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    @Esra-Carl-Artor Should, we are looking into it. Thank you for the warning!

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    Hi @Esra-Carl-Artor,
    The change is for next season that will start today.
    We are investigating, that shouldn't have happened.

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    gems were sent out. Please, restart your game if you haven't received the pop up yet.
    Hope, everybody collected at least 1 000 tickets! 🙂

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    Hello everyone,

    You can find this month balance changes bellow.

    New Books and Team Wars Restrictions
    We are releasing two new Books very soon: Team Wars and Exclusive. These Books will also become restrictions in Team Wars one month later, like the rest of the Books. Can you guess which monsters will be included in these new collections? Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of time (one whole month) from the moment the Books are added until the restrictions start appearing!

    First turn assignation in combat
    Currently, when two monsters have the same Speed, the one controlled by a human player always attacks first. This is creating issues in the Multiplayer Mode, since Defense Teams have trouble winning against the attackers.

    That is why we are applying a change in which, when two monsters have the same Speed, the chances to attack first will be equal: Both the attacker and the defense will have a 50% chance of attacking first. Remember: This chance only applies when two monsters have the same Speed.

    Fixed Artifact Trait
    The "Artifact" trait, owned exclusively by Timerion, should protect it against any kind of status effect, but due to a bug, the newest status effects where excluded from this protection. With the July changes, this bug will be fixed and the Artifact trait will block all status effects.

    This should be interesting for you even if you don’t own a Timerion, because there are new monsters with the Artifact trait coming soon!

    Changes in Dungeons
    You’ve probably noticed that in the last months the amount of types of Dungeons has increased a lot! To make the Dungeons more agile, these are the changes that will be applied:

    Gold Dungeons will take place every 2 weeks from Mondays to Wednesdays

    Restrictions like the ones implemented in Team Wars will be included in the Dungeons in order to make them more diverse and fun.

    Premiere Dungeons will now have only one battle where you will be able to claim your statue!

    PVP changes

    • A bit later in the month, after July 27th, one more change will be implemented: In order to make the Multiplayer mode battles fairer for everyone, battle items will be deactivated for this type of battle.

    • As it is stated in the Multiplayer Help section and in the tutorial video released for the feature, monsters assigned to the Defense Team will not be usable anywhere else in the game. When the new PVP was released, it mistakenly allowed monsters in the Defense Team to fight in Team Wars. This implementation will be fixed now.

    • For some leagues, season rewards will be adjusted to better reflect difficulty differences between leagues. This change will happen from next season on.

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    Hello @David-ML that is being talked about as well. It might come in the next improvements.

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    @jkiezer Thanks for the feedback, will forward it. Can I ask you what level are you and how many trophies you have?
    There will be some changes regarding this as well, probably won trophies will be adjusted based on how strong is your opponent but we haven't heard the final decision on that yet.

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    @Sam But we see when players are unhappy, we read and see feedback. We hear you.
    Carlos is a game designer, he cares a lot, like the rest of us, but he can't spend all his time here answering questions that are not even related to Monsters. He doesn't make these kinds of decisions. I asked you nicely so please, respect it.

    I gave you a straight answer in the previous post. Diversity, it is pretty clear.
    I am very sorry that you feel this way, truly but I also encourage you to look at it from a different point of view.
    There is nothing more I can add at this point.

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    @Haka-Taka Let's use common sense here as I did not make the decision. We certainly push for diversity as some players already noticed - Clackers. It's obvious that players would use the same one team in both events, variety of monsters is the key. In my personal opinion, if the game has the only one optimal way of playing, it is boring and probably wouldn't last long.

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    @Haka-Taka Technically it's possible, nobody said it isn't. The Team made a decision that should benefit the game longterm. I know that it's confusing but let's see how it goes. Things can change in the future.

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    @Sam and @Nani3

    We really appreciate the feedback our community is constantly giving us. We do take it into consideration every time there are decisions being made. Of course, there are always reasons for changes and they are usually based on detailed analysis and supported by players feedback.

    With that said, I do not appreciate hostility and sometimes offensive tone you have been using in your posts. Please, let's keep at least this forum constructive without harsh language. As Nnynaevelan said, please, be aware that forum is a very small community and I think this negativity won't benefit anyone.

    Now regarding your questions, the decision to remove the items was based on analyses of the new pvp system and players feedback just supported it.

    Since the beginning, it was not intended to be able to use defense team in TW as players can get attacked at any time in pvp.
    We have received the same feedback from other players as well and we forwarded it to the team.

    One more thing, please, don't include Carlos if it's not about the monsters themselves as he has to work as well and he is not responsible for any of these decisions.

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