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    @keki14 said in [Followup on Haka Taka's post Gameplay changes (October 2018) Feedback]

    Why would you want to remove 6 runes from a monster that can only hold 3 runes? But agreed, gems are still gems.

    3 to take off Xiron, 3 to take off another monster to give to Xiron.

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    @MamawJane said in My Opinion on the recent updates:

    You are just the kind of player SP loves! You spend lots of money to get the Orbs to "earn" the free Warmasters....

    You can get Warmasters without spending money, and even if you don't have them you can still have an opinion on them.

    Anyway, back on topic:

    1. Yes, Thalassa still is a stupid and overpowered monster.

    2. No, I do not think the early Warmasters should be buffed, they were fine like they were.

    3. Not sure Zahra will be wiped under the carpet by Thalassa, depending on what she will look like when released. In PVP I regularly manage to kill Thalassa's buddies quickly and then she is the only one still standing. Thalassa continues and the party of chain mega freezing starts, because SP has not fixed the bug that actually allows your monsters to come out of megafreeze status and receive recently frozen. Ten minutes later she has finally run out of steam and I can kill her, because she does not do much damage on her own, and my monsters have high life and healing relics. When all your monsters get double or 50% extra life at the start of the battle a speed based Thalassa defence may still not be able to finish your team even if she does have her buddies still around.

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    I like the changes, because I think chain denial is stupid and only for beginning players or advanced players with little imagination.

    Not exactly directly related to the changes, but I am absolutely loving being able to change skills for gold. This introduces a nice addition in strategy to plan for particular wars, and monster interaction. I wonder if SP could consider making this change permanent. The only players who ever change skills for gems regularly are players in elite teams anyway (or who could play there if they wanted).

    Rune removal discount for 2 weeks is nice, but gems are still gems. Giving a Xiron a complete rune overhaul could cost as much as 108 gems (taking off 6 X runes for 18 gems)

    Thalassa is the denier who is least affected by all of this, but yet players can only get a refund for her. A refund in orbs which they will probably spend on another Thalassa because they can keep the dungeon and blessing rewards.

    In the meantime players with monsters that are affected much more, like Brontes, remain without any compensation.

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    I wish I could say more about this, since usually it works as it should. However, I think Atum's Bodyguard should be in the superheroes book, because apparently being frozen in time does not stop him from smashing things to pieces.

    0_1539590954165_stop time.jpg

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    @Bandor said in Team Battlegrounds Feedback:

    @Fox So we just finished our battle, both teams destroyed each other completely, we presumably both spent a tone of gems as Social Point certainly likes and planned and we both get second prize!? C'mon, we should at least both get first. I presume this must have happened to others as well. Please comment and let Social Point know how we feel!

    Congrats on annihilating each other.

    You can completely destroy each other's Battlegrounds, but that doesn't automatically mean you have the same amount of points. The chances of having the same number of points is actually very small. The number of successful defences, number of defences placed and number of 2 monster defences placed start a playing a role when things are so close.

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  • Ekto Gamat

    There is quite some instability in the TBGR at the moment.
    Maybe launch the next one on Monday instead of Sunday so that people are actually at work to look at it?

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    @joohnzy said in An investigation into the probabilities of missing on multimode deniers:

    Honestly i think the game would be more fun again if single hit start is 100% instead of 95% aoe 95% instead of 90% or why not make that 100% too as starter. The missing part has really gone up tremendously last year. The game aint as fun, The stratetic tactic play just aint shining as it could.

    Interesting remark. If anything misses force more strategic playing: Trying to put precision in your attacks; making back up plans and back up plans of back up plans in case you miss or get specialled.

    Of course against some opponents and in some rules you may have no other choice than throwing an attack and hope you don't miss, but to me it would be utterly boring if misses were no part of the equation.

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    @Jimmy said in Leaks -- Not official Nor confirmed Info --:


    you already know in which book she'll be included?


    Right now she is in Winged and Female.

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    @Carlos said in Leaks -- Not official Nor confirmed Info --:

    Looks like we were "lost in translation" inside the team; it will be fixed soon.

    Zahra gives Double life to all allies (including herself).
    So if a monster has 30k life points, while teamed up with Zahra and her trait is active, he will have 60k life points.

    Bloody hell, @Carlos. So rank 5 Nemeses and Warmasters will all have between 130.000 and 140.000 life when paired with her? And cannot be controlled for the first 3 rounds?

    This is just too much, really. And will make PVP in higher regions a nightmare to plough through.

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    Ai behaviour seems to change a lot, not just with the latest update. It's a bit annoying (and expensive) to have to change skills on my monsters every time a change has been made, to ensure a monster still does on defence what I want them to do.

    Going from mostly random to "predictable and we change it every week" is not an improvement.

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