• Dr. Catterall

    @Gentian-Kolonja Welcome to the forum, my name is Dr. Catterall. Pleasure to meet you.

    I think immunity for control should be on magic too. Although who knows, maybe the last warmaster will be its own element?

    Anyway, I hope you have fun with the forum. Oh an uh, don't break the rules 🙂

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  • Dr. Catterall

    Hello there ❤

    My name is Dr. Catterall and today I will tell you all how to make social point better in a constructive way that doesn't break any rules. Let's get started! 🙂

    Firstly, I personally believe Social Point is spending way to much time on offers and subtle marketing, instead of focusing on making the game more fun. This tarnishes the game's reputation as it is becoming more and more P2W with all the new chests and stuff.

    A constructive criticism for this would be to stop spamming me with BUY THIS and OFFER HERE pop-ups every time I log in so I can just enjoy the game, and maybe focus on more important things like PVP. Seeing offers for gems or gold or food doesn't fuel my excitement.

    Secondly, the fact that social point pretends there are hackers who get 500M food instantly in events to get more competition which means more money, despite the game being server sided is pretty ridiculous. As someone who isn't the worlds most gullible person ever, I find this pretty insulting to every players intelligence.

    A constructive criticism to this would be to stop being dishonest and stop treating us like idiots for monetary gain.

    Finally, Social Point needs to pay more attention to the forum suggestion because unless your a God or its your first post I haven't seen one thing get added into the game and trust me, I've been watching this forum with multiple accounts for a very long time. Hell, why do you think my first post was just like every other post and not a "hello, what should I do here?" post.

    In conclusion, I believe Social Point needs to pay less attention to all the massive amounts of money they recieve from tricking people into competition with subtle marketing and claiming "hackers" and should instead pay attention to the dwindling happiness of the community regarding PVP and maybe look at the suggestion posts once in a while.

    Thank you, with lots of love and happiness, Dr. Catterall ❤ 😄

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  • Dr. Catterall

    @Marianne-van-Es Or you could warn / remove the comments that spread toxicity and leave the thread open.

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  • Dr. Catterall

    This post is basically the Social Point rant, and how they turned the perfect game into the perfect formula... for money and stuff idk.

    One: The "Developers" are lazy fat cats.

    Note: For any thick people reading this, they aren't actually cats, or fat. it's a phrase to describe some one as greedy and/or money hungry. If you actually though they were cats and/or fat because of this, I have no words other than get an education.

    Hello Reader! Would you like to buy this limited time, super amazing, 50% off offer on this random monster you 99% of the time don't care about? No? Well how about you buy this limited time, super amazing, 25% offer on the magnificent nine chests? No? Well how about I pester you about the heroric orbs having a limited time, super amazing, 50% off offer? No? Well how about I fricking shove all these offers in your face every time you log in despite every single one of them being viewable to anyone who cares enough to look to the right of the screen for five seconds.

    No one, not one person on the planet, actually cares about your offers. They might buy something because it'll help them and its on offer, but they don't actually care about your offers, social point. They aren't your damn slaves (well, most of them anyway). They aren't thick. They don't need reminding to buy your offers like you own them every single day and every single time they log in. But even worse for me personally, IS THAT IT WORKS?! People, actually pay money to these "developers", just to have a million more offers shoved down their throats. I understand you need to pay money to be of any importance in this game, but you realise there is 5000 other games that don't, right?

    Two: On the topic of "Developers"...

    They aren't developers, are they? Yeah, they know how to pay other people to code for them, but they aren't exactly "developing" anything other than a 'fricking' scheme to get even more offers available. They don't have ANY passion for what they do. They used too, but not any more. And even if one developer DOES have passion, they'll be outnumbered by those who do not.

