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    @grnxnham said in Elvira dungeon--artifacts:

    @surf-otter said in Elvira dungeon--artifacts:

    The problem is they are immune to all status effects, so even guard down and CDA don't work on them. It means my Al Canine is pretty much useless, and Kaori gets wiped 1st round since CDA doesn't deny them.

    CDA doesn't work on artifacts?

    When did that change?

    It didn't. I assume there is some kind of other effect in play that stops the artifacts from being CDA'ed, or that the artifacts simply all carry 0 CD skills.

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    @marianne-van-es Good point. 😉

    Killing them straight away is the better option anyway. 😛

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    @surf-otter said in Elvira dungeon--artifacts:

    Is the key to switch runes to strength and health and just try to overpower them, instead of relying on speed and denying?

    Yes, either just kill them with more strength, or trait disable them (e.g. with Ingenica).

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    @tom6969 said in FTP monsters are way more fun but have u noticed???:

    Has anyone (except the players that spend 1000s) on nememsis/WM and mutant runes zzzzz noticed that the game is actually way more fun and playable without the P2W monsters? A team with shademoon, cain and general thetys against say al canine, sunblast and neobuki is loads of fun. I've played on my sons account where he is a a level with just 'fun' monsters and its way more playable.

    This used to be the situation for high level wars as well. Thinking of the right monster and rune combinations for any given war rules, Only power difference was made by the level of your runes.

    End game wars are, or at least should be, still about strategy though, just in a different way. It is mostly number crunching and moving runes and relics to get that very tiny advantage over your opponent. Obviously that is only the case in a more less level playing ground. Otherwise it is just about who has the most WM's and Nemeses. Or when there are stupidly overpowered monsters in play, like Thalassa and before her Samael, just counting them and you would know who wins.

    Needless to say one was more fun than the other. 🙂

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    @tom13 said in Mutant runes:

    @ekto-gamat What was the war coins glitch? I've heard of it here and there, but it was never really explained.

    The glitch I am talking about only happened to a few teams during Beta season of Team Wars in 2015 (probably around September). When a person from one of these teams logged out and then in again he/she would receive the coins for a war again ... and again ... and again. Some players reportedly got hundreds of thousands of war coins like this. SP never rolled this back.

    This is how some players 'legally' got hundreds of lvl IX runes when they hit the shop, or were able to get 2 copies of each general at rank 5 when the lab was introduced.

    Then there was another war coin glitch much later, in 2017, which allowed teams to get rewarded multiple times for a war when hitting 'search for a war' immediately after the end of the previous war. Some teams accidentally triggered it, while others abused it once they found out how it worked. SP has fixed this.

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    @ss13 said in Mutant runes:

    @ekto-gamat , if I'm not mistaken, lvl X runes were only introduced a few months after team wars started...

    I believe they were there already when wars started.
    But memory is a fickle thing and I have no access anymore to any resources to check.
    @C0ntr1v3d however, does. 😉

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    @david-ml said in Mutant runes:

    @testcyp said in Mutant runes:

    i'm pretty sure there was a bug a long time ago that let people get a bunch of level 10 runes cheap

    Not a bug, a sale! I think they sold them on a sale for 150 or 200 gems.

    Not exactly. Groups of people from different test groups would get such offers. It was the time that SP decided to bring X runes on sale for the first time and were trying to get a feel for what would be the best price. Happened in the fall of 2015 I think, shortly after the beginning of Team Wars.

    As a consequence some players got cycles of awesome offers, others only crappy offers (still much better than 2300 gems obviously) and others no offers at all.
    Created huge inequality, since before this time the only players who had more than 1 or 2 X runes were either extremely ritch or cheaters (unfortunately the vast majority).

    And yes, lvl IX runes for 1500 coins (very nice in combination with the war coins glitch for some) and later for 3000 coins in the Team Shop. Made all of AMAB's F2P players fully IX runed over night, pretty much.

    And there also was the little incident with high level runes being sold for gold accidentally, which never was rolled back properly for everyone (though admittedly, at least SP tried). I believe this happened before Team Wars.

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    @david-ml said in The Premium Pass just undid years of hard work....:

    I thought I should come back to my thread and follow up on a few things. First

    @marianne-van-es said in The Premium Pass just undid years of hard work....:

    I cant stop you from following in Ekto footsteps but he didnt quit because of this so not really fair to take that in your argument in fact when this pass was first introduced on Taringa he was more mild about than I was

    As annoyed as I am, I probably won't yet follow his footsteps. However, I will reduce my engagement somewhat to cool down a bit. Also, the idea of a premium pass isn't the problem, it's the execution! I am sure Ekto would have been equally unhappy seeing his work into Gold Fever going up in smoke. And I'm sure that if he's reading this, will be confirmed in his decision to quit!

    I only left the game, I am not dead, you can still ask what I would think of it. 😉

    As most non-battle related competitive elements in the game I never cared much for Gold Fever. Even sacrificed my top 500 position to rank everything I could for TBGR.

    Does not mean I do not understand why people can be angry. Gold Fever traditionally was one of the few contests in which F2P could compete for the big prices with P2P. Not anymore it seems.

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  • Ekto Gamat

    Going to come out of hibernation for this one.

    Sad to see you go, but all things have an end.
    The community has lost:

    1. One of the best players and strategists. Especially one with a remarkable ability to adapt quickly to innovations in the game.

    2. One of the, possibly the most important, driving forces behind arguably the most successful team in the first 2 years of team wars.

    3. One of the most loved and respected 'elite' players from all sides of the ML spectrum.

    4. A very wise, smart and kind person.

    5. One of the very few players who could combine high ambitions with high moral gaming values.

    And more.

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    As a side note: the day I quit ML also was the day my other game announced they will be shutting down. It had been around for three years. I only played this game very casually.

    It was a much 'friendlier' game, with less aggressive marketing techniques, less need to spend to 'stay on top', or to become an advanced player, loot boxes with advertised odds, better customer support, less bugs, better compensation for bugs, better communication with the player base, et cetera. Unfortunately being friendly apparently does not get you very far in the gaming industry. Or at least it did not help this game.

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