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    The November Golden Pass has a new more expensive coat with much more juicy rewards hiding in its pockets.
    What can you look forward to?


    • Hatching time reduction up to 30%
    • Extraction time reduction up to 30%
    • Donation up to +3 Legendary cells
    • Building time reduction up to 30%
    • Boost for gaining challenge points up to 30%

    NEW Monster - GUALGUI (2x Gualgui + 460 cells)
    More about Gualgui HERE.

    Sherezar Masquerade Skin

    • Animated Sherezar Avatar (permanent)
    • An exclusive Legends Frame (temporary)
    • And many more!

    The Golden Legends Pass also includes:
    0_1572438374189_icon pass.png

    • A discount on Heroic Orbs for the Spotlighted Sherezar Warmaster Heroic Dungeon
    • The Spotlighted Sherezar Warmaster Heroic Dungeon will have NO Ranked restrictions

    /Edited: October 30th 2019

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    The Curse of the Cosmos was sailing through galaxies when a meteorite storm struck. The crew was forced to land and dock in the middle of the Wastleland Desert. In order to try and make the journey useful in spite of the setback, Captain Copperbeard ordered his crew to go on an expedition. They had just set out when Lumoona, Captain Copperbeard’s right hand, stopped abruptly. “Captain, there’s something wrong. My eye is fog-GUALGUI! What are you doing here!?” A monster had appeared out of nowhere and was standing in front of the crew, steady like a sphinx.

    “Who’s this?” — asked Captain Copperbeard.

    “It’s Gualgui. She used to be a friend of mine, but she doesn’t seem to be in a friendly mood, does she? I don’t know what she’s doing in the Wasteland Desert either, she’s not from here…” — explained Lumoona.

    They stood there not knowing what to do or what to say but finally, Gualgui spoke.

    “You. You left our jungle village without telling anyone where you were headed, with that old tin pirate, and everyone thought that someone had killed you! And guess who they blamed? ME. Who else but a dark sorcerer to blame? They said I couldn’t be trusted. They banished me. I’ve been here ever since.” said Gualgui. “Just because you couldn’t take 5 minutes to leave a note.”

    Lumoona tried to apologize, but Gualgui was inconsolable. “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. Just fix it.” But how was Lumoona going to do that? She couldn’t leave the crew now… Captain Copperbeard suggested they should just go back to the ship and end the uncomfortable situation, but Lumoona warned him that Gualgui was terribly powerful and dangerous. Angering her further would only bring trouble, so she came up with an idea.

    “Gualgui, I can’t make up for all these years of loneliness and the mistrust of our people, but I can offer you a new life. Come with us, join our crew. You’re so strong, your powers are wasted in this desert… You could live great adventures with us, and we could use some of your Dark magic against our enemies. Come on, say yes, I promise you’ll live the life you deserve.”

    Gualgui was hard to convince, but after a while, she accepted the offer and joined The Curse of the Cosmos’ crew. Captain Copperbeard’s enemies would not like this…

    0_1572438595395_Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 13.29.44.png

    Gualgui is a Magic Controller come Torturer that has numerous Tortures in her skillset, including Drowned, Quicksands, Curse, Nightmares, Sunburn, Bleeding and Poison, to deal damage to her enemies. She can also apply Cooldown Activation to control them. Gualgui’s evolving trait starts with Hardened at rank 0, adding Possession Immunity at rank 1 and she becomes a Status Caster at rank 3, casting out Area Torture Immunity.

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    We will feature one of the Warmasters every month and introduce crazy new offers and discounts.

    What can you look forward to?
    All Warmaster Dungeons will get lower rank restrictions compared to their original form:

    0_1572365238460_Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 13.20.16.png

    For players who have Golden Legends Pass

    • Discount on Heroic Orbs in the Heroic Warmaster Dungeon for the Spotlighted Warmaster
    • Possibility to skip the nodes with special Warmaster Battle Tickets
    • Spotlight Heroic Dungeon will have NO ranked restrictions

    0_1572365262732_Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 10.22.55.png

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    Monster Masters,

    Your candy is waiting to be sent! Don’t fret, your treats will be delivered as promised:

    • After you manage to get Sunblast in the Time Limited Path in the Maze.
    • When you get past the first node in the Magic Stones Island. (2x)

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    Our provider Ironsource no longer supports offers on the Amazon platform and, as of today, October 25th, the Monsterwood tasks will be disabled.

    Don’t fret! Players who are currently completing these tasks will be able to finish them and get their reward.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Hi, everyone!

    The compensation for the Team Battlegrounds is being sent to all teams.
    Be aware that you might see more pop-ups with different amounts, but don't fret, the game reloads and you will be left with the correct compensation.

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    The new Multiplayer season brings new changes.

    In the past few weeks, we’ve listened to concerns from the community about the exploits of the current Multiplayer systems in Legendary Leagues. To address this, and to make this mode fairer, we’ve decided to anonymize the matches by removing players’ and team names from the Battle Log and Matching screen.

    Starting next season all Legendary leagues will see the following:
    0_1571914886051_Screenshot 2019-10-24 at 12.27.52.png
    0_1571914998658_Screenshot 2019-10-24 at 12.28.21.png

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    These changes are live in the game during this week. (October 22nd - October 25th)

    Time Stop & Baby Reversion (e.g. Timerion, Hackster, Kronx)

    • Will have “Recently Reversed status”
    • Will be blocked by “Immune to Control”
    • Will be blocked by “Evasion”

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