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    The Summit of the Battlemages

    Crissandre was wandering through the desert when an eagle landed on her shoulder. She noticed that there was a piece of paper tied to its claw, so she took it and read it. It said: “The tension in the floating islands of Monster Legends grows every day. Generals are getting tougher, the Nemesis rebels are slowly coming back, and there’s a rumor about lethal tools being created. We need the presence of the Battlemages. Sincerely, Bo Tai.”

    Crissandre knew that a peaceful soul like Bo Tai wouldn’t alarm a battlemage if it weren’t necessary, but before bringing all battlemages to war, she contacted them, convening an official Summit of the Battlemages.

    From the West came Tulekahju. He understood that his control over Fire would be key in the summit, so the moment he got the message, he packed what he needed and left the mountains.

    From the deep forests of the North came Cybele, bearing extraordinary Nature powers. She was the youngest of the group, but her experience in battle was remarkable.

    From the East came Ukuduma, whose inner Thunder allowed him to adjust the intensity of his enemies’ skills, as well as his own.

    Lastly, from the deserts of the South came Crissandre. Her experience on the battlefield, her charisma, and her impressive magical sword, Ymur, made her stand out as the leader of them all. Only she had the convening power to assemble the Summit of the Battlemages. For the event, she had chosen a tower with privileged views over the floating islands of Monster Legends. Now they are together, ready to make a decision: to join or not to join the battle.

    Monster Master, it is up to you to convince them to stay!

    Check it out on Facebook, we have a small contest at the end of the story!:)

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    @MarshallTheBeef You should get news pop up and that season started. But you can find out very easily, just tap the multiplayer button and if you have different UI and leagues you are in the beta testing group.

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    Hello everyone,

    As you may have noticed we publish a news about new PVP in the UPDATE section in game.
    We will roll out the new PVP very slowly so we can spot any potential issues and hopefully, launch it fully in the near future.

    If you are lucky and you got the new PVP, please, check our FAQ in the game for more specific information.

    We would be very happy if you could share your feedback through tickets to Customer Support with #newpvp hashtag or here in the comments bellow.

    Feel free to post comments, complaints or suggestion in this topic.
    Any post that isn't about new PVP will be considered as OTP and, as such, will be moved or deleted.

    Thank you

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    @MarshallTheBeef said in Maze discount:

    lot of confusion. Would it be possible to push out a message similar to the War start/end messages:

    Hey Marshall,
    I will forward it and let's see.

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    @Marianne-van-Es Well, I said one of the reasons. And of course, it is also an incentive for people to open the game but I wouldn't say it's closer to the truth. There are many points to this and at the end it can create more confusion than good. There is no hidden agenda, really. 🙂

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    @Marianne-van-Es One of the reasons is that times of events can change. In case we would provide this information and then change it, it would be very hard to communicate to you guys not to mention that we would need more time and resources to do that -changing news, translations, etc. is not easy.

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    The balancing changes we’ve been announcing for the past few weeks are here!
    IMPORTANT: Some of the changes are live already and others will be released during the rest of the day.

    Breeding and Hatching Times
    The times for breeding, hatching, or both have decreased for 70 monsters! With this change, new players will find much smoother time curves when trying to breed starter monsters.
    The fairness of breeding events has also improved: Now all Epic breeding lasts exactly the same time! This means that 45+ Epic monsters will now be bred 30% faster than before!

    The following 2 monsters have their breeding AND hatching times decreased:
    Dolphchamp, Giragast.

    The following 8 monsters will have faster HATCHING times:
    Esmelter, Jonskeer, Omethyst, Manolyth, Heimdal, Rockneto, Metanephrops, and Lesaki

    The following monsters will have faster BREEDING times:
    Pyrook, Bloomskips, Raydex, Light Sphinx, Blesstle, Vixsun, Komocat, Molem, Boneticore, Rhodent, Dan Felino, Gravoid, Irockman, Griffex, Karasu, Arnu, Cthulhu, Rockiesta, Rockinho, Rockovan, Rockanne, Rockarito, Rock Li-Sun, Rockadona, Rockham, Rocksteiger, Van Rock, Rockidson, Rockaggio, Rockamura, Freedom Feather, Hellberus, Rock Druid, w'Olftagnan, Medussha, Elder Sporeling, Donaturtle, Hydnora, Goath'el, Rootziel, Frank S. Tein, Wisteria, Freeza, Master Fong, Skuller, Haku, Rascal, Squamata Jr., Mecharasu, Seraphim, Rhinoram, Firesque, Gold Ra, Plethodon, Punchie, MonsterFace, Coldberus, Gridiron, and Chocobunny

    On top of this, the Dragonian Beast and Greygoyle(which had a 10% chance of appearing when breeding) will now increase its hatching and breeding time to match the rest of the Epic monsters... but don't worry: During events, we will often reduce the breeding and hatching time of specific groups of monsters... stay tuned and aim for those that are fast to breed!

    Changes in the Team Shop

    • Meet the INGVAR'S BODYGUARD, a lightning fast damage dealer able to strike down the foes that menace General Ingvar before they can even attack! Stay tuned: All Generals will have their own Bodyguards!

    • Every month you’ll find a different set of Generals, Pets, and Team Shop exclusive monsters. This month and until July 17th, General Ingvar and General Shannara will be in the Team Shop, along with other monsters like Master Skeel and Donaturtle!

    • War Coin prices for Generals and Pets have been increased to better represent the strength and value of these monsters in the game. Remember you also have Cell packs in the Team Shop at very affordable prices!

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    Keep in mind that those are not official dates and everything could be different at the end!
    You are taking those times from 3rd party.

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    Hello @Janice-StevensI will send you a PM. Monsterwood should show up after 20 days from registration.
    No idea what is the issue with Adventure map and the wheel though.

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