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    Hi everyone,

    We are currently running a test with videos in Monsterwood.

    It will last for one week and some of you will have only 1 video in Monsterwood. After watching this video you will get a roulette with up to 100 gems.

    In case you are in the test and find any issues, please, let u know.

    Thank you.

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    Hello everyone,

    We will have another maintenance to fix some small issues.
    There will be a few minute downtime on January 8th.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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    @jasperthemad said in 72 hour challenge roulette:

    l. So I spent some gems to respin a few times for extra coins. I believe I spent 10 gems. When I exited pvp to go to the challenge I discovered I had 1350 coins (350 starting + 500*2 for the 2 multiplayer battles I won). I had been charged the gems but received no extra coins.

    As everybody said if you pay 1 gem to retry you will lose the previous reward. Not to mention that in this challenge the whole roulette has the same amount of 72h Challenge coins so retrying won't give you any benefits.

    Thanks for letting us know about the bug, we will have a look.

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    Hi everyone,

    In October we announced some important gameplay changes. As you know most of them are already in the game except "Recently Possessed".

    We had to delay this change to be sure it's working properly and we had to wait for players to update to the newer versions of the game.

    Finally, the time has come to make this change a reality. What can you expect?

    • Monsters that are possessed with any kind of possession (Possessed, Rebooted, Subscribed, Corrupted, Hacked) will get "Recently Possessed" status effect which means that they CAN'T BE Possessed (Possessed, Rebooted, Subscribed, Corrupted, Hacked) again for the next turn.

    This change will be live on January 14th.

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    No updates, the change has been done. Team really discussed it but to be fair originally it shouldn't have worked this way anyways, the challenge should be about obtaining runes not just unequipping and equipping them again and again and again.

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    Path of the Maze Master is back and this time you will have the opportunity to get Fenrir, Burotgor, Igursus, Hackster. But you will have to complete a series of paths. The more of them you finish the better rewards you’ll get!

    You will face 4 paths and your goal is to reach the end and get the precious Scroll of the Master of Paths which is hidden somewhere in the maze. These scrolls have secret inscriptions that are meant to open special chests. Which chest you get will depend on how many Scrolls you'll collect.

    Similar to Bestiarium Maze you will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.


    Every time you collect a scroll you get a chest based on how many scrolls you already own.

    These chests contain:

    0_1546848379361_Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 14.32.54.png
    Rune Speed 7
    Rune Speed 7
    Rune Team Speed 7
    Food 150 000
    Relic Gold

    0_1546848393604_Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 14.32.34.png
    Rune Speed 6
    Rune Strength 6
    Rune Health 6
    Relic Silver
    Food 120 000

    0_1546848404911_Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 14.32.08.png
    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Speed 4
    Relic Silver
    Food 100 000

    0_1546848417057_Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 14.31.23.png
    Relic Bronze
    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Strength 3
    Rune Speed 3
    Food 80 000

    Each Maze has its own theme, colored maze coins and a special Monster that you will be able to capture. Similar to Bestiarium Maze you will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.

    Warning: Maze coins for one maze CANNOT be used in other mazes!

    Maze of Fenrir
    January 7th - January 9th
    0_1546848502993_ic-coin copy.png

    Maze of Burotgor
    January 9th - January 11th

    Maze of Igursus
    January 11th - January 13th
    [link text](link url)
    Maze of Hackster
    January 13th - January 15th


    EDIT: You can complete the mazes only once! (Sorry for the wrong info, you can complete them multiple times!)
    You might collect maze coins in between mazes, but keep in mind these won't count since the maze is over.

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  • Fox

    Hi @esentis,

    That would be ideal, however, it's not technically possible at the moment, hence the roulette.

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