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    Path of the Maze Master is back and this time you will have the opportunity to get Eggeater, Belbreath, Makugan, and Llum the Light of Freedom.

    You will face 4 paths and your goal is to reach the end and get the precious Scroll of the Master of Paths which is hidden somewhere in the maze. These scrolls have secret inscriptions that are meant to open special chests. However, which chest you get will depend on how many Scrolls you'll collect.

    You will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.

    Each Maze has its own theme, colored maze coins and a special Monster that you will be able to capture. You will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.


    Path of Eggeater
    July 9th - July 11th
    0_1557153996137_ic-coin copy 3.png

    Path of Belbreath
    July 11th - July 13th

    Path of Makugan (EXCLUSIVE)
    July 13th - July 15th

    Path of Llum the Light of Freedom (EXCLUSIVE)
    July 15th - July 17th
    0_1562576980614_ic-coin copy 2.png

    These monsters were chosen by the community in the Facebook Poll. We appreciate everyone who participated in the voting, thank you.


    Every time you collect a scroll you get a chest based on how many scrolls you already own.

    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Strength 3
    Rune Speed 3
    Relic Bronze
    Food 80 000

    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Speed 4
    Relic Silver
    Food 100 000

    Rune Speed 6
    Rune Speed 6
    Rune Speed 6
    Relic Silver
    Food 120 000

    Rune Speed 7
    Rune Health 7
    Rune Health 7
    Relic Gold
    Food 150 000

    You might collect maze coins in between mazes, but keep in mind these won't count since the maze is over.
    Maze coins for one maze CANNOT be used in other mazes.

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    Hi, everyone!

    Can you check your DMs? We have contacted some of the participants but haven't heard back yet. 🙂

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    Hi, everyone.

    Winter Meltdown Team Race starts on Monday and Dr. Marihelson is ready to show off his nuclear skills.
    Check them out and let us know what you think below.

    0_1561626072891_Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 11.00.54.png

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    Hello Monster Masters!

    We are glad to announce the latest improvements in the game!

    This time, we have been working on several aspects of the Relics system to make it more usable, but also to increase the value of all Relics in the game.

    Here is an overview of the improvements you can look forward to:

    From now on, you will be able to craft Relics. You can sacrifice Relics of all qualities (even mixed) in order to get the one you're looking for. Most Relics will be craftable by sacrificing other Relics.

    There is a short list of exclusive Relics that won’t be craftable. It will be updated over time, and we plan for exclusive Relics to drop out of the list eventually.


    • Talany’s Mask
    • Xiron’s Essence
    • Sherezar’s Amulet
    • Thetys' Armor
    • Hiroim’s Shield
    • Talika’s Banner


    Moreover, the Reliquary has been improved with several features:

    Multiple views:

    • The “All” view displays your owned Relics as well as the ones you don’t own.
    • The “Owned” view shows you only the Relics you already possess.
    • The “Not owned” view displays only the Relics you don’t own yet.

    Autofill system
    You will be able to quickly select Relics for you until the creation or level up bar is filled.

    Lock system
    You will be able to lock your favorite Relics to avoid selecting them by mistake on the crafting or level up screens.

    Equipped Relics
    These Relics will be marked in the Monstagram and you will be able to see the monster that holds them by looking at Relic Info.

    And there's more!

    • You can now switch between Relics through navigation arrows to view the differences between them more easily.
      If you find an unequipped monster right before a battle, you won't need to go to the Reliquary to get the Relics for it as you can equip them on the monster selection screen. If the Relic that you want to equip is already on another monster, you will be able to automatically unequip it to be able to use it.
    • Team Wars Shop’s Golden Category Relics Chests will contain Silver and Bronze Relics to boost earning obtention.
    • Lastly, the chances of obtaining Relics in the different chests in the game will be shown through the Reliquary.

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    In the next Fraternity, coming on June 21st, you will be able to choose between War Coins & Tokens without a cap.

    When: June 21st - June 24th
    What: Choose between War Coins or Tokens




    The amount of Tokens you collect is very important because based on that you will be able to get cool rewards. These rewards will be given progressively as soon as you reach the Tokens milestones.
    0_1561033162840_Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 14.14.27.png


    For the highest prize, 6 000 Tokens, at the end of the Fraternity Event you will get a very special Magic Statue.

    This 1x1 decoration will grant you extra rewards every day from June 24th to July 3rd.
    Wherever you have it, storage or on an island, it will give you 25 gems + 20 elemental cells (random) every day, on the last day you will receive 25 gems + 20 elementium instead of elemental cells.

    You won’t be able to sell the Magic Statue, however, you will be able to store it and it will still grant you the rewards.

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take some time before 8.1.9 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes.


    Roulette - visual bug
    If you win an egg in the Roulette it will correctly show the amount.

    Battles - visual bug
    Some Android players encountered some dark pixels in the battles.

    Status Caster with Mega Taunt
    A status Caster monster (Gorg, Zameleon, Saulot, and Wangzhou) were receiving status caster of other monsters.

    Fatid - was reviving a Mega Taunt enemy
    Fatid can now revive allies as intended and not Mega Taunt enemies.

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    Hi, everyone.

    Unfortunately, Friendly Live Battles are not available in the new version 8.1.9.
    We are currently working on a fix.

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    Finally, after a long and exhausting selection process, we have a complete Wyrmlad to show you.
    0_1560945294091_Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 17.34.58.png
    Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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    This fix is live since June 13th.

    Team Wars (visual bug)
    When the result of war had 1 point difference, and the last battle started before the end of the war but finished after the war, the number of points shown was incorrect. To avoid this you will get an "Error" pop up if you start a battle before the end of war AND the battle exceeds the end of the war.

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