• Fox

    Hi everyone,

    We have fixed it as soon as we realized that something was wrong. We are currently looking into some possible solutions.
    Thank you for patience!

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    📜 HINTS 📜

    🥚 Castles are under heavy EGGttack. Quixote looked up and saw the sky stained with BLACK, RED, YELLOW, BLUE, and GREEN colors. He sighed deeply as he is no cleaner. It's time to call for EGGspress clean up! Don't be terriFRIED though, the Castle Maze is not that scary.

    🥚 When you find FREEly laying chests on your islands make sure you open them. There might be an EGGcellent surprise hiding inside!

    🥚 Dungeons filled with tomatoes are expanding their merchandise with EGGcelent limited-time products in BLACK, RED, YELLOW, and GREEN variations.

    🥚 If you are an EGGoholic you should sEGGue to the next aMAZEing dungeon and you might find a BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE, and GREEN surprise.

    🥚 Be more EGGucated! You should know that FEEDing your monsters with YELLOW eggs is the best way to win the GROWTH SPURT time challenge!

    🥚 Legend says that when you enter a specific DUNGEON you might find a pile of GOLD with some RED EGGS nesting on top.

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    0_1521652873541_MKT-1623 ML CM Monster Egg hunt - Promotin Rabooka.png

    Rabooka has quite unique skills

    • He can apply Double Damage and Mechanical Hater to himself at o stamina cost, so he's great against monsters like Timerion.
    • He can also apply random Control Skills (and their two-turn versions) to all enemies!
    • In his special skill, Rabooka will destruct himself, but he will also take an enemy down with him.

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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    Every year, Easter Egg Hunts near Rabooka’s burrow trigger his fury. This year, he’s decided to arm himself with a big robot. Every egg that he’s found, he’s put into the barrel of his massive bazooka and shot them far away from his burrow. All the eggs have landed on the islands of Monster Legends, so this year, the Egg Hunt takes place in your territory!

    Whoever finds 5 eggs of 5 different colors will open a portal to Rabooka’s burrow. Will you be the one to gain access to him and convince him to come work on your battle teams?

    The goal is to get the amazing Rabooka: An Easter bunny in a gigantic mechanical suit.
    More information about Rabooka is HERE.

    Collect 25 eggs, 5 eggs of each color.
    Start date: March 22nd
    End date: March 29th

    Where can I find all the eggs?
    We will be posting hints for where to find the missing eggs on our social media throughout the whole event!

    Keep in mind that certain eggs will be available at different times.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonsterLegends/
    Make sure you participate in the Facebook EVENT page: http://bit.ly/MonsterEggHuntEvent
    Twitter: @Monster_Legends
    Instagram: monsterlegends

    How do I get the amazing Rabooka?
    By collecting 25 eggs (5 eggs of each color) you will unlock the Progressive Island, and Rabooka will be the final reward!
    Progressive Island Start date: March 29th
    Progressive Island End date: April 2nd


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    Greetings, Monster Masters!

    We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 6.3 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to a lot of amazing improvements.


    • Check the final ranking of the previous Multiplayer Season in a new tab of the Leaderboard!


    • Relic fusion becomes clearer: Now you can see the perks of the relics you’re about to fuse!

    Battle Improvements

    • Status Effects notification is no longer duplicated at the beginning of the turn
    • Dead monsters won't show any status effects, since they are dead!

    Visual improvements

    • Health Points in the life bar are no longer blocked, so you can clearly see how much damage was removed.
    • New Indicator that shows there are more Status Effects applied since there is a limit of how many can be displayed below the Stamina bar.
    • Arrows over target monsters are no longer hiding life and stamina
    • When monsters are healed they have a new animation since they are happy!
    • Remaining shield points are shown in a specific bar

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  • Fox

    Hi guys,

    It will be possible to buy them but only as a deco without the chest reward.
    You get the chests reward only after you first collect the 4 pieces.

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  • Fox

    Hi @Suzznee,

    Yes, we are looking into it but not at this moment since we had some more pressing issues to fix, like the pvp hack situation.
    Nevertheless, this is on our radar and will be looked at as soon as possible.

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  • Fox

    Hey @David-ML ,

    This time there is no Rank 5 monster as a reward. 🙂

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