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    @highqueenbest Thanks! I would honestly love for that to happen too 🤞 I'm hoping the game developers at least get a chance to see and look over my designs and that they like a few of my designs enough to want to add them to the game. Appreciate your comment 😁 👍

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    @_TheSpaceBeing_ I like your idea for new towers in the game. Definitely useful to have a variety of towers that help reduce wait times. I wonder though if some new towers could also contribute more to food and battles, such as doubling food collection amount for the next hour, meaning all food collected for the next hour is automatically doubled, or a tower that grants temporary immunity to any critical damage for an hour. Or a tower that greatly increases the odds/chances of breeding a successful combo from the Breeding Event Island.

    Also, what if the Training Center could get upgraded to a Training Gym, where either through gold, gems, or tokens, players could upgrade the Training Center to a Gym and it would function like a generic gym and appear like habitat in the game, where 4 or more dragons can be trained at the same time. I think that would be interesting.

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    @the-dragonificer Thanks! Appreciate your supportive comments. I really like the Vivid Cool filter too! I think I'll make it the first picture in the bio. All my designs actually take a while to make, it's a process for me with lots of rough drafts, the main difference with the others is that I had finished those a while back and was able to post them right away on here. High Slumber was the most recent one I was working on 😅

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    A new dragon has appeared!
    0_1598307546748_High Slumber Dragon, Vivid Cool.jpg
    Name: High Slumber Dragon

    Elements: Dream, Earth, Water, Wind 👑🦉💤💭⛰🌪💨💧

    Description: Somewhere high above cloudy night skies, there exists a mysterious doorway to a dreamy world, one where imagination runs wild and dreams become reality. Only those who study sleep and dreams know that this doorway is hidden during the day and only becomes visible at night. This doorway connects the world of wakefulness to the land of dreams. A mystical creature roams here at the threshold between this world and the dream world, one that gracefully soars at the point where these two worlds converge: the High Slumber Dragon! This dragon helps grant all creatures pleasant and soothing dreams. They deliver rest to the restless and peace of mind to those lost in thought. The High Slumber Dragon is the guardian of the dream world. They work tirelessly to protect the peace and limitless freedom in dreams, and fight off wicked spells of nightmares and insomnia. They can often be found soaring in and out of dreams while simultaneously protecting the dream world from intruders searching for hidden treasures in the dream world. Intruders who physically enter the dream world fail to understand that they risk losing themselves in a dream and could remain lost there forever. That is why the safest and easiest way to enter the dream world is by dreaming. You may get the feeling that you have seen the High Slumber Dragon before, a feeling of déjà vu, and chances are you have seen them before in a dream, but like with most dreams, you soon forget them shortly after waking up. The High Slumber Dragon wields a staff-like lamppost that carries with it a mystical light that guides dreamers in the dream world and releases enchanted dust that helps dreamers to have peaceful dreams. The dream world doorway resembles a dreamcatcher with four numerals located on it representing the four stages in the sleep cycle. The High Slumber Dragon is a mystifying creature and one that would intrigue any dragon master with all its untold secrets of the dream world. The trick isn’t finding them; the trick is— not—yawns—falling—yawns—asleep…

    Armor Skin Suggestion: This dragon is found in their Wakeful Form, and you can unlock their Dream World Form, a more colorful and dream-like skin with unique dream world body armor.

    Dream: Poisonous Dream
    Earth*: Sandstorm
    Water: Whirlpool
    Wind: Feather Slash

    Trainable Attacks:
    Dream: Trance
    Earth*: Sandstorm +
    Water: Whirlpool +
    Wind: Tempest

    *Earth element can be replaced, if necessary, with the Light element.

    Alternative Element Attacks:
    Light: Light Star

    Alternative Element Trainable Attacks:
    Light: Deus Beam +

    Potential Special Skills:

    Dream: Sweet Dreams (4 Turn Cooldown) “Deals massive damage and puts opponent to sleep for 1 turn, allowing for an additional attack.

    Dream: Confusion (3 Turn Cooldown) “Deals attack and opponent attacks itself or one of its team member during its next turn.

    Dream + Water: Soothing Waters (3 Turn Cooldown) “Partially/Greatly heals itself and all undefeated team members.

