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    When Rocigon was young, he didn't have many real friends. He had an imaginary one; a dragon warrior who was always there to save him from his evil enemies. His name was Armor Claw. He might not have been real, but he was definitely inspiring. He taught him everything he knows about battles now, and he always had great advice: “Analyze the enemy before going into battle”, “Dream big and pursue your passions”. If it wasn’t for Armor Claw, Rocigon would never have become the fighter he is today.

    After winning his latest tournament, Rocigon brought home a trophy, which had little pieces of amber engraved in it. As he placed it with all his other trophies, he thought “Thanks again, Armor Claw”. Within seconds, the amber stones released a magical substance which soared into the sky and transformed into a Mythic Monster; a living, breathing Armor Claw!


    Armor Claw is a Mythic Fire Tank with Taunt and Skill Mirror effects, as well as high damage skills. In some of his attacks, he can heal himself while boosting his damage, or deal damage, apply Sunburn, and then gain an extra turn. He has an evolving trait: Taunt at rank 0, Hardened at rank 1, and at rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster of Stun Immunity.

    0_1582887889234_Armor Claw.png

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    Every year Madam Fusion tries to find the perfect birthday gift for VoltaiK. Last year, she gave him a piece of strange rock with something that looked like shiny amber at its core. He loved it, it was precious to him. So this year, trying to outdo herself was a big challenge, but she managed it. She found the most perfect gift, a special edition of VoltaiK’s favorite comic book: “Katufo, the Space Defender”. When he unwrapped it, he screamed with joy. “Katufo! My childhood hero! He was this amazing space defender with a cool UFO, the Frionel 2000, and he had a girlfriend, Mako, who was also a space defender... I swear, all I ever wanted was to be his friend. He was the best of the best!”.

    That night, VoltaiK left the comic book on his shelf, right by the piece of amber rock that Madam Fusion had given him last year. What he didn’t know is that the amber rock had magical properties. It absorbed VoltaiK’s childhood memories and transformed them into a real monster — Katufo came to life as a Mythic Monster!

    VoltaiK, meet your favorite space defender!


    Katufo is a Mythic Thunder Controller with Stun, Drown, and Shock Skills. He can also buff himself with Precision and Control Immunity. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Freeze, he becomes Immune to Bleed at rank 1, and at rank 3, he gains Precision at the start of every battle.


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    MYTHIC - Q&A

    Are the Mythics supposed to push all the Legendaries out of the meta?
    Let's start with a major concern. Are Legendaries actually useless from now on?
    We have seen many players saying "Legendaries are obsolete", which we consider as an overstatement. Through our playtesting, we have found the best teams consist of both Legendaries and Mythics. We expect certain types of monsters like Supports with Cleans, Trait Disablers, Anticipators, MegaTaunt Tanks, Area Dodgers and Monster who have powerful Status Casters to stay meta-viable.

    Consider it as a transition period. We won't populate all books at once, hence Team Wars with its restrictions are still about Legendaries. PvP is the same. Also, Legendaries will still be used in the events (breeding parents etc). This transition will allow us to distribute existing Legendaries cheaper, which could help newer players´ experience. Also, some other options to make old “crowd favorite” Legendaries to shine again, that we´ve seen mentioned in the community are not of the board.

    Do you plan to add "new" events with the introduction of Mythics, or is the focus more on releasing more Mythic monsters through the Maze and Challenges?
    We are working on Mythic events and you can expect more of already existing events that will allow you to get Mythic Amber, the resource used to rank up the Mythics. But for now, we decided to go simple for the release phase and keep the same events pacing with the same balancing to see the impact of Mythics and adjust accordingly if needed.

    We have too many monsters and therefore lacking space!
    We’re aware of this issue and it’s one of our priorities to provide a solution. We have several options and you can expect something in the upcoming months. Also, we have some quality of life improvements in our backlog that we want to introduce, while Mythics are populating the Meta.

    Elementium or Elemental Cells?
    We’re aware that some of our players have saved Elementium and Elemental Cells. Don't rush to spend it (unless you want to, of course). We have plans to somehow connect Elemental Cells and Elementium with Mythics and provide you with options to spend your stocks of these resources.

    P2W over F2P?
    Some players voiced their concern that Mythics will increase the gap between f2p players and p2w, but we actually think it’s quite the opposite as events balancing is left mostly untouched. You’ll still be able to get the majority of Mythics just by playing the game. On top, the new Dungeon (and other upcoming events) will allow f2p players to grind Mythic Amber to rank the units up. F2P players will no longer need to rely on follow-up events and offers to rank up a Mythic monster and they will be able to participate in the Dungeon and grind the resource at their own pace.

