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    I just started playing about 3 weeks ago, originally to help my kids with some of their questions while playing, but I've become a fan all on my own. I'm just getting started, with my max level of my monsters being 30 (I'm just upgrading the towers for level 40!). I've got one Legendary (Wildbird), and a decent Pandaken farm going (21 of them to be exact). I've got the 2nd level of the hatchery, and 4 workers. I'm level 29, and am in Silver 1 currently.

    I'm curious what you wish you knew when you started out, as there's so much going on in this game it's hard to get a handle on it all, or know where to start. For example, should I be focusing on the mazes? Wyrmlad seems out of reach for me (I don't have access to monsterwood yet, so getting all the tokens I don't think was feasible).
    Upgrading the hatchery and getting the 2nd breeding tree seems important, but I've heard waiting for a discount in price is worth it.
    Is there any particular events I need to focus on? Or dungeons I need to make sure I clear (I can only get so far in most of these as the fights get too hard for my monster level).
    I'm just hoping for a bit of guidance on what to focus on and how to maximize the time/resources I have to progress the most. Any input is appreciated!

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