    Artist Note: For this design, I was focused on creating a heroic dragon for the dream habitat. I think the dream element and dream habitat are interesting and I wanted to make a guardian like beast that plays some major important role to our sleep and dreams. I first thought up common images of sleep: nighttime, pillow feathers, soft beds and blankets, owls, sheep, dreamcatchers. I tried combining all of these sleep elements into the design, though I ended up trying to make the dragon more like an owl and less like a sheep. I realized kind of late in the process that there are already two owl-like dragons in the game (Desmuk Dragon and High Spirits Dragon) so I tried to make its color and appearance hopefully more unique and distinctly apart from from those two. The lamppost I added because they can be a bit alluring and magical, kind of like the one that welcomes the children to Narnia in the book, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The lamppost is staff-like, scepter-like, so it can be used like a weapon. For its fur, feathers, and overall body, I wanted them to seem soft and smooth, and mostly white which is meant to be connected with the image soft white bedsheets. I gave it unique curling horns which ties in a bit of the sheep element to it, along with some horn accessories. The floating dream world doorway is designed to resemble a dreamcatcher, but I wanted it to look like a really cool, almost cosmic looking entrance to the dream world. From what I've heard, there are four stages of sleep so I added four different and distinct geometric shapes to represent each of the four stages. I tried to think of ways to depict the numbers, possibly could have gone with roman numerals (I, II, III, IV) for a more ancient look to it, but decided to just depict the numbers as we see them today. The top design has a Vivid Cool filter applied to it which I felt really highlights the colors and tones I was going for. The pictures below are the original with no filter, and one with a Dramatic Cool filter.

    High Slumber Dragon, Original, No Filter
    0_1598307584541_High Slumber Dragon, Deep Blue.jpg
    High Slumber Dragon, Dramatic Cool Filter
    0_1598287893323_High Slumber Dragon, Dramatic Cool.jpg

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    Hey Dragon City Players,
    I'd like to share here a few ideas I have for the game, some that are specifically my own and other's that I have heard echoed by other players. While the game has evolved over the years in mostly good ways, here are some ideas based on how the game currently is that I would be interested in seeing sometime in the near future.

    1. Crystal Gold Boosters for Light, War, Pure, Primal, and Wind Habitats

    • I know I'm going to sound like a bit of a broken record on this one because many have already said it before, but if we have Crystal gold boosters for most of the habitats in the game already, why not release the remaining few missing ones? I think it would just make sense and help with gold collection too.

    2. Update Crystal Designs and Animate Them

    • This is something small, but also something I think would add a more updated and cool look to the game. I think the elemental crystal gold boosters we currently have already look a bit outdated and should be updated and animated, maybe glimmers rising off some of them, maybe some spin in a circular motion, etc. I have seen a tree decoration (maybe from the Fae Dragons event?) that has yellow glimmers that rise off it, so I know animating decorations is possible for the developers. I just think that applying some sort of animation to these crystals, along with updating their design, would be kind of cool. Which brings me to my next point...

    3. More Decorations, Expanding Decor Shop

    • I think they need to update the decorations shop in the game. I suggest that they add past decorations along with some new ones for purchase so that players can have more freedom to customize and personalize their islands. There are players, myself included, who like to customize their islands a bit, but being a veteran player there's not really much use of the Decor Shop with how it currently is. There's only so many mushrooms, flowers, flags, and water fountains you can buy before it just becomes too much 😆 Adding past decorations from past events along with some new decorations from time to time will add another layer of creativity to the game. Maybe certain decorations can be released and sold at specific times based on events, the time of the year, and holidays. Maybe items once removed and cleared from islands could be repurchased and used as a decoration. I think adding more purchasable decorations would ultimately make the Decor Shop more relevant to all players, especially for veteran players, and allow for more personalized customization for players.

    4. Make Alliances More Cooperative

    • With my alliance and others, members typically use it mostly as a way to get rewards. It's kind of selfish and not really a teamwork kind of thing. The chat is usually just members asking for and trading orbs they want to summon a dragon or requesting orbs to empower one. The alliance chest does allow members to work together towards something by performing certain tasks, but gets a little dull after a while with repetitive actions and rewards. Other than that, alliances really don't function in the sense that the word "alliance" implies. I think I'd like to see something like Boss Battles/Boss Raids, something where members can put up one of their strongest dragons during an event and players can watch as their dragon alongside their alliance members dragons fight against a strong boss, and maybe their awards are based on the amount of damage done by the end of the event or if they defeated the boss. Each day, there can be the opportunity for each member to initiate a fight against the boss, and then be required to have a 12-24 hour recovery time before returning for another fight. The bosses health depletes with each fight, rather than starting each battle with their health bar fully replenished. Just an idea.

