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    When Thundeer was young, he loved to bring lots of gifts from his home forest to the baby monsters in the neighboring villages. Whether it was wild berries or magical stones, Thundeer always had something thoughtful yet simple for everyone. But then, something happened and everything changed. Thundeer was struck by lightning! That made him incredibly strong, but his appearance became too imposing for baby monsters. They got scared of him and stopped wanting him around, even if he came bearing gifts. He felt lonely and forsaken, and he hid away in the forest, too afraid to come out in case he would scare everyone away. He didn’t mind if he and the young monsters couldn’t be friends anymore, he just wanted to do something nice for them from time to time. So he had an idea: He traveled for weeks to find a famous creator: Ingenica.

    Thundeer met Ingenica and explained his situation and the idea he’d had: He wanted her help to build a machine that would look cool and strong, but friendly in a way that baby monsters wouldn’t be afraid of it. Ingenica was so moved by Thundeer’s story that she offered to build him an artifact for free.

    Now that Thundeer has this new artifact called Santerion, they can deliver many more gifts to many more monsters. Once a year, they both go out together and travel from village to village surprising monsters. Thundeer chooses the gifts and the lucky receivers, and Santerion does the delivery while Thundeer enjoys the monsters’ joy from afar. Perfect team!


    Thundeer is a Thunder Forsaken Controller with extra turns. He can disable an enemy's trait, remove positive effects, and get an extra turn all in one move. He has several skills that can apply Control and even Mega Control status effects. Thundeer has an Evolving Trait: He's Tough at rank 0, he will also increase the Total Life of his allies by 50% at rank 1, become an Area-Dodge Status Caster at rank 3, and a Random Debuff Status Caster at rank 5.

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.2.12 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some new features.


    Ultra mega fast FEED button
    No more tapping craziness. Tap and hold the Feed button and see what happens!

    Fyber Monsterwood
    We have removed Ironsource and replaced it with Fyber offers.
    If you still have some Ironsource task WIP you will be able to finish it, as usual.

    Multiplayer mode
    When you're choosing an opponent in the Legendary Leagues, you will see "Anonymous" instead of "????".


    • Text Improvements
    • Icon Improvements

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    Some players haven't received seasonal rewards after the last Team Wars season even though they have fought 5 wars. If that is your case, please, contact our customer support and they will check for you.

    We have found the issue and the bug will be fixed before the next Team Wars season ends.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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    When: From December 9th
    Monsters: Below, you can find a list of Monsters in the book and the dates when they will be obtainable in the game.






    Nautilus-1 - Monsterwood
    Son Cookie - Mini Challenge (December 25th)
    Imigbo - Master of Paths (December 10th)
    Krampus - Mini Challenge (December 26th)
    Panda Claus - Festive Dome Maze (December 17th)


    Silverleaf - Way of Wisdom Challenge (December 10th)
    Saulot - Master of Paths (December 10th)
    Santerion - Gloomy Dome Maze (December 25th)
    Yedra - Yedra's Quest (December 9th)
    Kronxian Guard - Xmas event (December 10th ->)
    Nisael - Team Race (January 2nd)
    Dr. Marihelson - Winter collectors breeding
    Hookuai - Breeding Unchained (December 20th)


    Zizania - Zizania's Revenge (December 12th)
    Gualgui - Xmas Breeding (December 24th)
    Rociuko - Rociuko's Tale (December 21st)
    Thundeer - Festive Dome Maze (December 17th)
    Zyla the Faithful - Master of Paths (December 12th)
    Frosilka - Capitalize breeding (December 17th)
    Warthak the Mountainsplitter - Master of Paths (December 14th)
    Ursus - Legends Pass & Xmas breeding (December)

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    Meet Kihaku’s apprentice, Rociuko. For years, Rociuko has been an obedient and responsive student, but she’s tired of being just a student. She has a lot of potential, and she keeps asking Kihaku about her favorite field: the dark arts, but every time she does, all she gets is a mean answer: “Why do you keep asking these kind of questions? Are you a witch? You’re not a witch, you’re a Light apprentice”. At this point, she’s had enough. She can either kill her master or leave him and teach him a lesson. She prefers the second option, so she’s designed a plan.

    Rociuko’s going to abandon Kihaku’s dojo in the middle of the night and join an old enemy of his: Harusami. Kihaku defeated this Dark samurai a long time ago and, after that battle, Harusami decided to retire. However, Rociuko knows that nothing would make Kihaku angrier than seeing his enemy rise again thanks to the infinite power of his very own apprentice. He will regret having underestimated Rociuko, because now she’ll make Harusami her puppet and Kihaku her victim.


    Rociuko is a Light monster with Supporter, Debuffer, and Torturer. She disarms enemies making them weak to various elements in one move or removing their positive status effects. Also in just one move, she can apply several Tortures. Rociuko helps her allies by cleaning their negative effects. Rociuko has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, she's a Piercer, at rank 1, she gains Anticipation, and at rank 3, she becomes Immune to Control.

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    Meet Kihaku’s apprentice, Rociuko. She holds a lot of resentment for her teacher and is ready to embark on her own Tale of revenge and glory.


    Find more about Rociuko HERE.

    COLLECT parts and equipment: 5x Rociuko's Mask, 5x Rociuko's Earring, 5x Rociuko's Belt, 5x Rociuko's Fan, 5x Rociuko's Wand.
    When to collect: December 10th - December 25th

    FIGHT through Rociuko's Progressive event to get your own protector.
    When: December 21st - December 25th

    Rociuko's Mask


    2x Festive Dome Maze (December 17th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon I (December 12th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon II (December 17th)
    1x Feeding Time Challenge (December 20th)
    Other: Monsterwood, Collectors Breeding

    Rociuko's Wand

    2x Festive Dome Maze (December 17th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon I (December 12th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon II (December 17th)
    1x Rune Time Challenge (December 18th)
    Other: Monsterwood, Collectors Breeding

    Rociuko's Fan

    2x Festive Dome Maze (December 17th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon I (December 12th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon II (December 17th)
    1x Rune Time Challenge (December 11th)
    Other: Monsterwood, Collectors Breeding

    Rociuko's Belt


    2x Festive Dome Maze (December 17th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon I (December 12th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon II (December 17th)
    1x Feed Time Challenge (December 13th)
    Other: Monsterwood, Collectors Breeding

    Rociuko's Earring

    2x Festive Dome Maze (December 17th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon I (December 12th)
    2x Rociuko's Token Dungeon II (December 17th)
    1x Breeding Time Challenge (December 16th)
    Other: Monsterwood, Collectors Breeding

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    Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride on this Xmas fairy event!
    Look forward to a month full of amazing rewards in the Xmas Key and Coin hunt!

    When: From December 11th to January 10th

    Xmas Time Challenge

    Collect Xmas coins and get up to 90 Kronxian Guard Cells.

    Where to get Xmas Coins?

    Every week for the whole month, we will release a Xmas Dungeon. If you reach the end, you will find the precious Xmas Coin!

    However, that's not all! You will also get a special Xmas Gift chest after every node you complete. What can you find in the chests? Runes II-XS, Relics, Xmas Monsters, Food, VIP or Nemesis.


    Every Dungeon will have 21 nodes that you can unlock only with the Xmas Keys.

    Where to get the Xmas Keys?

    You can get three Xmas Keys on a daily basis via completion of the Daily Missions.

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    The following changes are live in the game since November 30th.

    Now the second and third steps will be removed by Clean Negative effects.

    Fenrir - Rage of Fenrir
    Ally Taunt is not attracting this skill anymore

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