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    When the existence just begined,there were 2 people hwo were ruling.Exsistinus and Apocalypsea.They are people with infinite power.One with power of destruction and creation.The profesy(spelling lv 100)says that spirit of Apocalypsea will call all of the evil souls and rise up and destroy everything that Exsistinus created.
    SUPER:Call of cuthuly-mega possession all enemies,death cool down one turn one enemy.
    1: Destruction bash-poison,one enemy,5 stamina,1000 atack
    2: Ommojins wrath-all enemies,bleeding,20 stamina,620 atack
    3:Black ground-curse,all enemies,400 atack
    4:Evil spell-mega curse, ignite,all enemies,300 atack
    5:Damned souls: possession,600 atack,one enemy

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    Thanks,can you look at my idea for you.

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    Fuocorella is a...let's say it like...hot headed person.Unknown to all humanity, Fuocorella is a monster of pure hellfire that aroze from the ground to destroy all that lives and breaths,especially the warmaster.


    SUPER:1000000 degries monster-1000 damage,mega burning,all enemies,30 stamina
    Fiery vengance:ignite,possession,two turns,single enemy,20 stamina
    Hellish hands: burning,one enemy,self 100 damage,10 stamina
    Inferno:ignite,200 damage,20 stamina
    Not so divine comedy:possession, bleeding,30 stamina
    Flaming temper:300 damage,burning,30 stamina

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    @gacha-master said in )New Trait Idea- Revenant plus new monster idea:


    Sry for the gender thing,it doesn't have it.
    P.S:If you need a drawn design for your ideas hit me up!

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    Thank you.Can you please make me a monster called Ommojin,she has a trait called postmortal,means that when he has 100-20 hearts he gets full health.He looks like a 7 headed monster with an axe.Pls make a story for it.Thank you!

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    ZombX is a monster created by the fire warmaster,but the monster went rouge and wanted freedom.
    SUPER:Woodoo you doo-mega possession,ignite,20 stamina,one enemy-special
    Hatian warior:strength boost 2x,one ally,5 stamina,1 turn cool down-,nature
    Firefly: burning 3 turns,stamina leak 2 turns,cool down 2 turns
    Super zombie:qicksand ,6 turns,all enemies,self blindness 1 turn,colldown 3 turns
    Rune:2 runes
    Breeding:any fire,light,legendary,10% chance
    Books:villian,adventure,bad legion

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    Story:Hakujji is a spirit of sand protecting the deserts,but he was stuing in jelosy because he was overshadowed by his sister Hyperia.He made a pact with the dark witches and got powers of shadow and with it haunts dreams of all monsters.


    SUPER Sand witch:1000 damage,mega blindness,qicksand,curse,all enemies,10 stamina-magic
    Sandy shores:single ally,regeneration 5 turns,4 stamina,1 cool down-earth
    Saharah scream:nightmares,one enemy-dark
    Sandman locking in:nightmares,all enemies,2 turns cool down-light
    Spikes of Egypt:qicksand,100 damage,10 stamina,one enemy-earth
    Ultra instinct:50% Dodge,self,2 turns,5 stamina

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