    5. Redesign Past Dragons and Changing Rarity through Community Vote

    • There are some dragons in the game for each of us that I think we like and grew attached to for a time, but unfortunately these dragons either have a now outdated design or their rarity / category level makes them weak compared to the newer dragons and ones with a higher rarity / category level. For example, I used to really like the Saturn Dragon and it was my highest level dragon for a time. I really admired the design and was focused on empowering it. However, with updates and time, I realized that it wasn't a very strong dragon in battle. Also, if you look at the Saturn Dragon now along with some other older dragons, there design is lacking and out of date compared to the recently released dragons. What I would like to suggest is that maybe once a month the game developers could allow the community to vote on one (1) past dragon for the artist team to update. This dragons design and animation would be updated to current quality standards, maybe give it new trainable attacks, and either move it up one rarity, or maybe simply assign it the Legend rarity depending on the dragon. The new design can be released eventually in the form of a game update, or also as a new skin if that's easier for the developers. I'm sure there's other dragon too that the community would like to see a design upgrade too.

    6. Training Center ➡ Training Gym, Shorter Training Times

    • I saw this on a post on here and agree with the idea. I think it would be beneficial to players to allow for more training centers so that players can train multiple dragons at a single time. OR, why not allow players to upgrade their Training Center into a Training Gym? Players can use gold, gems, or some type of Training Center Tokens to upgrade the building so that it works like a habitat where you can have 4 or more dragons training at a single time. It would also function more like how we use the word training center / gym today as a place where multiple individuals can go to get stronger. Also, I think the training times have always been a bit extreme. 2 days to train one attack only among 3 others seems a bit excessive, even more so when you have a few other dragons you want to train and really want to use right away in battles. I understand having long training times adds a sense of patience and realism to learning a new skill, but at least maybe consider allowing the option for more training centers so that players can train two or more dragons at a time.

    7. Add a Dragon Skins Shop

    • While I know its not like we have a ton of skins in the game at the moment, I think we should have the opportunity to purchase skins in the game. I noticed that in the past months, they did add a chest in the Heroic Race that randomly rewards you with a heroic dragon skin, but what if you get a heroic skin for a heroic dragon that you don't own? By allowing players to purchase heroic skins, they can select the exact skin they need. Especially since at the moment, there's really only one chance to get a Heroic Dragon's skin, that being during their heroic race. Maybe the skins can be purchased somewhere in the hundred millions gold area (adding a sense of difficulty to purchase the skins) but also can be purchased for 100 gems, which I think would be fair and falls in line with strategizing for players who conserve gems rather than spending money on them. For me personally, I'd like to get the High Fallen, High Ethereal, High Arcane, and High Scorchwings armor skin, but I know its also different for everybody.

    9. Add Purpose to Breeding Sanctuary and Ancient World

    • Simply, they don't have much purpose once you get the few dragons you need from them. I think the developers can add more levels to the breeding sanctuary, and maybe also add new ancient world dragons to bring to dragon city. If I click on the ancient world right now, its only by accident. And the breeding sanctuary I use just as a breeding building.

    10. Add More Breedable Air and Ancient World Dragons

    • Their rarities will obviously be Common, Rare, Very Rare Dragons and while they won't be uniquely strong, they'll give purpose again to the breeding mountain, breeding tree, and breeding sanctuary. I'm a bit surprised that they released the Wind dragon, a new element, and a new Wind habitat without a list or line up of breedable wind dragons, so I think we definitely need more breedable dragons from elements we don't see a lot of and should see it at some point in the future.

    11. Redesign Runner Island

    • While at first I thought the idea was new and different and potentially fun, now I just really hate this event. This may be just a me problem, but runner island is pretty frustrating as it currently is, in the way you have to perform tedious tasks to collect wind tokens only to play and fly a short distance before hitting an annoying object or that famous area we all know with three rocks that seem impossible to jump over. I suggest redesigning the mechanics and design of the race.

