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    Hello everyone,

    we might do a small change with PvP balancing again. Seems like now you get +30 trophies when winning and lose -10 trophies for a loss which isn't really balanced either. But don't worry, it shouldn't go back to the previous set up.

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    Fix is live, please, reload your games. Thank you

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    Sorry guys, moved the topic to bug section.

    @Darvys sent you PM!

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    Not now, @Clackers. When the fix is live you will probably have to reload the app though.

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    Hello guys,

    We are aware that some players have Montezuma in the new Team Race. It is a cache problem and team is already working on a fix which will be live hopefully today.

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    Hello @SkeelMaster,

    We stitched the hot topics from your questions actually. So very much thank you for that 🙂

    Regarding the shield, you are absolutely correct. If the shield behaves as you stated then it is a bug. Could you give me a bit more info so I can send it to the devs? With examples, if it's possible. The more details we get the quicker is the solution.
    Thanks for bringing this up!

    Now regarding the rewards, actually, the Demise cells have a higher value than runes. We don't plan to change any rewards with intention of cutting the value. However, the rewards may change in the future. We do plan to add relics for example.

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    Hello everyone,

    We have gathered the most talked topics during the month. Come as no surprise that most of them are related to the Multiplayer.
    We want to say thank you for the constant feedback and would like to provide you with further explanations and insights into some of the concerns and news about the PvP.

    Why is Halloween season lasting 3 weeks? Why Demise cells instead of runes?
    The duration of PVP seasons is not necessarily 2 weeks. We wanted to do special seasons with different kinds of rewards (eg. Demise cells). You can expect a special Xmas season with even better rewards.

    As for the change of rewards, we've received both positive and negative feedbacks. Demise is one of the best monsters in the game and cells are very valuable to rank her up. In the next season, runes will be back. Note also that the rewards will also improve with the upcoming introduction of relics (no spoilers!).

    It's too hard to stay at the top of the ranking!
    PVP is indeed a very competitive feature. That's why we introduced very good rewards that did not exist anywhere else in the game.

    Remember that beyond winning trophies in attacks, you can win trophies in defense by having a good monster team. The sooner you set up your top Defense Team, the sooner they'll start protecting your Trophies!

    My opponent is too strong, I have no chance to win
    Thanks for your feedback as it helps us improve the game constantly. Indeed, a small trophy difference can result in a big "strength difference" in terms of monster level or runes for high leagues (Gold 1, Legendary 4, or 3).

    We will adjust the matchmaking value today so that you can find a more adequate opponent. Please let us know if your experience has improved.

    Trophies between victory and defeat are not balanced: I lose more than what I can win.
    We understand that this can seem unfair. However, this was designed taking into account current win ratio in attacks which is extremely high.

    Yet, we will also implement new changes today to ensure you can have a better experience.

    Trophies in attack vs. revenge: I've been attacked and lost 40 trophies, I can only recover 20 by winning a revenge on the same player.
    The amount of trophies you can win or lose in a battle depends on how challenging the battle was. We consider this is much fairer as it's proportional to the "effort" to win the battle.

    Let's take an example: You have 1300 trophies and you get attacked by a player with 1000 trophies. You might lose 40 trophies by losing your defense (this player had to beat you although you were stronger than him!). Now, you want to take revenge: you will not recover the 40 trophies as it's an easy match for you (you're attacking someone with a lower amount of trophies).

    How do the shields work exactly?
    When you are defeated in battle, an automatic shield is triggered. While the shield is active, other players can't challenge you in a fight (whether it's an attack or revenge from their side) and you can't lose any Trophies. The shield will wear off over time (3 hours) or is deactivated when YOU attack another player.

    Do you have any surprise?
    Last but not least! We will return the PvP Refresh button in the game. Big thanks to our Community for all feedback regarding PvP and this topic in particular.

    I'm afraid of relics!
    Some information about relics has already been leaked by unofficial pages.

    This new feature will allow you to better customize your monsters and create new strategies (e.g. the possibility for "weaker" monsters with good relics to beat "strong" monsters). Yes, it will introduce some changes in the game but it will definitely make battles more fun.

    Stay tuned for more info coming very soon!

    We will apply all the mentioned changes on 26/10/2017.

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    Just a quick reply to your comment (still reading through forum). Would appreciate a bit nicer tone of your post as it's sometimes hard to reply in an acceptable and objective manner.

    Chests are an addition in the game, they are not replacing any feature. We have always introduced parts of the game which you could purchase with gems. The decision is always up to you if you just grab the free one or will try out chest for gems.

    People responsible for fixing monster abilities are not the same ones responsible for creating new features, therefore there is no correlation. I know, this Warthak issue is taking a bit more time and I apologize for that, but it's not forgotten and has a prio.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm back. I haven't had time to go through the whole forum yet, this will take at least until the end of the week. Therefore, If you would like to have some answers about PvP, comment a question under this post and I will try to get the answers to some of them.

    Please, share only constructive questions and try to make them short and efficient.
    Thank you, guys!

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