    Half-Life of the monster
    We´ve seen lots of comments from the people who have seen leaked Mythic monsters’ attacks and say they don't want to bother to get them because they are underwhelming in comparison with current Legendaries. As we stated before, we’re reducing the orthogonal complexity of Mythics, but what is more important - this will be the level of power we want to keep for at least 3-4 months (we still need additional data to nail down the best timeframe). So all the Mythics that are released now will have a clear Half-Life period (got this from Bonesaw video, we´re usually using “Meta Lifetime”) that players could rely on. So if you want to wait for the “Anticipator-Area Dodger with Cleans, MegaStuns and Trait Disables” - most likely it won't happen anytime soon.

    How many cells do we need to rank up Mythics?
    We’ve adjusted rank up requirements for Mythics. Players will be able to grind enough cells to get to Rank 1 within a week, without paying a single gem. R5 will be longer but achievable as well. Furthermore, we are thinking about other f2p sources, so players can grind at their pace. All the values are subject to change and we need to see the impact of the system over our community to adjust values if needed.

    Daily Max Free Mythic Amber Obtention - 30 per day.
    R1 - 200 Mythic Amber
    R2 - 700 Mythic Amber
    R3 - 1500 Mythic Amber
    R4 - 2500 Mythic Amber
    R5 - 4000 Mythic Amber

    Why level 150?
    Each new Rarity, before, came with a max level increase. But with Mythics it's done not just for consistency. Our Rune system buffs core stats so heavily - it won't be possible to properly outpace existing strategies without Level Increase. The main issue here is the “Speed Race” abusing monsters. We tried different options and the best one was a level increase. It's important to understand though, that the only thing that changes here is the food required to level up the monster (not by much). Monsters still have 5 Ranks and it won't increase drastically the number of resources you need to spend.

    Can we obtain Mythics later if we can't obtain them right away?
    Well, can’t spoil it to you, but we have some cool ideas regarding how to get these units as they are getting closer to the end of their “Top Meta Lifetime”. One thing we can tell you for sure - if you are not getting an egg during the initial event, you won't be able to get a monster for a while.

    How will the ranking work?
    Almost exactly like before - 5 ranks, each Rank gives you access to an additional 10 levels. You unlock rank up traits at Ranks 1 and 3. You can use Mythic Amber that you grind daily in the Mythic Dungeon.

    Can we trade our orbs for amber?
    Currently, we don't have any plans to trade Heroic Orbs for Amber.

    Mythic Dungeons
    Mythic Dungeon is accessible once a day and consists of 3 floors in which you can grind Mythic Amber.
    Each floor has 5 nodes.
    The 1st floor requires at least 1 Mythic monster - 5 Amber for completion
    The 2nd floor requires at least 2 Mythic monsters - 10 Amber for completion
    The 3rd floor requires 3 Mythic monsters - 15 Amber for completion

    Explain strategies of future wars
    We see Team Wars as the place where Legendaries will dominate for quite a while, but eventually, we will populate books with Mythics. What we want to achieve here is to create Team Wars meta, where each book has a selection of 2-3 equally balanced Mythics so each player could choose which strategy to use.

    Will Mythics have the same breeding (if there'll be breedables) and hatching time as legendaries?
    Most of the parameters are staying the same as for the Legendaries. We’ve slightly increased the Gold generation, but timers left unchanged. Again, we will see the impact and may adjust the timings in the future.

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    It has been more than 4 years since we introduced Legendary monsters in the game and they took over the islands like no other. They have ruled with an iron fist not giving any opportunity to other rarities to shine. But times are changing and now they’ve found their match, something stronger, better and more imposing than they could have imagined - The Mythics!

    Monster Masters, welcome a new rarity!


    • Mythic Monsters are significantly stronger than Legendaries.
    • They are moving into Monster Legends with their own home - the Mythic Habitat.
    • Selecting the best skills has never been easier as Mythics have only 8 skills to choose from. All skills will be unlocked at once: they don’t depend on the rank!
    • The maximum level of Mythics is 150 (R5) but all skills are unlocked at level 100.
    • Speed, Stamina, Strength, and Life scale as you rank them up.
    • To achieve their amazing power, they need to be fed properly! Expect higher feeding requirements.

    Meet our first Mythics
    0_1582734547372_first mythics.png

    Mythics and the Lab

    • Mythic Monster Cells can’t be extracted and you will be able to own only one copy of each monster.
    • The only way to craft a Mythic will be with its Monster Cells. However, to rank it up you will also be able to use Mythic Amber.
    • Mythics will also require more Monster Cells to rank up compared to the Legendary monsters.
    • They will be obtainable in events, as usual, and through offers.
    • Mythic Monster Cells aren’t tradable.

    Mythic Amber

    • It is a special resource that behaves similarly to Elementium. It is what the core of every Mythic monster is made of, and Dr. Viktor has managed to manipulate and use it.
    • It will be obtainable only in the Mythic Heroic Dungeon.

