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    Hi everyone,

    We were rolling out the new version of the game on Android and, in the process, we found a few issues and had to take down the update from the start in order to fix them. This means that some players who already updated to version 9.2.7 will experience the following:

    • Empty Team Battlegrounds fields
      This is a known bug and in this case please contact our Customer Support through in-game settings.

    • Maze Coins Dungeon crashes (includes 9.2.5 and 9.2.6 as well)
      If you tap on the Maze Coins Dungeon icon in the maze, the game crashes. However, you can bypass this bug and access the Dungeon via the icon in the event/offer bar on the right.

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    Wildbird was tasked with protecting a garden of golden apples with very valuable golden seeds, which are used to fuel a portal between dimensions. The lord of the portal chose Wildbird because of his power, but also because of his loyalty. For years, Wildbird guarded the garden restlessly. He never really got to talk much or to see anyone, and he was a bit lonely, but his sense of duty kept him as effective as when he started — until he met someone.
    Her name was Zunobia. In the beginning, she simply dropped by the garden’s gates looking lost and asking for directions, but ended up staying there and talking to Wildbird. She was so charming, she reminded him a little of himself, with her beak and her feathers…. He fell for her immediately. She seemed to be very interested in what he was keeping in the garden, and he proudly explained everything about the apples, and the seeds, and how it was his duty to guard them. He wanted to impress her and, at least apparently, it seemed to work, because the next day, she was back! Zunobia kept returning to talk to him for weeks on end, Wildbird was deeply in love with her, but then one day she said:

    "You know I can’t stay here anymore, I’ve got nothing and I’m earning nothing while I’m here. I want to go somewhere else. Why don’t you come with me? We could take a bunch of those golden seeds you’re protecting and live on them for the rest of our lives.”

    Wildbird was in shock. Zunobia was asking him not only to abandon his duty, but also to actively betray his lord and steal from him.
    “Are you crazy? I can’t do that! Duty is everything to me…” he said.
    “Everything? I thought we had something good here… Come on, show me what you got! Show me the garden I can do the dirty work myself if you can’t bring yourself to do it.”

    In the end, she convinced him to let her into the garden. He opened the gates for her and allowed her to take everything she wanted. He didn’t even want to look, so he just waited outside. And he waited… and he waited… and then he turned around and entered the garden to check what was taking Zunobia so long. But she wasn’t there anymore. There was only a note that said “I’m sorry”. She had escaped with the golden seeds, but without him. He was forsaken.

    He then understood why she had shown all that interest in the garden from the very beginning. She wasn’t lost, she knew what was in there from the very beginning. Wildbird felt like his entire future was meaningless. He was alone again and he couldn’t stay at his lord’s service after having betrayed him. He had all his power and nothing to do with it: no job, nobody to protect… but at the same time, he realized he could do anything. He could start fresh, serving no one but himself. He was free to travel and free to meet other monsters.

    It’s a new day, it’s a new life for Wildbird. Multiverse of Monster Legends, are you ready for him?

    0_1573751309408_Screenshot 2019-11-14 at 18.08.21.png

    Wildbird is a Thunder Pierce Attacker, and the first representative of a new collection of monsters: The Forsaken. He has high damage attacks along with a Pierce status effect which he gains thanks to his Status Caster trait, so he can bypass protective skills. His moves include Tortures and MegaStun, and he can also protect himself with Evasion and Damage Mirror, and he can buff his damage output. His trait is Hardened at rank 0, gains Status Caster with Pierce at rank 1, adds Area Stun Immunity at rank 3, and at rank 5, he Protects his Positive Status Effects.

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    There are new monsters coming to the Monster Legends Multiverse, and they’re very special. The Forsaken are monsters who, without knowing each other, share something very special, extraordinary power.

    They also share some attributes that are important in the game:

    • Forsaken monster Cells aren’t shareable.
    • Monster Masters will only be able to have one copy of each Forsaken monster.
    • Elementium and Elemental Cells won’t work to rank up these unique creatures.
    • Only with their own Cells will you be able to craft their eggs or bring their powers to the next level.

    The first Forsaken Monsters will appear in the upcoming mazes (Heroe's Faith and Wickah's Lair) so keep your eyes peeled and get ready for the Forsaken!

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    Monster Masters,

    Following the launch of the Legends Pass, we have been analyzing whether it makes sense to have two Passes in the game at once. In the end, we’ve come to a decision to simplify things and remove the Premium Pass.

    This means that the Premium Pass will no longer be available for purchase after November 19th. Players who purchase it before then will be able to benefit from its perks until it expires.

    In the future, perhaps some of the perks of the Premium Pass will also be included in the Legends Pass.

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    The following changes are live in the game since November 11th.

    Legends Pass
    "Collect 20 free gems" Challenge in the Legends Pass is now counting the points correctly.

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    Nikasia is a young magic apprentice, as she wants to follow the steps of her grandmother Saika and her big sister Kassia. She knows a few magic spells but she's passionate, agile, strong and very talented, so very soon she'll be worthy of her heritage!


    Nikasia is a Light Support and Debuffer monster with the Area Dodge trait. At rank 1, she adds Freeze Immunity to that trait and at rank 3, she also blocks Resurrections. She can remove negative effects and give Precision to all allies in one move. Her skills include debuffs like Daze, Sunburn, Blind, and Total Blind.

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    As you know we haven’t intended for players to own 2 or more Lord Pumpseeds. Unfortunately, it looks like some players were able to craft him, so every Lord Pumpseed obtained in the Laboratory when having one already in your storage will be exchanged for cells in the next few days.

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    The time has come for you to decide which path you're going to take. You stand on a crossroad that leads in four different directions and you have only 3 days to reach the end, which path will you choose?

    Starts: November 12th
    Ends: November 15th

    • 4 paths
    • 4 Monsters (up to rank 5)
    • No keys
    • The same amount of maze coins needed for each path
    • 3 days long (1st day with 20% discount, 2nd day with 10% discount)

    Muerte McBlood | The Warrior | Vanoss | Eggeater

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    New dungeons are waiting for those who embraced their Questing side and have acquired any of the Quest monsters. You will have a great opportunity to put them into good use every month in the Quest Dungeon where only Quest monsters are a rule.

    Starts: November 11th

    New Quest Book
    Have a bad memory and don’t remember which Monsters we are talking about? Don’t become disheartened, we got you covered with a new Quest Book available in the Library. It contains all the current Quest Monsters but it will also hint the upcoming ones.
    0_1573221284751_book quest.png

    How is this going to work?
    As you know, currently, when playing the Quest event you need to participate in the breeding to receive a key that opens the Quest Survival Dungeon. This remains the same.

    However, on top of that, you will also get a Quest Scroll for any unsuccessful/successful breeding using the parents from the event.
    These Quest Scrolls will work as a currency to advance through nodes in the new Quest Dungeon.


    The new Quest Dungeon will follow special restrictions:
    0_1573460133885_Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 09.15.04.png


    Each Node has a Roulette with 5 cells of the current Quest Monster or the Quest scrolls.
    You can get up to 60 cells of the current Quest Monster Cells.
    0_1573222888258_Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 15.21.06.png

    Missing Quest Monsters?
    In case you don’t have any Quest Monsters, you can catch up by visiting the Lab to get some of their cells.
    IMPORTANT: The gem price is progressively decreasing, so the more you buy, the cheaper they’ll get.

    /Edit: Updated Restrictions

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