice, and drains 15% stamina thrice...

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