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    The following changes are live in the game since November 11th.

    Legends Pass
    "Collect 20 free gems" Challenge in the Legends Pass is now counting the points correctly.

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    Nikasia is a young magic apprentice, as she wants to follow the steps of her grandmother Saika and her big sister Kassia. She knows a few magic spells but she's passionate, agile, strong and very talented, so very soon she'll be worthy of her heritage!


    Nikasia is a Light Support and Debuffer monster with the Area Dodge trait. At rank 1, she adds Freeze Immunity to that trait and at rank 3, she also blocks Resurrections. She can remove negative effects and give Precision to all allies in one move. Her skills include debuffs like Daze, Sunburn, Blind, and Total Blind.

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    As you know we haven’t intended for players to own 2 or more Lord Pumpseeds. Unfortunately, it looks like some players were able to craft him, so every Lord Pumpseed obtained in the Laboratory when having one already in your storage will be exchanged for cells in the next few days.

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    The time has come for you to decide which path you're going to take. You stand on a crossroad that leads in four different directions and you have only 3 days to reach the end, which path will you choose?

    Starts: November 12th
    Ends: November 15th

    • 4 paths
    • 4 Monsters (up to rank 5)
    • No keys
    • The same amount of maze coins needed for each path
    • 3 days long (1st day with 20% discount, 2nd day with 10% discount)

    Muerte McBlood | The Warrior | Vanoss | Eggeater

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    New dungeons are waiting for those who embraced their Questing side and have acquired any of the Quest monsters. You will have a great opportunity to put them into good use every month in the Quest Dungeon where only Quest monsters are a rule.

    Starts: November 11th

    New Quest Book
    Have a bad memory and don’t remember which Monsters we are talking about? Don’t become disheartened, we got you covered with a new Quest Book available in the Library. It contains all the current Quest Monsters but it will also hint the upcoming ones.
    0_1573221284751_book quest.png

    How is this going to work?
    As you know, currently, when playing the Quest event you need to participate in the breeding to receive a key that opens the Quest Survival Dungeon. This remains the same.

    However, on top of that, you will also get a Quest Scroll for any unsuccessful/successful breeding using the parents from the event.
    These Quest Scrolls will work as a currency to advance through nodes in the new Quest Dungeon.


    The new Quest Dungeon will follow special restrictions:
    0_1573460133885_Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 09.15.04.png


    Each Node has a Roulette with 5 cells of the current Quest Monster or the Quest scrolls.
    You can get up to 60 cells of the current Quest Monster Cells.
    0_1573222888258_Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 15.21.06.png

    Missing Quest Monsters?
    In case you don’t have any Quest Monsters, you can catch up by visiting the Lab to get some of their cells.
    IMPORTANT: The gem price is progressively decreasing, so the more you buy, the cheaper they’ll get.

    /Edit: Updated Restrictions

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    These changes are live in the game since November 7th.

    Legends Pass
    Some players have received more challenge points than they should have due to a conversion of the challenge points formula. This bug has been fixed but these points won’t be removed.

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    These changes are live in the game since November 6th.

    Recently Baby and Recently Time Stop now last for 1 turn (was 3 turns).

    "Curse" will now be correctly removed by Remove Negative Effects.

    Positive effects
    Attacks with Positive effects are now correctly applied when facing Area Dodge monsters.

    Total Blind
    Being Cursed and also having Total Blind won't remove the second phase of Curse anymore.

    Pierce skills land status effects through the Evasion properly.

    Ugluk's "Taunt Hater" can be correctly cleaned by Remove Positive Effects now

    Sherezar´s “Rejuvenation” skill is now correctly applied when facing Area Dodge monsters.

    Totem is now protected from Status casters with Torture.

    Incognita's “Divine Misfortune” now applies Random Negative Effects as stated in the skill description.

    Thorder's “Volts Overdose” removes Negative Effects as it supposed to.

    Teashire's “Is it raining today?” now applies Nightmares to a single enemy instead of an area as it is stated in the description.

    Barbatos' attacks with True Damage won't be triggering “on damage” relics, this is the correct behavior.

    Relics triggers
    Certain attacks that deal area damage were not triggering some Relics, it's fixed now.

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    Monster Masters!

    Fixing bugs is one of our biggest priorities and to make everything as transparent as possible we would like to share with you all the bug fixes we implement in the game.

    Every month we will release a “Gameplay Changes & Fixes” log for that particular month.

    The log will be constantly updated as we continue to fix bugs throughout the month. So make sure you check this page once in a while.

    Of course, if you experience any issue in the game, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.2.4 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to a lot of fixes.


    We've added:

    • Storage room for Skins
    • Book Filter "Select team" view for Multiplayer, Dungeons and Team Battlegrounds


    Survival Dungeon
    Dead Monster won't be able to attack anymore.

    Live Duels
    Sometimes changing monsters' skills did not save. This shouldn't happen anymore.

    Team Wars
    Sometimes if the surviving monster had less than 1% of hp, it could be counted as dead. This won't happen anymore.

    Team Battlegrounds
    In the next Team Battlegrounds, you will be able to change your attack team.

    Sherezar's rejuvenation, hitting a single O'Reilly, doesn't cast Cooldowns Deactivated on allies.

    Small localization & visual fixes

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