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    @Iduun said in Grand Prix Race - FEEDBACK:

    It is a very expensive event. Get the monster rank three, now cost 25 laps, 11 more than previously, and without the monster a star that was also won. The modest teams are again hurt. We have all climbed to the elite level.

    I understand this line of thinking, which is the result from SP letting race teams become a professional business. But no, it did not cost 14 laps before. 14 laps was a necessary but not a sufficient condition previously, while in this race 25 laps is a necessary AND sufficient condition.

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    • Are you actually trying to get the Warmasters?

    No, for me it means too much of an investment compared to other things to get in the game.

    • What is your strategy?

    I can wait a few months to get a lvl 100 Gortak.

    -Are you enjoying the dungeons? Is there any part that feels annoying?

    Not applicable, I have only done a few nodes.

    • What do you think about Warmasters vs Nemesis vs VIPs vs other Legendaries?

    Difficult to say since there are not many I encounter in battle. The first two seem balanced if you compare them to Nemeses. But then again, the first two Nemeses were also balanced compared to VIPs and we all know how that ended <insert hate rant towards Samael and Xiron>

    • Any further ideas for improvements?


    • Have you watched any of the Youtuber videos? If no, why?

    No, because I waste all my time on this Forum. ;)

    • Any information that you were missing before the event started?

    When the Gortak dungeon would return. This question has been answered by now.

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    @David-ML said in How to effectively play Monster Legends:

    @testcyp would that be a German dude with the initials PB?

    PB has a defence with two warmasters and Faraday.
    I was tempted to attack him, but chose life instead.

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    @Espeon getting 5/16 with a chance of 50% is not strange at all, and no indication that the odds are not as advertised.

    Having 2 players getting 0 Nemesis from 16 chests however, is something to investigate.

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    @Boris Maybe a stupid question, but was Caillech blind or dazed? Accuracy checks twice. Once for the damage part and once for the status effect part.

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    @David-ML said in Nemesis dungeons:

    The dungeons are a bit different this time around. Failed to finish Hydra for the first time, still couldn't do hard for Lucifire, Warthak was a lot harder but with a few rune changes got through it, nailed Sammy thanks to Nox and Llum wasn't too difficult either with Demise, Taiga and AK :) now I'm hoping for a better result when Xiron pops up as I'd love to craft myself a Ruby but magic isn't my strong element :(

    I wouldn't be so sad about it.
    Ruby is an unimaginative overpowered piece of junk. I only crafted her and her sisters for the book rewards. If you want to rank something overpowered go for Samael. At least using him requires some thinking.

    And my guess is that Samael will still be awesome when Ruby is 'obsolete'. There already are many good counters for her:

    Uria's Bodyguard (partly), Bo-Tai (partly), Nishant's Bodyguard, Sweeperion, Gortak, Gakora, et cetera. With the exception of Bo-Tai all released after Xiron, which makes me think SP is consciously shifting the meta away from super deniers like her and Kihaku.

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    @David-ML said in Nemesis 50/50 chance, why not?:

    @Marianne-van-Es reading through the above discussion, I am with @jizzusdoe

    There are a number of items in the game (and it seems that number is increasing) that you cannot just buy for a set value. If you want that set item/monster you must gamble, there is no other way. Whether you call it forcing or not, SP don't give you a choice when you want to spend money on one of these things and that is just total utter rubbish!!!

    Apparently the World Health Organization now thinks that gaming addiction is an increasingly serious problem.

    Mechanisms that shamelessly take advantage of gaming addiction and possibly add a layer of gambling addiction will hopefully be subjected to more strict laws in the future.

    On Topic: yes, Vaclav and the other poster may simply have been extremely unlucky. Or the odds were (accidentally) rigged for a short period of time. Not really a way to find out.

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  • Ekto Gamat

    Getting 0 Nemeses from 8 packs in this deal is a chance of 1/256.

    Having 2 people report such bad luck is certainly worth investigating.

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    @Jaidyn-Delphin said in FREE CHEST PRIZE (MONSTER) GONE:

    So I opened the free chest that you get in the pack section. Ive done this twice since starting this game and both times i have gotten a really good rare monster but after collecting they just disappear and are never to be found again.

    Where do they go?? Because its as if i never even opened the chests.

    They should be in your storage in egg form.

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    @FieryraidenX said in Some quick questions!:

    Two questions: First, am I considered good if I just hit level 4 and I’m at node 150. Next, I’m really close to getting Voltiak in the Supervillians maze, I just need 1200 more Maze Coins. I have a 5$ ITunes gift card. Do you think I should spend it on Voltiak, or let him go. I used no gems to try to get maze coins btw. Thanks for your response!

    There are still a few days left for the maze. Try to earn the coins first by breeding, feeding, pvp and collecting gold.

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