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    Birthday Timed Challenge
    This month's Timed Challenge will be extended until June 29th to match the Birthday Time Limited Book.

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    Mutant Runes special offer
    Some players received team runes instead of single runes. This was fixed in 30 minutes after the offer went live.
    However, If you want to receive the correct Runes, please, contact our customer support and they will exchange it for you.

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    Monster Masters!

    Fixing bugs is one of our biggest priorities and to make everything as transparent as possible we would like to share with you all the bug fixes we implement in the game.

    Every month we will release a “Gameplay Changes & Fixes” log for that particular month.

    The log will be constantly updated as we continue to fix bugs throughout the month. So make sure you check this page once in a while.

    Of course, if you experience any issue in the game, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service via in-game support button.

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    Daedalus was one of the best artists in the universe of Monster Legends. He enjoyed great recognition and some of the best statues around the floating islands had his unmistakable signature.

    For this reason, when the Alliance of Dragons opened their headquarters, they asked Daedalus to crown the entrance with one of his statues using the skeleton of one of their defeated enemies in its structure.

    The artist was very pleased with this challenge, he had never done anything like it before, so he immediately accepted the job. He started working with soil, clay, stone, and a little bit of magic to make it all stick onto the skeleton. After that, he took his amber graver and concentrated on the details. He was so focused on his work that his soul started leaking out of his hands and into the statue through the graver.

    By the time Daedalus realized what had happened, it was too late. He wasn’t himself anymore, he was trapped inside his work of art, seeing the world through it and controlling its earthy limbs.

    He may be a dragon now, but Daedalus’ spirit remains the same. He’s not your usual destructive dragon, he builds.


    Daedalus is an Earth Tank with MegaTaunt skills. He can remove negative effects from itself and gain Regeneration and Double Healing. All in one move! He can also protect his positive effects and gain Taunt. Daedalus has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he gains Regeneration at the start of the battle and, at rank 3, he also gains MegaTaunt at the start of the battle.

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    Metalband, the ensemble formed by Metalisha, Keithor and Metalhëad, went into hiatus after all the members were involved in a stage fight that ended up with them burning down the venue where they were supposed to play.

    Years passed and Keithor had tried everything to bring Metalisha and Metalhëad closer, but they were irreconcilable. As he was closer to Metalisha, Keithor tried to lift her spirits with a present: a guitar-shaped amber pendant. When she opened it, she told him the only thing she wanted was to jump off the stage and crowd-surf again. She wanted Metalband back, but without her archenemy Metalhëad.

    Keithor was trying to console her when the pendant he’d given her twitched and released a substance... which turned into a monster –and not any monster,– it was a guitar player! His name was Glamhead and the minute he started playing, it was clear that Metalhëad was now officially out of the band.


    Glamhead is a Magic Controller with Cooldown Activation skills. He can also Curse and Possess enemies. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Possession, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Torture and, at rank 3, he gains Immunity to Blind.

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    Storm Beard kept having the strangest nightmare over and over again. In it, his crew abandoned him on a desert island, alone with a very creepy creature called Urcann who followed him around all the time. The creature would offer to help, but every time Storm Beard turned around and saw the eerie figure, he was too scared to let him get close and would start to run. At that point, he would wake up. It happened every single night.

    On a day when Storm Beard was particularly exhausted, he and his crew found treasure on an island. The excitement energized him immediately, but his excitement turned to fear when the treasure chest exploded and Urcann came out of it!

    Storm Beard ran back to his ship so fast that no one on his crew understood what was happening. They all ran behind him, leaving behind a very confused Urcann.


    Urcann is a Thunder Support with Damage Boost skills. He can apply Damage Boost and Precision to all allies or remove their negative effects. He can also give Triple Damage to one ally, exposing himself to Shock. With another one of his skills, he can Shock and Daze an ally and get an extra turn. Urcann has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, he's Hardened and, at rank 3, he casts Precision upon all his allies at the start of the battle.

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    Svart was a mage, a specialist in tournaments. He lived a happy life with his family. He used to make his daughter laugh all the time with his clownish gestures but, one night, he came home with his face burnt. A battle had gone terribly wrong and ruined him forever.

    Svart was in pain all the time but what really made his life hell was that his daughter wouldn’t laugh with him anymore. Now she only cried whenever she saw him. No matter how hard he tried to produce a smile through the pain, nothing he did made him less scary to his baby. She was too young to understand what had happened.

    Eventually, Svart decided that he needed to leave. He sold a part of his soul to a villain who gave him an amber mask to cover his burnt face, but by doing so, the part of his soul that he kept darkened. By then, Svart had nothing left to lose, so he started working as a villain himself.

    However, he hasn’t forgotten his baby daughter, and sometimes, at night, he uses his magic powers to produce a smile in the sky outside her window — a smile like the one he had when he was happy.


    Svart is a Dark Controller with Blind and Torture skills. He can Blind and Burn all enemies in one go, or Ignite one enemy and get an extra turn. Other of his skills allow him to reduce or even nullify his enemies' damage. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Immune to Torture, at rank 1, he becomes Hardened and, at rank 3, he protects his skill's cooldowns from being activated at the start of the battle.

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    To freshen up the wars a little bit, we will be doing the following changes for the next season, starting in the offseason.

    Increasing the number of possible attacks from 5 to 6.

    Revive Cooldown
    Decreasing the cooldown from 5 to 4 hours.

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    Gold and Food Boosts up to 100%
    Hatching time reduction up to 30%
    Extraction time reduction up to 30%
    Donation up to +3 Legendary Cells
    Building time reduction up to 30%
    Boost for gaining challenge points up to 30%

    NEW Mythic Monsters


    INFO about Moonhaze
    INFO about Ondana (R3 in the Pass)
    INFO about Brutalizer (R3 in the Pass)

    Exclusive Offers Token

    This Token will allow you to buy certain future offers for a discounted price.

    And many more!
    Monster Vault Keys
    Maze Collector Tickets
    Zorky Cells
    Mythic Amber
    War Medals / War Coins
    Heroic Orbs
    Nemesis/Elite Souls
    Elemental cells
    Hatchery slot


    Building time reduction up to 30%

    Mythic habitat
    Baby Necromancer avatar
    Elemental Cells
    Nemesis /Elite Souls
    Multiplayer Stamina
    War coins
    Rune Strength
    Golden/Bronze Relic
    Gold & Food

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    This monster was a gravedigger in Nishant’s army. He had orders to take all the riches the dead had on them and hand them to his general before the burial. However, one day, he saw an amber locket that caught his eye, so he kept it for himself. When General Nishant found out, he confronted and humiliated him in such a way that the gravedigger refused to hand him the locket. He lost control and transformed into what he is now: Brutalizer, a massive beast filled with nothing but fury.

    Brutalizer is a Dark Tank with Taunt and high damage skills. He can apply Taunt and Skill Mirror to himself, or Double Damage and Regeneration. In another one of his skills, he can increase his Total Life by 50% and gain Damage Mirror. Brutalizer has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he has Taunt, at rank 1, he gains Tough and, at rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster, gaining a 50% Damage Mirror at the start of the battle.


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