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    The cold winds and festive atmosphere are circling around, waiting for the right moment - The Legends Pass!
    What can you look forward to in the winter-themed Pass?

    Golden Legends Pass Perks

    NEW Food boost up to 100%
    NEW Gold boost up to 100%
    Hatching time reduction up to 30%
    Extraction time reduction up to 30%
    Donation up to +3 Legendary cells
    Building time reduction up to 30%
    Boost for gaining challenge points up to 30%

    Golden Legends Pass Rewards

    NEW Monster - Ursus (2x Ursus+ 460 cells)
    More about Ursus HERE.

    Thalassa, The Pearl Queen Skin

    Animated Thalassa Avatar (permanent)
    An exclusive Winter themed Legends Frame (temporary)
    And many more!

    • Relics
    • Runes
    • Keys
    • War Medals
    • Orbs
    • Nemesis/Elite Souls
    • Elemental cells

    Legends Pass Rewards

    • Elemental Cells
    • Nemesis Souls
    • PvP Stamina
    • Elite Souls
    • Rune Speed
    • Golden Relic
    • Ursus

    The Golden Legends Pass also includes

    A discount on Heroic Orbs for the Spotlighted Thalassa Warmaster Heroic Dungeon
    The Spotlighted Thalassa Warmaster Heroic Dungeon will have NO Ranked restrictions

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    Ursus and his older brother Voytek grew up without their parents, but everything was alright, because they had each other. When they were little, they played superheroes, and Voytek even gave Ursus a red cape for his seventh birthday. They loved fighting against each other, and they dreamed of a future where they’d go out into the world as a great battle team. But one day, a monster with a long coat came along. He and Voytek spoke for a long while, and after that, Voytek said he had to leave and go to war. Ursus didn’t understand what was going on, all he wanted to do was follow Voytek, but the answer was a very conclusive “no”.

    “Listen to me, Ursus, you’re going to stay here, taking care of our lair and all our stuff, just like I’ve taught you. I need you to train in combat every day, and when I come back, we will join the big leagues together. I promise.” — said Voytek.

    And right after that, he left. Months went by, years went by,… Ursus spent every single day training, but his brother never returned, so he decided to leave the lair. He felt like his talent was being wasted, and he resented every day he waited. He started traveling and investigating about the war Voytek had been recruited for, and it wasn’t long before he found out that his bloc had lost.

    He began to think that his brother was dead, but then, a monster who went by the name of Herr Kommissar gave him hope: “Voytek? I remember him! We fought on the same side. He was such a ferocious fighter that the winning side wouldn’t trust him to keep his head down, so they sent him away to the cold mountains of the north. The last thing I heard is that he’s nowan ice miner under the control of the Water Legions.” Ursus knew what he had to do. He thanked Herr Kommissar, and he started his long journey.

    He reached the mountains and started climbing. At the beginning, the thick layers of snow and ice almost ruined his mission, but little by little, he learned how to control the elements and even found a way to make weapons out of ice. It was tough, but he made it to the top, and just like Herr Kommissar had told him, Voytek was there. He was guarded by soldiers, but the minute the brothers saw each other, there was nothing anyone could do to stop them. They defeated all the soldiers superhero-style and took control of the top of the mountain!

    “Wow, little brother,… you really did train all these years” —said Voytek jokingly.

    Who would dare to take the mountain from them now?

    Ursus is a Water Attacker with Pierce, Damage Boost, and extra turn abilities. These decisive skills combined with his high damage, make Ursus unstoppable! He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0 he's Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, he gains Hardened and at rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster who can protect his Trait.
    0_1574942530983_Ursus Attacks.png

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.2.10 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to a lot of text fixes in different languages.


    Legends Pass
    We aligned some visuals and text.

    Other text fixes
    We fixed text for the following languages: ES/IT/PT/RU/JA/KO/MX/FI/TR.

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    Black Friday is upon us. Don't miss this great opportunity to save some gems and take part in any of the following Events, Offers or Happy Hours.


