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    Though we are a newly established team for 1 month but we are doing well, winning consistently. We need some more active members to contribute so that we can achieve higher rank.

    Our requirement is simple, active. 700+ monster power will be good enough. And please try 5/5 attack each raid.

    Other strong teammates will be tackling strong opponents so you can focus on the weaker candidates.

    Looking forward to having you soon.

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    I am a new player. I raised a few monsters to lv20. But the skills buttons has no respond and keep showing change skills after lv15.
    alt text

    I gained new skills for a few monsters at level 15 and 20. And I choosed "applied skills to tournament". But everytime I clicked the box to apply, the game crashed and reload itself. After reload, only basic skills was changed, tournament skills remained unchanged. It has been happening no matter how many times I reload the game.
    alt text first photo shows basic skills changed
    alt text old skills remained after game crashed

    Does anyone knows how to fix this bug? Or is it the problem of my phone being not supported?

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