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    Also just want to saw WOW, 4,000+ views on this thread! That’s just so awesome to see! Never really knew if the DC community would be that interested in dragon designs that weren’t actually in the game. Glad to be able to share my artwork here and thankful for all the positive comments and support I’ve received from the community of DC players for each design. Have really enjoyed creating each of these dragon art designs and have had lots of fun all throughout the process 😁 happy for all who have been able to enjoy and hopefully anyone can come across this thread and find a design on here that they really like, or even see a design on here that they can call their favorite!

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    @bettina-löffler thanks for the suggestion Bettina and it’s awesome to hear that you could see me as a potential winner! 😊 Yea, I’ve kind of thought about doing that too, saving my designs for the next contest. I guess I just get really excited after I finish a design and just get super eager to share it with the community, see people’s reactions and get their feedback. I took a break for a while from posting any new designs in the Fall/Winter months mostly because of school, but I was also kinda hoping to hear something about a new 3rd design challenge by now. Given the time between the first two contest, I thought they’d do them maybe every 6 months, but that didn’t happen cause they would’ve done one in November again (1st challenge happened in November 2019 when High Ethereal won, 2nd May 2020 when High Earthen won). I’ll take your advice and start saving my designs, and wait till they hopefully announce another design contest (hopefully they want to keep doing them). Good thing is I still have lots of ideas so if I can’t use any of the designs that I’ve already posted here, I can definitely still make something new, unique, and hopefully great. I guess then High Finitus will be the last dragon design I share for a while publicly, and I guess it’s sort of fitting given its name and whole theme: ☠🎬🔚 lol 😂 thanks again Bettina, appreciate the comment

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    @aidan-drysdale thanks Aidan 🙏😊 appreciate the comment. Really happy with how this one came out. I can only hope that they would be interested in adding this design and/or any of my other designs to the game. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

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    A new dragon has appeared!
    0_1617220693560_High Finitus Dragon, Anthony Valencia.jpg
    Name: High Finitus Dragon

    Elements: Dream, Terra, Dark, Legend
    Bio Description: Legends tell that in the dead of night, when the moon comes out and the world grows quiet, that there are extraordinary and fascinating creatures that reveal themselves. Of the many unique creatures that walk the night, there is a nocturnal dragon that appears on the cool desert sands in the hours of darkness, a magnificent creature so connected with the desert sands as they are familiar with the sands of time. Legends call this nocturnal creature the High Finitus Dragon. They commonly walk beside moonlit sand dunes, enjoy the feeling of the cool desert sands at their feet, and admire the nighttime scenery. The High Finitus dragon strongly personifies the truth that all things must have an end. They are deeply connected to the desert sands as they symbolize the passage of time. Legends say that each grain of sand is a soul that once was, is, or will be, and only the High Finitus Dragon knows this to be true. They value the gift that is life. They walk the sands, at peace with the natural process of life and death. The High Finitus Dragon assists those who struggle in their final moments to find peace. They help to ease any pain, fear, or suffering in the final moments that a life reaches its end. Should you traverse the desert lands hoping to meet this enigmatic creature, you will not have an easy time finding them. They appear and disappear across vast expanses of desert, teleporting suddenly and unexpectedly, thus their exact location is typically unknown. If you do happen to meet this legendary being, you should count yourself lucky because very few have. Walk alongside them quietly in the night, enjoy their company while you have it, maybe even share a dance with them, and simply live in that very present moment, for that is the greatest honor and respect you can show the High Finitus Dragon.

    Diet: Their diet consists mostly of sweet crunchy scorpions and savory little pocket mice.

