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    Just a quick reply to your comment (still reading through forum). Would appreciate a bit nicer tone of your post as it's sometimes hard to reply in an acceptable and objective manner.

    Chests are an addition in the game, they are not replacing any feature. We have always introduced parts of the game which you could purchase with gems. The decision is always up to you if you just grab the free one or will try out chest for gems.

    People responsible for fixing monster abilities are not the same ones responsible for creating new features, therefore there is no correlation. I know, this Warthak issue is taking a bit more time and I apologize for that, but it's not forgotten and has a prio.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm back. I haven't had time to go through the whole forum yet, this will take at least until the end of the week. Therefore, If you would like to have some answers about PvP, comment a question under this post and I will try to get the answers to some of them.

    Please, share only constructive questions and try to make them short and efficient.
    Thank you, guys!

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    Thank you for your feedback we will forward it.

    Just a few things that might clear some things about the vault.

    1. Monster Vault is a long-term solution for high-level players who bought all islands, bought and upgraded all habitats.

    2. Someone mentioned that Monster vault is more expensive than in DC. That is true BUT in DC you cannot basically use the dragons, in Monster Vault you can fight with them or breed them.

    3. Monster Vault is cheaper than buying a new island and habitats for 32 monsters.

    4. We didn't want to add more islands or allow to place more monsters on current habitats as it is already memory demanding or can cause crashes on lower-end devices.

    5. Monster Vault allows you to place the monsters directly, no need to buy or upgrade habitats right away.

    6. There will be slot discounts in the future. /edited

    I know this might not change your view on things, I am just asking to think about all of this a little bit.
    Thank you

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    @Clackers said in 6 new Legends revealed!:

    @Fox It would be good to share the concepts.

    I would love a topic on this forum from a 'Monster Designer' telling us the process for creating a monster. 🙂

    If you are interested I can try to make Q&A with our artist as they are the ones who are drawing the monsters, game designers give them just theme of the monster.

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    I loooooove the upcoming monster designs, they look bomb. If you want we can share with you the concepts later on 🙂

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    Hello, everyone!

    Unfortunately, I have to do this again. I am really happy to discuss gameplay and game itself with you but, please, keep in mind that this is an official forum. Some posts just don't belong here.

    I would normally close this topic but I believe Sam deserves a little bit more. Therefore, I did delete a few comments instead. Please, keep this thread on topic and discuss the game itself otherwise I would be forced to close it.

    Thank you!

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    @Clackers said in [Rumour] Increase Max Rank to Level 150?:

    @Fox Hmm, well I guess that is good to know.

    I wonder who was supplying Taringa with false info? 😛

    Well, they steal the data so..... not our fault, guys. Sorry, you were misled.

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