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    Hi, everyone!

    We would like to share with you a table with a simple categorization of existing monsters on top of their rarities.

    0_1558104636300_Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 16.50.22.png

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    Hi, everyone.

    These are the upcoming monsters. Let us know what you think about their skills because we already know that they look absolutely fab.
    0_1558022450265_Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 17.57.57.png
    0_1558022437152_Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 17.57.38.png

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take some time before 8.0.6 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some improvements and fixes.

    You will be able to filter teams by their Trophy count and minimum Monster Power required.

    From ver.8.0.6 you will be able to find your favorite monsters much faster! We are adding a new function "My Monsters" in your Monstagrams, where you will be able to filter monsters by their Level, Rank, Runes equipped, Relics equipped, Power, Life, and Speed.

    0_1557868535444_Monster search1.2.png
    In the Monster Vault you will be able to sort monsters by their: Level, Rank, First Added, and Latest Added.

    0_1557840494184_Vault search small.png

    Collect all Button - one habitat was left out from the collection

    The search function will be improved in the future! Please, let u know what you'd like to see.
    Your Monster Legends Team

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    The Inheritor has been trying to take the Throne of Hell for a long time, and even though he is stronger than Barbatos in battle, he doesn’t have as nearly as many supporters as his enemy. The Inheritor’s determination was unstoppable, he resorted to going to the darkest corner of Purgatory, where he found Pierceid.

    Nobody has ever dared to look at Pierceid, let alone go near her lair, so The Inheritor hopes that by having her by his side, all the creatures of the Underworld will fear him more than ever, and more importantly, fear their newfound alliance more than they fear Barbatos himself.

    Now the question is, why would Pierceid stand behind someone weaker than her? What could The Inheritor have offered her to gain her support?

    0_1557745947084_Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 10.58.05.png

    Pierceid is a Dark Cooldown Activator and Possessor. She can apply Possession and activate an enemy's cooldowns, as well as applying Tortures (Nightmares and Curse) to them. She has skills that allow her to apply a 3-turn Death Countdown, and even paralyze her enemies from stopping the countdown! Her trait is Abomination (Immunity to Possession, Nightmares, and Bleed) and she can cast True Vision upon herself at the beginning of the battle.

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    Hi, Monster Masters,

    A new Team Battlegrounds is approaching and will begin this Friday, May 17th!
    This time, as we previously announced, things will be slightly different.

    • Players will have a limit of around 5 Defenses and 5 Attacks, so everyone in the team must contribute in order to achieve victory. This limit may vary with the number of players on the team, with the most important element being the fact that both teams are guaranteed to have the same number of Defenses and Attacks despite differences in the number of members.
    • The event will last 48h (instead of the normal 72h), with 24h for the Defense Phase and 24h for the Attack Phase.
    • There will be no Individual Rewards due to the fact that individual score ties will be much more common. To counter that, Heroic Orbs will be given out as Team Rewards, along with War Medals.

    We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new format for Team Battlegrounds.
    We’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take some time before 8.0.5 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to some fixes and new feature.

    Custom Live friendly battles
    From now on, you will be able to set your own conditions to fight with your teammates and friends. In the Battle Options menu, you can set a level of Monsters, Runes, and Relics. You will also be able to disable Warm-ups.


    Localization - small fixes

    Team Wars - connection lost
    When you lose a connection you will get a proper pop up with a retry button.

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    Hi, all!

    In the last few weeks, we have been working hard to create great Team Wars!
    You can find the improvements that we have carried out below:

    Team Shop Re-balancing
    In order to give you more and better options to spend your hard-earned War medals, we have made some changes to the Team Shop to improve the value of War Medals.

    • NEW Rune 8+ Chests of specific Rune types.
      Available from Legendary onward.
    • NEW Golden Relic Category Chest.
      Slightly cheaper than the current one and available from Champion league onward.
    • NEW Diamond Relic 3 Categories Chest
      Available from Champion onward.
    • The War VIP Monster Chest
      Will be available in all leagues.
    • Removing the Silver Relic Chest due to low popularity.


    Rune Swap
    With the introduction of Mutant Runes, Wars have become more strategic and teams are spending more gems to find the perfect Runes combination. We have developed a "Rune Swap" system to make your lives easier and cheaper. You will be able to swap an equipped Rune with a Rune from your inventory at no cost, provided they are at the same level. Mutant Runes and regular Runes will be swappable as well as long as they also share the same level.

    Matchmaking Improvements
    Some of the Team Wars matches that have been taking place recently had unfair differences in combat powers. We want alliances to be able to find challenging matches in all leagues, so we carried out improvements in the matchmaking system. Now matchmaking takes many more factors into account depending on the situation of the alliance instead of relying only on trophies.

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    Path of the Maze Master is back and this time you will have the opportunity to get Bandses, Yamada, Jasastur, and Flamerion.

    You will face 4 paths and your goal is to reach the end and get the precious Scroll of the Master of Paths which is hidden somewhere in the maze. These scrolls have secret inscriptions that are meant to open special chests. However, which chest you get will depend on how many Scrolls you'll collect.

    You will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.

    Each Maze has its own theme, colored maze coins and a special Monster that you will be able to capture. You will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.

    Path of Bandses
    May 9th - May 11th
    0_1557153996137_ic-coin copy 3.png

    Path of Yamada
    May 11th - May 13th

    Path of Jasastur
    May 13th - May 15th
    0_1557154020885_ic-coin copy.png

    Path of Flamerion
    May 15th - May 17th

    Every time you collect a scroll you get a chest based on how many scrolls you already own.

    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Speed 3
    Rune Life 3
    Relic Bronze
    Food 80 000

    Rune Strength 4
    Rune Team Speed 4
    Rune Speed 4
    Relic Silver
    Food 100 000

    Rune Speed 6
    Rune Speed 6
    Rune Strength 6
    Relic Silver
    Food 120 000

    Rune Speed 7
    Rune Strength 7
    Rune Strength 7
    Relic Gold
    Food 150 000

    You might collect maze coins in between mazes, but keep in mind these won't count since the maze is over.
    Maze coins for one maze CANNOT be used in other mazes.

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    Hi, all!

    We would like to update you on some changes we will do NEXT WEEK. We have been following closely your feedback on the current state of the Team Leagues and we decided it's time to act.

    We have had several meetings considering all issues that were brought up by the community and we've evaluated all the pros and cons of different potential solutions. We will try to tackle them with the following changes:

    Team Shop Rebalancing

    First of all, we will improve the value of War Medals through a rebalancing of Team Shop items and prices. Team Shop will include level 8+ Runes of specific types.

    Matchmaking Improvements

    Additionally, we are going to carry out an improvement on the matchmaking formula so that it takes into account several factors. The goal is to drive alliances with high combat capacity towards fairer fights. We also plan on tackling top alliance matchmaking issues after we solve this one.

    Rune Swap addition

    We've developed a "Rune Swap" system. With this nifty improvement, you will be able to swap an equipped rune with a rune from your inventory at no cost, provided they are at the same level. Mutant runes and regular runes will be swappable as well. This new addition will be useful for any mid to high-level player as it's specifically aimed to elevate a pressure of the high costs for runes changing.

    These changes will be live next week.
    We will be very happy to hear your thoughts on this update in the forum or on Discord.

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    Hi everyone,

    The discount was definitely not postponed on purpose. If this happens, it's usually because of severe technical difficulties. Putting discount live is not as easy as pushing a button, we need to consider all other events that are live or being updated and make sure that the game is still stable.

    Let's please stay civil and have a constructive discussion without pushing blame on everyone.

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