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    Hi, everyone!

    We have a short update for you. We've found the problem and already have a fix in place, however, you will need to download the new version of the game, which is currently being evaluated by Apple and Google and it might take some time.

    This means that we don't know when the version with the fix will be available in your stores, it could be during the weekend or early next week.

    We apologize for the inconveniences and will try to keep you updated.

    Additionally, we are evaluating possible next steps we can do for the players who were impacted.

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    Hi, everyone!
    We are aware that players have issues when connecting to Facebook. ML Team is currently investigating the issues and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

    We are very sorry for the inconveniences.

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    Hi, Monster Masters,

    We’d like to announce that, after much internal discussion, the Monster Legends team has decided to go back to the drawing board when it comes to the Treasure Cave.

    We feel that the Cave hasn’t been living up to our (and your) expectations lately and, despite the initial excitement around it, it has become less and less interesting for players over time. Due to this, we decided to re-think this feature and try to make it something more interesting and exciting. So, in short, we will be closing the current Cave and we plan on bringing it back into the game occasionally as an event. Keep on the lookout for that later this Summer!

    Treasure Cave will be closing on August 7th.

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    When: From August 1st
    Monsters: Below, you can find a list of Monsters in the book and the dates when they will be obtainable in the game.






    Bonnie Bark (Monsterwood)
    Patrion - MoP
    Vanoss - MoP
    Growler - Thraw of the Dead Maze (August 19th)


    Yimburbur - The Forest Troll Progressive (August 8th)
    Gelotron - MoP
    Olnir - Valkyrie Myth Progressive (August 15th)
    Shademoon - Madam Fusion's Quest (August 12th) Nemesis Breeding (August 18th) //Edited
    Clipeum - Secret
    Lighterium - Bioluminescent Team Race (August 1st)
    Eisul - Thraw of the Dead Maze (August 19th)
    Pierceid - Breeding Unchained (August 22nd)


    Helgudin - Storm of Titans Progressive (August 11th)
    Wangzhou - Army of Metal Breeding Path (August 5th)
    Madam Fusion - Madam Fusion's Quest ( August 12th)
    Nitroblaster - Thraw of the Dead Maze (August 19th)
    Talos the Automaton - Nemesis Breeding (August 18th)
    Kaih the Eradicator - VIP Breeding (August 27th)
    Prince Charmless - MoP
    Wyrmlad - Super Summer Chest

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.0.5 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to a few improvements.



    • New names and descriptions.
    • Avatars are now displayed also on the main islands.
    • Price reduction
      From 400 gems to 140 gems for the premium avatars
      From 200 gems to 65 gems for the normal avatars)

    Live Duels

    • New visuals of the Result screen.
    • From now on it's possible to select whether you want Nemesis or Elite souls as a reward.


    • Tier 4 attacks are now fixed.
    • Fixed some overlapping texts in the Avatar screen.

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    Hi, everyone!

    We will be doing some important changes to the Duels starting this week and we want to share the NEWS with you.

    • Classic Duels are taking a summer break!
      From Friday, August 2nd, there won't be any Classic Duels available. This means that you will be able to enjoy Grand Duels and it's awesome rewards (Nemesis and Elite souls) for more days than just a weekend!

    • Entry fee will be reduced from 25 to 20 gems!

    • To reduce the randomness of the team selection we will have only 44 Monsters available, from the original 82!

    • Rewards
      We will add Grand Duel tokens as a reward for winning the Grand Duel and on top of that, from version 9.0.5, you will be able to choose whether you want Nemesis or Elite souls as a reward (no more randomness)!

    • More Time Challenges!

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    Monsters that have incorrect tier 4 skills have been changed to tier 3 skills.

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    We have found a few problems in Duels that we are trying to fix now.

    To amend and fix these, the game won't allow you to matchmake If you've experienced any of the bugs we mention below since you have a pending Duel. In this case, please, restart so the game can update the status of your matches.

    We will be fixing more in the Live Duels in the following days, however, feel free to contact our customer support in case of doubt.

    Known issues:

    • Losing connection during a battle when the duel was already lost could lead into a phase were the victory/defeat was not counted.
    • Exiting the battle very close to being killed could count as a double defeat so you might receive the rewards early.
    • Winning a duel and losing connection or having bad connection could give some players a double result of a defeat or for a victory.

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