    12. New Types of Mini-Game Events

    • Aside from not liking Runner Island all that much, I think players would like to see some new min-games with a different style to them might not be such a bad idea. I know we all like to work with something we're familiar with and know how the Maze, Fog, Puzzle, Race, and Runner Island all work by now, but maybe creating something new and different might be worth considering. I can't offer a specific suggestion, just an idea that came to my head while making up this list.

    13. New Attacks, New Trainable Skills, New Special Skills

    • For me, this game would be kind of boring without any competitive edge to it, and so the fighting system is kind of important, as is the leveling up, and the attacks / trainable attacks. I would like to see new attacks added for each element. I think there's a lot of room still to expand in this area and it would really excite players. There' so many attack names and idea's you could come up with for each element. I think some of us would really like to see some new, vamped up Ancient World element attacks. They developers have kind of started this with the Titans and Vampire dragons, and I think it worked kind of great and would like to see more of it.

    14. Introduce Dual Element Type Attacks

    • I know this is may be a sensitive topic for some because they like how the current attack system is and it could get messy and complicated if you try to introduce new concepts to it, but just hear me out. This is an idea I came up with while drawing a few dragon designs for a post thread in Creativity. I think it would be interesting if some new attacks / special attacks had dual elements to them. These type of dual element attacks could be a special skill, if necessary, as a way to not create such a great disadvantage in battles. These dual element attacks would combine two elements (Fire + War, Water + Nature, Electric + Wind), and thus these attacks would have a slightly greater range to deal critical damage against an opponent. I understand with this type of idea though comes with it some criticism since it would slightly introduce something new and different to the fighting mechanics, but I think its maybe one way to creatively explore expanding attacks and special skills in the game.

    15. Easier and Better Chances at Rebuilding Towers

    • Maybe this is just my own problem, but I've been sending dragons to fix towers and find missing pieces to those towers for years now and even being a level 90+ player it still has taken a while to rebuild all these towers. Just like how they recently made the feeding system a little easier on us, I think they should better the odds for these towers when rebuilding them. I can't tell you the countless times I've seen dragons in with a green bar, suggesting I had great odds to find a piece, and would have no success and just receive food.

    16. Expand the Range for Primal Type Dragons

    • Someone suggested this somewhere and I really agree with it. Primal element dragons should not have to exclusively be dinosaur-like for them to be a Primal type. I think the developers / art team needs to expand their range for Primal to create more dragons for this element. I have seen some signs of this in the game already that they're starting to do this, but I hope going forward they won't limit Primal type dragons. Primal is basically another word for ancient, and so there's ways to apply to different ancient themed dragons that don't just look like dinosaurs.

    17. No More or Less Of Humanoid, Food, YouTuber's, and Pop Culture Dragons in the Game

    • I'm not a huge fan of the humanoid dragons in the game, nor one's based on food, machines, or YouTubers or anything Pop Culture. I understand that some of these are done for marketing purposes and to promote the game, but it's just a little disappointing at times seeing these type of dragons in the game. I also understand that some dragons are created to help highlight the look of the more epic ones, but I personally would prefer it if they tried staying within the Dragon / Mythical Beast spectrum going forward with future designs.

    18. Quests, Change Up Requirements, Add New Quests

    • Quests are a bit frustrating at with where I am currently at in the game. I'm currently on the Sky Queen Cup but I've been here for a while because I really don't feel like leveling up my flaming rock dragon to level 30. It feels like a waste of food, and more and more with Quests Cups, there are requirements for players to level up dragons they are not keen on leveling up, and food is such an important commodity in the game that myself and other players don't really want to waste it on dragons we don't really care to level up. I would like to see maybe these Quests Cups ease up on the requirements so that I can resume aspiring to make progress in quests cup battles. As of right now, I haven't made progress in such a long time. Also, maybe introduce some new Quests Cups?

