First of all I have only read some topics so if I repeat an idea that someone already posted I'm sorry. I have just created this account and I decided to write about the ideas that came to my mind. Secondly, English is my second language, so if I make grammatic errors feel free to tell me. Without further ado, lets start.


    I think that there should be an option to feed your dragons to a specific level (1-70). Imagine that you want your dragon to be level 22 or 45 for some reason, you just write the level that you want, then the amount of food needed will be shown and if you have it you just click it and that's it, very easy and you don't have to click every single time to feed your dragon.


    I'm not a Sims player or Minecraft but I would like to have more decorations in this game. It would look really better having those islands with some nice paths, trees, statues,etc....
    Another thing is the space of the islands, it's not enough and sometimes the habitats positions don't look good, it just looks like a mess when you have lots of habitats. More space and not more islands.

    There should be an "outside world" build option, so when you want to decorate or organize your islands, you would build on this "outside world" to see how it would look like and then when you're done, you save it and the "real world" will change to it ( I hope this make sense).


    Oh! This one really annoys me. I don't see who would plant at the same time different types of food and because of that why don't we have "plant on all" like option and the really big interface that forces us to scroll down if we want to plant the cheapest food, I just don't like it. Everything should be shown and viewed at the same time like one single window. Also a refund option for when you miss click 20 M price of food.


    New islands could have fog on it, some boxes of food and rocks of gold to make it more interesting. This would work something like this: First you unlock an island, then you spent gold/gems to expand it and for each time you expand a little bit, the fog in that place disappears revealing maybe some food, gold and luckily gems. This would be better than just unlocking, expanding and removing rocks.


    Why not? More food, more gold, more gems and with 10% chance new dragon. At this point, I just need more ways to get food.
    I actually read a post about someone who was talking about the leagues and that he can't win his opponents because they have lv. 30-35 dragons and he couldn't keep up while leveling all his dragons to high levels because they cost to much food and someone answered him to stop feeding all his dragons and feed only the stronger ones. So why have we the others dragons, the supposedly weaker ones? I think we should give importance to every single dragon and be able to leveling up them. What's the point of having like 300 dragons but only 10 of them are higher than level 25? It makes no sense to me.

    I'm going to stop writing. I spent almost 3 hours to write this and I think I'm still missing lots of other ideas but maybe another day.

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