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    Hello everyone,

    On Monday 7th you will have an amazing opportunity to get new Relics for your collection by flipping cards in new 72h Gacha.

    Start: Monday, January 7th
    End: Wednesday, January 10th

    Collecting coins
    For every won battle in PvP you will get a SPECIAL Roulette. This Roulette will have only 72h Challenge coins with the SAME amount of coins based on the Multiplayer League you are in. So no matter which Roulette piece of pie you end up on you will get the same amount.

    IMPORTANT: The RETRY option of the roulette will give you always the same amount only ONE TIME, so is not worth to use it.

    0_1546601413770_Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 12.20.37.png

    Main Rewards

    1st board - 3 Random Silver Relic (chests)
    2nd board - 2 Random Gold Relic (chests)
    3rd board - 1 Random Diamond Relic (chest)

    You will be able to complete each board only ONCE.

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    Hi everyone,

    From January 9th onwards unequipping runes won't give any points.

    This is the follow up to an announcement we did in December, we confirm that we fixed an issue that allowed players to acquire points with a behaviour that was not included in the rules of the event.

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    After talking with a lot of players from the community about the unusual amount of Special Skill appearances and their massive effect on battles, which was leaving too much to luck rather than to skill; so the team looked into this matter in order to find solutions.
    Therefore, we want to communicate the changes that we are going to make in order to improve the balancing and experience of the Special Skills.

    These changes will be live at the beginning of January.

    This is the list of improvements.

    • Right now, on every turn, there's a 5% chance of a Special Skill appearing.
      This chance will decrease from 5% to 3%, so overall there will be less Special Skills triggered in the game.
    • Also, it will be less likely to get Special Skills on turn 1, and we won't have multiple Specials on a quick succession.
      The chance of getting a Special Skill will begin small and grow progressively each turn until it appears, in which case they will reset again (incremental probability).
      i.e. on turn 1, the chance will be 0%, on turn 2 it will be 1%, then 2%, then 3%... and then they will remain to be 3% until a special skill appears, in which case it will start the cycle again.
    • Finally, Extra Turners won't be able to have an outrageous number of Special Skills, because with each consecutive turn the chance will be smaller.
      This handicap will reset as soon as they end up combining turns.

    We hope you like these changes, which we make to bring more fun and fairness to the battle system while still keeping the Special Skills as something relevant.
    Remember that these changes will become live at the beginning of January.

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    Hi everyone,

    As you may know, we had some issues with certain quests during this Team Race.
    It was fixed quite fast, however, since it wasn't possible to complete them some players had to skip them with gems.

    We have checked who spent the gems on those quests and returned them back. All of this was done automatically without any pop-up. So if you notice you have slightly more gems than before, its because we have refunded what you spent on the bugged quest.

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    Hi @nynaevelan ,

    I think so, 7.5.2.

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    These fixes will be live on December 18th.

    Artifacts should not receive a status given by WarMasters (Babari and Artifact together).

    Jasastur “Tentacle night”
    Jasastur “Tentacle night” puts Inmunity to dark that cannot be cleaned.

    Xiron “Ruby Explosion”
    Ruby Explosion targets were all single and should be Area.

    Roxen “Fuel Tank Explosion”
    Roxen Ultimate Skill & Name should now match.

    Olafur “Harumph”
    Olafur´s “Harumph” Skill should work as expected now.

    Warspellz “The Great EvasiOrc”
    Warspellz’s skill “The Great EvasiOrc” is never killing him (50% chance to die). Should be fixed.

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    Hi @donpare,

    It won't be possible to trade the Soul Hugger's cells.

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    Hi everyone,

    As some of you may know, we have tested a new feature, Premium Pass with new players. However, we would like to get your opinion too. So from today, some of you may see the Premium Pass offer in your game.

    This is a limited test for some players and will last for a few weeks. We will be more than happy to hear your opinion on the Pass content in the forum.

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    Get daily rewards from December 25th to January 20th just by logging in the game.

    alt text

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    These fixes went live on Decemeber 14th.

    Xiron - applies stamina leak instead of Ignite is fixed.
    Removal of Positive status effect is fixed.

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