    Well, those are all my ideas for now. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Leave some feedback or suggestions. Feel free to upvote this topic if you agree with the ideas and your welcome to share your ideas here too so that we can have a shared conversation about things we'd like to see in the game 😁

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    @the-dragonificer Nice work! You have some really cool designs! So far, my favs are the Infinite Dragon, Mystic Jewel Dragon, High Desertflame Dragon, Gorgeous Waters Dragon, and Annihilation Dragon. I also think it was a great idea doing an evil counterpart to the Origin Dragon 👍

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    Work in Progress, Coming Soon!!! 👑🦉💤💭⛰🌪💨💧
    A creature dwells at the threshold between the world of wakefulness and the land of sleep, soaring gracefully between both realms, a guardian of untold secrets from the Dream world...

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    @aidan-drysdale yea, you're right. I added it as a starting attack only because I was planning to make the trainable skill legend spell +, but I saw that legend spell alone has a high attack power (2300). I made an edit and changed the starting legend skill to Legendary Wind, which also kind of goes with its theme. Thanks for the tip Aidan 👍

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    A new dragon has appeared!
    0_1597428378988_High Judgement Dragon (Final).jpg
    Name: High Judgment Dragon

    Alternative Name: High Executioner Dragon

    Elements: Legend, Electric, Wind, Dark 👑🌩⚡🌑🌙🌪

    Description: Some feel an odd itch in their left leg, and others get a peculiar tingling in their noggin. Some feel it in their gut, and others just know when it’s coming: the High Judgement Dragon. There’s no mistaking it. Their fierce roar shatters peaceful skies, storm clouds spark violently, and the earth trembles. The High Judgement Dragon makes a grand entrance wherever they go, flying at the center of a supercell thunderstorm. They are always surrounded by an entourage of wickedly dark storm clouds. They cast chains of lightning for show and intimidation. A being of anarchy, the High Judgement Dragon is judge, jury, and executioner. They deliver their own version of justice to those who have done unforgivable harm to this world. The High Judgement Dragon is a controversial superpower, delivering solutions to problems that have no other alternative. Their scales are a lustrous deep ocean blue and the mysterious citrine colored stones located on various places around their body work like pockets that allow them to store excess energy that can be reserved and used later on in battle. Their long whiskers and prickly patches of hair collect and reabsorb the static electricity around them and in the air. They possess unique enchanted armor that allows them to fly without expending any energy. They are a grandmaster in the teachings of energy manipulation and wield the power to control and manipulate the element of electricity to their will. The day of reckoning has arrived. The High Judgement Dragon is here.

    Legend: Legendary Wind
    Electric: Lightning
    Wind: Tornado Drop
    Dark: Ghost Cloud

    Trainable Attacks:
    Legend: Legend Spell +
    Electric: Thunder +
    Wind: Tempest
    Dark: The Grim Reaper +

    Potential Special Skills:

    Electric + Dark: Raging Thunder / Thunderstorm (3 Turn Cooldown) “A multi-hit skill that lands 3-5 explosive strikes of thunder dealing massive damage, can unlock 100% 5-hit accuracy if you find the thunder talismans

    Electric + Wind: Final Judgement (3 Turn Cooldown) “We find the opponent guilty of all charges and deal massive damage

    Electric: Execution (6 Turn Cooldown) “The opponent is found guilty as charged and deals a powerful thunder strike: 50% chance that the punishment will be massive/critical damage, 50% chance the opponent will be executed and health be depleted to 0

    Artist Note: This is my most recent heroic dragon design. I’ve always found the element of electricity to be interesting and the many ways it can be depicted in such an epic way. I’m a huge fan of the animated series, “Avatar: the Last Airbender” and “Legends of Korra” and in both of these shows some characters bend the element of electricity in such a unique way, so I was partly inspired by these shows. I was also a bit inspired from really liking the Galestorm Dragon design, as well as the Furry Dragon’s design, and thus I really wanted to make an epic-looking, electric-themed Heroic dragon. I decided to go with this idea of judgement as a type of apocalypse, doomsday, ragnarok, end-of-day’s type of being appearing to those who have not seen justice for their despicable crimes and are delivered a type of necessary justice. I guess in some ways I also took inspiration for combining themes of justice and electricity from Final Fantasy XV (15)’s summon, Ramuh, with one of its main attacks being, “Judgement Bolt.”

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    @dragonista Thanks! I submitted my first two drawings that I have on here (High Radiance and High Nebulous), but unfortunately they weren't picked. But yea, I'll try again next time they have a design a dragon contest. Hopefully I'll have better luck then 🤞

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