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    Greetings Monster Masters,

    As many of you know, up until now, it was possible to save your Monster Legends accounts only via Facebook and Google Play on Android.
    Times are changing and we introduce you to another option to save your progress, specifically for Apple devices, the Apple Sign in.

    • Available from version 9.2.19
    • Available for iOS 13 and above
    • You can connect only 1 game to 1 Apple account, so be careful which Monster Legends game progress you're linking.
    • You can find all three options to save your progress in the game settings.
    • On top of that, you can change your account by clicking on the "CHANGE PLAYER" button.
    • Again, be careful which accounts you link! Our customer support cannot provide any support in cases of wrongly linked accounts.

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    At the Warmasters’ Yearly Summit, there’s time for everything: They have serious discussions about the wars each of them are facing, but they also make sure to leave some time for fun. The event they enjoy the most during the summit is the Battle Royale Tournament, a game in which each Warmaster chooses a monster of their element and puts them on an island — The last one standing, wins.

    Elvira has won for 3 years in a row, but this year, Sherezar is determined to take the victory. He announced this to his peers.

    “And just out of curiosity, why are you so sure you’ll win? Who’s representing you? — asked Elvira jokingly.

    “I’m not telling!” — answered Sherezar.

    “Oh, come on, I bet you don’t even know who you’re bringing yet!” — insisted Elvira.

    “Well, if you must know… Son-Cookie.” — said Sherezar as he left the room and all the other Warmasters roared with laughter.

    The day of the tournament is finally here! Elvira is sure that her champion, Lady Solaris, will be able to protect her title against Silverleaf, Rekka, Pierceid, Olnir, Hydratila, Hobkin, Nabuline, and - hold on a minute... That’s not Son-Cookie! It looks like Sherezar has deceived his fellow Warmasters and brought a monster that none of them know, even though it looks awfully similar to Xiron and Gelotron.

    “Meet my champion, LazarBeam!” — said Sherezar, who looked as if he was about to explode with pride. “I made the mistake of forsaking him a while ago, but he’s ready to prove me wrong. Now that we’re all here, let’s begin!”

    The tournament starts now! Will LazarBeam win the Battle Royale for Warmaster Sherezar?


    LazarBeam is a Magic Attacker with Control Immunity and Triple Damage boosts. His skills include positive effect removals, trait disabling, high damage, extra turns, and more! He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Control, at rank 1, he becomes a Status Caster of Area Magic Weakness, and at rank 3, he gains another Status Caster ability, gaining Random Element Hater at the start of the battle.

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.2.19 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes.


    "Profanity filter joined the chat." Let's make the in-game chat liveable again.
    Relic Armor will provide the correct shield %.

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    These fixes were added in the game in the past 2 weeks.

    Area Dodge
    Area Dodge wasn't correctly blocking the Baby Reversion.

    Baby Reversion
    Baby Reversion was affecting instead of being blocked by Artifacts.

    A baby version of the monsters couldn't be targetted when a skill had Pierce.

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    There’s something wrong. Caillech hasn’t been home for Christmas, and it’s her favorite time of the year, she would never miss it intentionally. Her father, Frazerot — a famous wizard of the northern lands, had decorated his ice castle, as he does every year, and bought dozens of presents for his beloved daughter to open, but she never appeared.

    “She must be caught up in her battles, after all, my baby’s a big fighter now!” — he thought, trying to convince himself that everything was fine, but after weeks of sleepless nights, Frazerot has realized that he won't shake this feeling of unease unless he goes and checks on his daughter himself.

    Welcome to this side of the Monster Legends Universe, Frazerot! Let us ask around… Has anyone seen Caillech?


    Frazerot is a Water Support monster with stamina removals and Area-Dodge. He can remove negative effects from all allies while giving them Torture Immunity and Life Regeneration, or remove their negative effects and give them Control Immunity. He can also drain enemies' stamina. Frazerot has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he has Area-Dodge, at rank 1, he becomes a status caster, applying Stamina Regeneration to allies at the start of the battle. Finally, at rank 3, he gains Freeze Immunity.

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    Grand Duels are back! This time with new Monsters. Let's check what's coming.

    When: February 13th - February 20th


    • Nemesis and Elite Souls are BACK!
    • No more Warm-ups! We go hardcore.
    • The entry fee is 6 Grand Duel Tickets or 30 gems.
    • Time Challenge with some higher-level Speed Runes!
    • Monster options in the roster were updated with the latest monsters, like Rekka and Synaptikus.

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    Korruptus was the king of Plithora - a tiny yet surprisingly wealthy realm. His people lived in peace and adored him as a ruler, who brightened up their lives with the light of his wisdom and candor. However, when there was a shortage of gold in the area around the realm and monsters from neighboring kingdoms got desperate, they started attacking Plithora, trying to steal their wealth.

    Korruptus was determined to protect the happiness of his people. Still, Plithora was such a tiny realm that he didn’t have enough monsters or machinery to defend it. He didn’t want to risk half of his subjects by putting them on the line, against thousands of attackers, so he started looking for alternative ways to protect them.

    Weeks passed and Plithora resisted the attacks of its neighbors, but inhabitants noticed that something had changed in the atmosphere. Everything was a bit darker, a bit gloomier. They couldn’t understand how they were all safe if there was no one defending the city. They were also missing the company of their formerly omnipresent king.

    His absence arose suspicions, so a group of citizens went into the castle and up the highest tower, where they finally found him. He was completely changed. His skin was now wrinkly and dark blue, his face was so deformed that he had covered it with a mask, and he looked broken inside. They all immediately understood how Plithora had stayed safe: The king had turned to dark magic to defend the realm.

    The citizens decided that they’d have to defend themselves — Korruptus had already gone too far. They locked the king in the dungeons so that he wouldn’t try any more spells, but by this point, he had already gone mad and was completely corrupted by dark magic. He broke out of his cell with ease. This was the last time his subjects saw him.

    No one knows where he went or what his next move will be, now that the light of his wisdom has given way to the darkness of his magic.

    Korruptus is a Forsaken Light Controller with Corruption skills and Area-Dodge. He can remove positive effects and Mega Corrupt all enemies, but when he does so, he becomes weak to Light. Korruptus also has several skills with extra turns, which he combines with Trait Disabling, Reverse Healing, and random Tortures. Korruptus has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he has Area Dodge. At rank 1, he becomes Hardened. At rank 3, he adds Tough to the mix, and at rank 5, he becomes a Status Caster of area Sunburn.

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    When: February 14th - February 17th
    Choose between War Coins or Tokens
    0_1581506758461_Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 12.25.31.png


    0_1581507029260_Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 12.30.21.png

    You will get rewards based on the number of Tokens you collect. These rewards will be given progressively as soon as you reach the Tokens milestones.


    You will get a very special Magic Statue at the end of the Fraternity Event as the highest prize for 6 000 Tokens.

    This 1x1 decoration will grant you extra rewards every day from February 17th - February 26th.
    Wherever you have it, storage or on an island, it will give you 25 gems + 20 elemental cells (random) every day, on the last day you will receive 25 gems + 20 Elementium instead of Elemental Cells.

    You won’t be able to sell the Magic Statue, however, you will be able to store it and it will still grant you the rewards.

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