    If they had passion, they would listen to their community more. They would GIVE the community the things they want (after all, we deserve it for putting up with all the damn offers and chests). They would give us more space. They would give us better PVP. They would make PvE less boring. They would make team wars fairer. They would add new adventure map nodes every month. They would add new achievements. They would add new events. But they won't. They'll just refuse more space and say "They can't" (even though they are DEVELOPERS), they'll just eternally look at how many seasons of PVP have passed, they'll just change the monsters in PvE every few weeks instead of making it more fun, they'll just add a new adventure map island every six months, they'll just keep the achievements the same, and they'll just bring back the same, boring, mostly P2W events because they have no passion to develop NEW things any more. How Ironic that they are known as "Developers"

    Three: And even when they do develop new ideas...

    They completely screw it up anyway. The Library? Sounded cool, now its just a massive inconvenience for team wars and dungeons. Maze Events? More like "Spend days trying to get coins for the next 11 days or just BUY them. WarMasters? Sounds good on paper until you realise every single one breaks the game and every single one so far is more powerful than the last. The only new thing they haven't screwed up is the fricking CHESTS! I wonder why they spent so much time perfecting it... Because they'd get in trouble if anything went wrong with transactions? Nah, they can just blame that on google play or something stupid, everyone would believe them anyway. In case it isn't fair? Nah, they can just blame that on "the chests are for gambling lol." The only reason they spent so long mastering the chests is because they knew their slaves of a community (not every one, but most of them) would buy one every single time a flashy pop-up appeared saying "Limited Time".

    Four: "Limited Time"

    What a load of 'rubbish'. Yeah it might come and go once every month, but it will come back eventually, so labelling it as "Limited Time Only" is just another way of getting more people hooked. Social Point have mastered the art of subtle marketing, and whilst they may pull the wool over 90% of the happy and jolly communities eyes, I and many others shall not be fooled.

    Five: "Ideas Generator."

    Well, this section is a complete joke. The only way you'll even be REMOTELY noticed (let alone taken into consideration) is if you follow one of these points.

    One: It's your first post. (We've got to keep all the new comers happy, right?)
    Two: Your reputation is bigger than the mass of the sun (in grams).
    Three: It benefits them money wise.

    Also, if ANY idea SLIGHTLY reduces the amount of gems needed, well screw you lol we're not adding it because of "developmental issues."

    Although to be fair, half of the ideas of ideas generator aren't even ideas to begin with. Hell, I found one in the past (deleted now) that was just the letter a wrote about 500 times.

    Six: How in the hell did this even happen?!


    Let's go back to a time where runes, team wars, metal, freeze, NONE of that existed.

    Everything was normal. The developers were developing properly. There wasn't 500 legendaries being added. The library didn't exist. Everything was NORMAL. Every one was at peace. The clear blue sky shone upon the valley like a glass filled with perfect water IDK I'M NOT A POET.

    Now, What kind of sick twisted individual looks at that beautiful time and goes, "Oh! I KNOW, I'll add a status effect that's acts like stun but can be used over and over and over again for no reason, then I'll make every single monster added a legendary! Then I'll make runes where speed is the only useful thing now and all tactics are lost! Then I'll add team wars which will be cool for five minutes but then I'll add a library to interrupt the general flow by limiting people's freedom of selection! Then, I'll add those 'fricking' CHESTS. MORE AND MORE CHEEEEESTTTTS! Then I'll add a ranking system and spam everyone with BUY THIS RANKED MONSTER FOR 1.4K GEMS!! Oh, wow, I'm a genius, that is such a good idea! Every one bow down to me I'm the next Einstein over here!"



    First off, that's almost as lazy as me complaining about offers. Secondly, you and I both know that's rubbish. If it was a case of "You don't have too." there'd be hundreds of F2P's in the legendary Ranks and they wouldn't SPAM ME WITH "BUY OUR LIMITED TIME OFFERS HERE" despite me being very able to check the right of the screen.