    • Elementium chests
    • Time-limited chests
    • Food
    • Monster week
    • Gem Discount
    • Flash sales


    • Fraternity days
    • King of Gems Time Challenge
    • Thanksgiving Monster Cells donation

    Happy Hours

    • Vault
    • Rune slots

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    Hi @lloyd-t-prendergast, still there. You just need to scroll.

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    Have the Classic and Grand Duels become a mundane chore? Grandmaster Duels are here to take you out of the monotonous battles and spice it all up with special Timed Challenges that also include Rankings so that you can measure your fighting prowess on a global level.

    Live: November 22nd
    Time period: 3 days


    • NO warm-ups
    • Level Caps on level
      However, the caps don’t remove already received Traits and Skills that were unlocked by reaching a specific rank.
    • Use your own monsters from pre-defined Monster Pool.
    • You will also be able to modify your monsters with your own Relics and Runes.

    2 NEW Timed Challenges

    • Grand Duels Victories
    • Grand Duels Won

    You can look forward to tough competition and some great rewards such as Elite Souls, Relics and Runes!

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.2.8 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some new features.


    Fight LIVE with your own Monsters and reach the top of the Time Challenge ranking.

    New personalized Offers


    Legends Pass
    Fixed an issue when some players received incorrect % of hatching and building-time boost.

    Other small fixes

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    The Cardinal Forest has been through a lot lately. Invasions, assaults,… The list is endless, but its inhabitants have been able to overcome all of it by sticking together, or at least that’show it seemed. When the representatives of all life forms got together to discuss important matters, they always seemed to forget a part of the forest: the swamp. Maybe because it’s quite different from the rest, maybe because it’s not as beautiful and radiant, not as full of brightly colored flowers. It’s darker and it smells less fresh than on the mountain side.

    Whatever the reason was,when Zahra, Talika, General Alces, and the other spirits of the forest held their meetings, they always seemed to leave out the representative of all swamp creatures: Wickah, and this hadn’t gone unnoticed to her or to anyone under her protection. So, when for the millionth time, Wickah heard about a Forest Council Meeting being held without her, she decided to show up. She headed into the heart of the forest and there they were, all the ancient spirits, all but herself.

    “Oh! Is this a Forest Council Meeting? I can’t believe my invitation got lost… again. I guess the path to the swamp is just too slippery for any of your messengers to walk along.” — said Wickah sarcastically. But then she changed to a more serious tone: “You can fight alien invasions but you can’t bring yourself to approach my side of the forest? You’ve been ignoring me and the creatures of the swamp, because you are blind. You don’t know how to see beauty in decay like I see it, you don’t know how to appreciate any beauty except for the one you see in your own kind. But this is going to change. The swamp is a rich biosphere full of monsters… Intelligent monsters, strong monsters. Monsters that will no longer be forsaken or accept hiding away for your convenience.

    “So you don’t like the swamp? Well that’s too bad, because it’s about to become BIG. For centuries, you’ve all allowed monsters from outside to take our lands, but I am going to reclaim them. That village on the west edge? I’ll make it part of the swamp. That vampire’s castle? I’ll cover it in moss and give it to my monsters. The swamp’s territory is going to be so wide that you won’t be able to ignore us anymore. In order to go anywhere, you’ll have to cross our lands.” — she warned them all. At this point, she had managed to attract their full attention, which had never happened.

    “Now, I won’t waste another minute. You’ll hear from me, and you’ll know where to find me, so I’m looking forward to receiving the invitation to the next Council Meeting. I really hope it doesn’t get lost this time. For me it would be an insult, but for you… for you it would mean staying trapped on your side of the forest forever, so make sure you assign me your best messenger.”

    Without another word, Wickah left the heart of the forest and everyone remained silent, simply breathing in the stagnant water aroma Wickah had left behind. Now they all knew they had made a big mistake by ignoring creatures of the swamp. This time, the problem had come from inside their home, and they only had themselves to blame.
    0_1574152956799_Wickah Attacks.png

    • Exclusive Book

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