    Primary Attacks:
    Dream: Confusing Wake (1050)
    Terra: Sandstorm (1350)
    Dark: Black Hole (1350)
    Legend: Rainbow (1050)

    Trainable Attacks:
    Dream: Trance (1350)
    Terra: Sandstorm + (1950)
    Dark: Black Hole + (1950)
    Legend: Legend Spell (2300)

    Attack Power Total w/ Trained Attacks: 7,550
    Strong Against 5 Elements: Electric, Dark, Metal, Light, Primal
    Weak Against: None

    Potential Special Skills:
    Dream + Dark: Eternal Sleep (3 Turn Cooldown) – “Deals critical damage to enemy, regardless of opponents primary element” (2300-2500)
    Terra + Legend: Mystic Sands (4 Turn Cooldown) – “Deals some damage and enemy becomes confused, allowing for another attack” (1500-1800)

    Name Definition: “Finitus” is the Latin word for finite, or something that has limits, bounds, or an end. The antonym or opposite word for “finite” would be “infinite”, meaning forever or never-ending.

    Artist’s Note: While looking at all my designs this month I noticed that in my growing bestiary, or collection of elemental dragons and beasts, I had so far not made a creature that was really connected with the Terra element. So, I started brainstorming concepts of a Terra themed dragon. I wanted to make a creature that was connected with dirt, but then I started thinking sands and deserts. Terra and Dream habitats are basically designed like deserts too. In the game, the most epic a Terra element gets is if it has floating rocks, is large and bulky in size, or has some form of crystal growth on it in my opinion, and similar to the Fire and Nature element, it’s often one of those least valued and overlooked elements in the game since Terra is one of the first elements you discover in the game. After deciding to do a sand dragon that was drake like in design (a dragon without wings, basically lizard like), I brainstormed common desert creatures from what I could recall. I also did a google search of common desert creatures. I thought of ways to make a common creature more uncommon, then I recalled some nature documentary’s that cover nighttime creatures in the desert, and how the temperature drops which makes it more suitable for certain creatures to move about and hunt as well. With this in mind, I imagined that this would be a nocturnal type sand dragon. Since I decided with a desert theme for this dragon, I also went with an Egyptian look for its armor. At first I was committed to adding crystals to the design, but I thought that crystals are largely overdone in the game at this point, and wanted to challenge myself a bit to create a dragon/creature that could be just as epic and cool without crystals. In my brief google search for desert mythical creatures and beings, the most popular and well known were djinn, Arabic sand demons or mythical beings, and most commonly spelled and referred to today as “genies.” I saw a couple of really cool deviant art designs of genies, and that’s what brought me to the idea of depicting sand within this creatures design, but also in a way that seemed epic and mysterious as the swirling tails of genies. Thus, this dragon has mystical blue sand swirling off its feet and at its center which allows it stretch far distances. It's also maybe a little funny as I could imagine its back legs always trying to catch up with the front. Thinking about genies, I also gave it the ability to teleport. Lastly, I decided to go with a common theme of sand and time since that for me was the most interesting concept.

    Inspirational Quote: “Life is a gift. We must celebrate it. We have to dance to show God we are grateful to be alive.” – Rosie Betzler, from the film, Jojo Rabbit

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    @darth-maul that’s weird. I just took a quick look at your new post and I think the reason why the moderator locked it was because you didn’t post any art on it. I think to start a new Topic/Thread, at least under “Creativity”, you have to have art that you created and that you want to share. You probably could create the post again, but this time add the artwork that you posted and shared here of your High Corrupted Dragon in that post. Also, I think most of the artist on here just prefer creating and having their own Post/Thread for their art, rather than using a single thread where everyone shares their art on. I think on DC’s Discord they have a channel called “fanart-corner” for anyone to share their artwork on.

    @Bettina-Löffler feel free to chime in and correct me on anything or add anything about how to prevent getting a new Topic/Thread locked here, or you can respond to either of us via direct message. 🙂

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    @darth-maul Wow, that’s a cool design! Good elements too and you gave him cool special attacks. Guessing you were a little inspired by the new Corrupted Titans. No worries on being rushed, you can release your designs whenever you feel like you are ready to show them 😁

    Also, just a suggestion, I think you should create a new Topic Post here on the DC Forum under Creativity, where you can post all your designs, that way more people can see your designs and they don’t get mixed up with mine.

