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    Once upon a time, there was a glorious dynasty of monsters everyone knew by “The Lizards”. The Lizards were known for their might and their riches. However, the Lizards had a strange way of understanding wealth. They didn’t believe that riches should be transferable, but that instead, they should be earned, so everyone of them worked very hard their entire life to accumulate as many jewels and as much gold as they could, and when they died, they were buried with their treasures. There was something else that made the Lizards unique: They were extremely selective with their relationships. For this reason, each generation of Lizards had fewer members than the previous one, until it got to a point where the last generation had just one member: Ugluk. Ugluk started fighting by his family’s side and accumulating riches to make them proud since he was a baby, but when his parents got old and died, he was left alone. The pressure of maintaining his family’s glory got the best of Ugluk and, little by little, he went crazy. To this day, he spends all his time in the dynasty graveyard, keeping tomb raiders away from his ancestors’ remains and riches.

    0_1568991191146_2019-09-17 11_42_32-Window.png

    Big and bulky thieves have no chance against Ugluk: He's an Earth Heavy Attacker, and he's exceedingly effective against Tanks. He has multiple tortures and attacks of different elements. He can remove half of an enemy's Life or 30% of the Life of all the enemy team in one hit. He can also Megastun one enemy and apply Taunt Hater to himself! In some of his skills, he can gain an extra turn, which makes him deadly.

    Ugluk has an evolving trait: He's Immune to Control on rank 0, he becomes a Status Caster on rank 1, applying Quicksands to the enemy team at the beginning of the battle, and he adds the Tough trait to that combination at rank 3.

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    Hi, everyone.

    We are aware that some players who purchased the new Ancient Island have habitats outside of the actual grid of the island. To get it fixed, please, send a ticket to our customer support and they will solve it for you.

    Thank you.

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    Hi everyone,

    Don't miss an amazing chance to try out special Live Duels without Warm-Ups this weekend! It's a great opportunity to test strategies that you use in other parts of the game.

    Grand and Classic Live Duels without Warm-ups

    September 20th - September 23rd

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    Hi, @ekto-gamat. Most probably a bug we are aware of but not able to reproduce and when we can't reproduce it, we can't check where is the problem.
    So, if you have any suggestions or possible repro steps, we will be happy to know them.

    /edit: Thanks for the previous post. The page didn't refresh in time 🙂

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    I know, @alex-pisi, But unfortunately your team is not the only team in L leagues. In the past, we got a lot of complaints when the matchmaking didn't take into consideration this variable so we try to be cautious now.

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    Hi @alex-pisi,

    We set 25 to avoid a lot of players sitting on a bench since the new matchmaking doesn't take into consideration the number of team members.

    I think the number is up to discussion, we can change it if it's proven to be more difficult.

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    Hi, everyone!

    We have to postpone the new matchmaking to the next week due to the unforeseen technical complications. We understand that it might cause issues to some of the teams but better be on the safe side.

    We are very sorry for the delays, we were looking forward to the new matchmaking as well. 😞

    To make sure the matchmaking is tested in the special season as promised, we will extend the current season for a few days more.

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    Monster Masters!

    We are bringing a NEW island to Monster Legends! Yay! Together with it, we are also increasing Habitat limit up to a new max. of 100!

    Increased the habitats limit!
    To unlock the new max you need to get the new Premium Island.
    We are adding 10 more habitats, which tops the habitats to 100! 🎉

    New Island
    The new Island will be available to you in the game (only purchase) and it will hold an extra space for another 6 Legendary Habitats with 120 gems on top.

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    It's OFFICIAL, the 1st fixed matchmaking war will happen on Thursday.

    What happens to teams that will be still in a war at that time?
    They will have to wait another 56 hours (from the 1st fixed matchmaking) until the 2nd fixed matchmaking since wars take 48h and there is 8h window after every war period.

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