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    I have the same problem I saved game to fb and went on new device completed tutorial and when I connected to fb it doesn't give me option to load up my old account which I was lvl 72. Just loads the new level 12 account that I completed the tutorial on.so I went on old device and logged on to fb and gave me option to load the level 12 account which I did figuring they would give me the option to load up my level 72 Account on new device if I was on my new level 12 account.which it didn't but it also told me not to worry when I loaded my level 12 account that I can always load my old level 72 account just by logging in ANd selecting it..I spent loads of money and hours but can not get it to load meanwhile support just tells me to click options then login and then click claim after I finish tutorial which I finished and click options and never get a login button or claim option that they tell me to do.just a connect to fb option..also when I login on my son's iPad and his account it still has me has team leader of my team and level 72 which I can visit my island and etc on his iPad so my account is obviously still there..Hope someone can help as support hasn't helped out at all and just keep telling me to do tuturiol and click on options and buttons that it doesn't and won't even give me..ty
    and pls help

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