    Yes. I am. I am so envious of the company that ruined it all for some money. I really want to be like that when I'm older. Not just casually slipping a few nice offers in once every month for all my respectable players. Oh no, when I'm older, I'm going to scream at people to buy my stuff and use the words limited time more times that this post uses the words limited time.


    Yep. I'm sure there is. In fact, there's so much opportunity for free to play, that I'd love to spend three years just pandaken farming and doing nothing else whilst I have offers thrown at me and see Social Point PRETEND there are hackers in the events with 500M food within the first five seconds to secretly create more competition (which means more money) like the subtle marketing geniuses that they are. That won't anger me and/or raise my impatience/make me believe social point are sly slithery snakes at all.

    EIGHT: What to take away from all this.

    You and I both know that despite me hating social point's guts, I still enjoy the game and the forum community... ish. But there are some things to take away from this extreme rant...

    One: The developers, whether you like it or not, are slowly failing. It might not be as extreme as I have portrayed it, but if it keeps happening, it will go as extreme as I portrayed it.

    Two: The community, although slowly, is noticing. How many times have you seen now in the unread section "Fix PVP!" or "Fix y!" or "Fix x!". Now compare that to times where there wasn't as many problems.

    Three: I like the Monster Legends community, and I like the moderators, but that does not mean I shall forever continue to 100% respect it and respect them and respect everything on earth and not say one negative thing If I notice something as scummy as pretending there are hackers on your server sided online game with extreme security to save money as part as an elaborate business model to take advantage of the people who made you.

    Four: I get very grouchy when I haven't ate in a while 😛

    Thank you for reading. Genuinely.

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  • Dr. Catterall

    IMO, the game is slowly dying. Not in players, but in relevancy. The adventure map islands (for anyone who does them) only come once every decade, there's not enough space for the pros to get more legendaries, the PVP battle selection AI is terrible, the PVP rewards are mediocre, the WarMasters just slowly get more OP and more OP until they break the game, the dungeons give terrible rewards other than gems and maybe like 10 elementium, they're adding way to many legendary monsters for no apparent reason, the old legendaries are useless unless you farm gold (but even then they have lower Gold/minute), team wars is boring unless you very easily entertained, monsterwood just crashes you half the time, fibre and supersonic are scum of the earth and the game is way to repetitive.

    This game at the moment is literally just:

    • Get a deny and put speed runes on it.

    • Get a support and put team speed runes on it (with maybe a life rune if its life is rubbish)

    • Get a attacker and put strength runes on it.

    • Do this about 1000 times for every book and every element and six for PVP.

    • Do random, repetitive dungeons for gems/elementium.

    • Rank up monsters.

    • Once you have about 70 legendaries all ranked up and have runes, Think to yourself "Now what do I do?"

    • Realise there's nothing to do, you essentially beat the game now.

    • Quit or start over.

    Over many years, I've been playing before team wars, metal, freeze, runes and all that jazz, and whilst at first I thought the game was going swell, now I realise it is kind of screwed unless the dev's fix everything and maybe pay attention to the forum a bit more (I know it's hard when you have people post things with literally just the letter a, but it's possible).

    I might just make this its own post. Why not.

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  • Dr. Catterall

    This idea has already been suggested by me and 500 other people in the past to no change at all. I'd love to see it happen but I don't think it'll happen 😞

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  • Dr. Catterall

    @Nynaevelan I was just asking whether the 😉 in your signature had a name or not. What's your problem? (And if he doesn't have a name, you should name him Austin).

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  • Dr. Catterall

    @Gallofus For the 72hr challenge its better to be low level and never ever touch the adventure map. Its why I've started a new Alt yesterday... clearing space takes forever though to get pandaken ready.

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  • Dr. Catterall

    @Nynaevelan Would you like to explain the 😉 in your signature. What's his name?

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  • Dr. Catterall

    @Marianne-van-Es I don't understand why they can't add the hatch guardian, or merge it with breed guardian and raise breed guardian's price above 7.2M. As for the gem guardian... yeah that wont happen 🙂

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