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    New Dragon Coming Soon!!! Teaser...
    Can you—yes you!—taste that salty desert air?
    Can you—yes you!—feel that cold sweat drip down your hair?

    (But can they tell me when the end is near?
    Can this be the reason why I am here?)

    Can you—yes you!—hear those tick-tocks pass us by with no way to Pause or click Rewind?
    Can you—yes you!—see those footprints in the sand that this creature of time has left behind?

    (But can they who know death also be kind?
    Can a friend of Death’s be a friend of mine? )

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    @darth-maul that's awesome! Would be glad to see them and check them out 😁 ☺

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    A new dragon has appeared!
    0_1614666149415_High Viridius Dragon copy.jpg
    Name: High Viridius Dragon

    Alternative Names: High Viridios Dragon, High Fae Dragon, High Woodlands Dragon

    Elements: Happy, Nature, Metal, War

    Description: If you travel out into the thick green woods in search of adventure, you just might cross paths with the High Viridius Dragon. A fantastical beast of nature and exploration, the High Viridius Dragon often roams the woodlands, swimming through the thicket of bushes and trees, at peace with nature and time. They guard the woodlands with their life, accompanied by two loyal faerie sprites. The High Viridius Dragon may tag along on your journey through the woods, offering up their mysterious powers when needed.

    Happy: Festive Lights (1175)
    Nature: Beehive (1350)
    Metal: Ninja Stars (1350)
    War: Deus Axe (2100)

    Trainable Attacks:
    Happy: Appeal (1350)
    Nature: Beehive+ (1950)
    Metal: Ninja Stars+ (1950)
    War: Deus Axe+ (2300)

    Power Total w/ Trained Attacks: 7,550
    Strong Against 5 Elements: Water, Light, Terra, Ice, Fire
    Weak Against: None

    *Happy element may be replaced with Wind element if desired.
    Alternative Elements:
    Wind: Sky Cutter (1400)

    Trainable Alternative Element:
    Wind: Air Blast (2100)

    Potential Special Skills:
    Nature + War: Forces of Nature (3 Turn Cooldown) - "Powerful green leaf twister deals massive damage on opponent, and partially heals self" (2000-2500)

    Artist's Note: It’s been a while since I last worked on a heroic dragon concept, so for this next one I wanted to create a powerful, mythical-like creature of the woods/forrest, one that would pique the interest of any young adventurous person wanting to explore folklore or legends. I also wanted to set this nature dragon apart from the heroic dragon Yggdrasil in terms of design and elements. However, one thing I wanted for certain was to have lots of green in its design. I designed this creature with the intent to create a beast made of leafs and one that could hypothetically “swim” through thick, dense forests in its own mysterious way.

    I took inspiration for its design from Feng Shui metal Chinese dragon fish charms/pendants, as well as betta fish. I added mushrooms and white trasluscent crystals as little accessories on its body. I gave it two fairy-like daemon-like frog pets, being inspired from the Bastet Goddess Dragon's cat companion. For its armor and name, I took inspiration from the Green Man, a historical/legend figure of a green man or woman’s face coming out of a bunch of leafs and branches, often depicted in stone, similar to gargoyles. Here’s the Wikipedia definition:

    “The Green Man, and very occasionally the Green Woman, is a legendary being primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, representing the cycle of new growth that occurs every spring. The Green Man is most commonly depicted in a sculpture, or other representation of a face which is made of, or completely surrounded by, leaves.”

    I incorporated the Green Man in the dragons armor, as you can see on its gold chest amor you see the firgure of a mans face and leafs.

    The Green Man as a historical figure has roots to the Roman/Celtic god, Viridios, or in other spellings, Viridius, which is how I arrived to the name of this dragon. The name Viridius/Viridios is that of a Roman Britain god (also of possible Celtic origins) believed to be connected and/or to have inspired the Green Man, a medieval stone statue design in gothic architecture of a human face with green leaves, vines, and branches sprouting from it. The latin word "viridis" also means green and fresh, which most likely somewhere during history had its influence on the Spanish word for green being "verde".

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