    Mythic Heroic Dungeon

    • The best and only place to get Mythic Amber.
    • The Heroic Dungeon has 3 floors full of exciting rewards.
    • You’ll have access once per day using Stamina.

    To make the transition easier, especially for players who have islands full of Legendary Habitats, on the launch day we will give out enough Vault Keys to store 4 Legendary monsters. That way, you’ll be able to make room for the Mythic Habitat. Only for players above level 70.

    Why the new rarity?

    If you’re a long-time Monster Legends player, you have probably seen a lot of new skills, traits and other features coming into the game during these years, the more we added the more complex the game became. It got to the point where it’s almost impossible to change or sustain certain systems for the long term. The constant release of “counters of the counters”, always-increasing combat complexity, certain strategies that push players to use the same monsters over and over again,... All these problems forced us to think of a solution. After multiple discussions, we have come to a conclusion: We won't solve all these issues without a big disruptive change. That's why we’ve decided to introduce a new rarity, Mythics, along with some systems that are meant to improve their distribution. We would like to achieve the following:

    • Remove certain overused combinations and strategies and start building a new and more diverse meta to improve the longevity of the game.
    • Provide you with easier ways to initially obtain monsters.
    • Reduce combat complexity (create clear monster archetypes) and provide a selection of meta-viable options without compromising the gameplay depth.
    • A lower learning curve for each monster, so it’s easier to learn how to use a monster from day 1.
    • Provide a clear and understandable rank-up process for all the monsters.
    • Provide clear benefits for ranking up.

    We believe that these changes will be beneficial for Monster Legends’ longevity and will allow players to have fun with the game in many different ways. We’re going to follow players’ feedback after the release as we’re ready to make some changes if necessary. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

    There are definitely more topics, like rune unlocking, relics, possible Mythic Team Wars in the far future, etc. that we want to address later on in the upcoming months.

    In case you have more questions, let us know here in the Forum.
    See you on the other side!

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    Greetings Monster Masters,

    As many of you know, up until now, it was possible to save your Monster Legends accounts only via Facebook and Google Play on Android.
    Times are changing and we introduce you to another option to save your progress, specifically for Apple devices, the Apple Sign in.

    • Available from version 9.2.19
    • Available for iOS 13 and above
    • You can connect only 1 game to 1 Apple account, so be careful which Monster Legends game progress you're linking.
    • You can find all three options to save your progress in the game settings.
    • On top of that, you can change your account by clicking on the "CHANGE PLAYER" button.
    • Again, be careful which accounts you link! Our customer support cannot provide any support in cases of wrongly linked accounts.

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    At the Warmasters’ Yearly Summit, there’s time for everything: They have serious discussions about the wars each of them are facing, but they also make sure to leave some time for fun. The event they enjoy the most during the summit is the Battle Royale Tournament, a game in which each Warmaster chooses a monster of their element and puts them on an island — The last one standing, wins.

    Elvira has won for 3 years in a row, but this year, Sherezar is determined to take the victory. He announced this to his peers.

    “And just out of curiosity, why are you so sure you’ll win? Who’s representing you? — asked Elvira jokingly.

    “I’m not telling!” — answered Sherezar.

    “Oh, come on, I bet you don’t even know who you’re bringing yet!” — insisted Elvira.

    “Well, if you must know… Son-Cookie.” — said Sherezar as he left the room and all the other Warmasters roared with laughter.

    The day of the tournament is finally here! Elvira is sure that her champion, Lady Solaris, will be able to protect her title against Silverleaf, Rekka, Pierceid, Olnir, Hydratila, Hobkin, Nabuline, and - hold on a minute... That’s not Son-Cookie! It looks like Sherezar has deceived his fellow Warmasters and brought a monster that none of them know, even though it looks awfully similar to Xiron and Gelotron.

    “Meet my champion, LazarBeam!” — said Sherezar, who looked as if he was about to explode with pride. “I made the mistake of forsaking him a while ago, but he’s ready to prove me wrong. Now that we’re all here, let’s begin!”

    The tournament starts now! Will LazarBeam win the Battle Royale for Warmaster Sherezar?


    LazarBeam is a Magic Attacker with Control Immunity and Triple Damage boosts. His skills include positive effect removals, trait disabling, high damage, extra turns, and more! He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Control, at rank 1, he becomes a Status Caster of Area Magic Weakness, and at rank 3, he gains another Status Caster ability, gaining Random Element Hater at the start of the battle.

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 9.2.19 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes.


    "Profanity filter joined the chat." Let's make the in-game chat liveable again.
    Relic Armor will provide the correct shield %.

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    These fixes were added in the game in the past 2 weeks.

    Area Dodge
    Area Dodge wasn't correctly blocking the Baby Reversion.

    Baby Reversion
    Baby Reversion was affecting instead of being blocked by Artifacts.

    A baby version of the monsters couldn't be targetted when a skill had Pierce.

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